Welcome to the Inbetweenie Club, It Sucks Here


I’ve felt unrepresented by my size/shape on the highstreet for years, and it was reassuring to see on twitter that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way after a short convo with some fellow people struggling to find where their places were in the world of fashion. The word inbetweenie was coined by […]

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Rainbow Connection – Indie Nail Polish Haul


After seeing Stashy’s huge nail polish haul from January (and a load of glorious indie brands in it) I decided to start seeking out what the options were for indie polishes in the UK, it’s something I’ve wanted to get more into. I’ve spent a lot of time adding polishes to my basket on US […]

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Base to Full Face Week : Clinique Lash Power Mascara + Giveaway


Clinique is a brand which has never really interested me, I know it’s a brand which has a really loyal bunch of followers and that’s always had me a little intrigued but there’s something about it which just lacks interest for me which has never led me to splash my cash on the products. When […]

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February 2017 My Little Box – Mountains


Please excuse the double post today, my My Little Box arrived later then everyone else seems to this month, and I hate putting up late as they feel irrelevent to me – and I already have my Base to Full face series scheduled for the week, so it’s slotting in as a bonus post!

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Base to Full Face Week – A Week of Makeup Reviews & Competition


I thought I’d do a new series on my blog called Base to Full Face. A few weeks ago I pulled out all the makeup items that I’d been meaning/wanting to try and review and realised that I basically had a start to finish routine & five different posts which makes a perfect size for […]

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Look Incredible February 2017 – Regular vs Deluxe


If you saw my post last month on my roundup of the Look Incredible boxes after a year of being subscribed, you will have already known that I’d decided that after trying their deluxe version of the box for the first time last month I was going to try out both versions of the boxes […]

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