Welcome to the Inbetweenie Club, It Sucks Here


I’ve felt unrepresented by my size/shape on the highstreet for years, and it was reassuring to see on twitter that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way after a short convo with some fellow people struggling to find where their places were in the world of fashion. The word inbetweenie was coined by […]

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Tune in today – I’m on the My Lip Addiction Podcast!


I’m sure lot’s of you will already be familiar with Cat from My Lip Addiction… If you’re not already subscribed to her wonderful slice of the internet you should be. She’s such a positive ray of Canadian sunshine and super talented blogger all round. So when she invited me to be a guest on her […]

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Benefit Gimme Brow & 3 Budget Friendly Alternatives Tested


Benefit, Benefit, Benefit… Where do I start? I have a long running, well documented of my feelings towards their products, overpriced, falsely vintage looking, pastel overload and generally bad performing in my experience has meant whilst I’ve tried to find the product in the range that was going to be the one product I wanted […]

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Small Elizavecca Skincare Haul


One day I came to Amazon and for some reason all of my recommendations were from this one brand – Elizavecca – I’d never heard of it but the packaging made me LOL way more than I should probably admit. I added a few items into my cart to remind me to come back and look […]

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Sephora Formula X Vortex – Swatch & Review


I was absolutely certain that I’d reviewed the Sephora X polishes that I bought in New York in January – I only picked up two, and I re-pulled them out of my collection this week to remind me what I did or didn’t like about them and discovered that I hadn’t reviewed either of them, […]

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Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion – Is This Skin Magic?


  You know when you have a sample of a product and you immediately have low expectations of a product for various different reasons – that’s what I had with this product. I received a couple of samples from the brand when I placed a Beauty Bay order a few months ago. A toner and a […]

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Face Mask Friday #23 – Noxi Doxi Mask & Peel Review


I’m making a serious effort to use up my face mask collection so I can get my hands on some of the newest offerings from the Body Shop. This one from Noxi Doxi I’ve had since Spring, arriving in my My Little Box Subscription but I’ve been nervous to try it.

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What I’m Taking to Milan – Makeup, Hair & Skincare


It’s 2 days to go til we go to Milan – I’m very excited! I’m an over-packer, and I’ll freely admit that. I’ve tried this time round to keep everything contained to my airport friendly Kiehl’s pouch which I normally just keep my makeup in, but have managed to cram in everything *slight disclaimer on […]

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Illamasqua Precision Eye Liner vs TheBalm Schwing


In July I purchased my first ever YouBeauty box solely for the purpose of getting the Illamasqua Precision Ink liner. I’ve heard incredible things about this liner over the past year or so and my favourite from theBalm was starting to come to an end so picking it in a Beauty Box (which only cost […]

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Sponge Showdown


I’ve had my thoughts on doing a Beauty Blender type showdown for a few months and have been collating new ones to make up a post. For today’s post I have been testing and trying 5 beauty sponges for three weeks with a different foundation each week to test their compatibility with different foundations. I’m going to […]

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