Prada Paradoxe Perfume Review

Prada Paradoxe Perfume Review

It’s rare that the first spritz of a perfume will have be captivated and ready to buy, but that’s exactly what happened when I received a sample of the Prada Paradoxe Perfume, and by the time I reached my last spray of the trial sized vial, I was online adding it to my bag and checking out as quickly as I could.

I decided to opt for the 30ml fragrance, not because I was still somewhat unconvinced by the perfume and didn’t want to commit to a huge bottle, but because I had an upcoming trip to NYC and was semi concerned about having to pack a little light as we had a night away from the city where we needed to carry our luggage (and that extra bit of perfume of course makes all the difference in weight!).

The prices of this perfume come in at £59 for 30ml, £89 for 50ml and £118 for 100ml. This is also Prada’s first refillable perfume, with the refill costing £99 for 100ml.

Prada Paradoxe Perfume Review

Prada Paradoxe Packaging

Prada Paradoxe comes in an eye-catching baby pink box, which I’m sure is going to entice shoppers over the holiday period when picking gifts for others (and maybe, like me – themselves). The box has a suitably luxe texture to it mimicking the feel of leather. The bottle mirrors the outer box, featuring black writing overlaying a more rosey pink toned fragrance inside.

The bottle is much more appealing to me than what we usually see from Prada’s usual style of bottle, featuring the brands iconic triangular shape that usually features as the backplate for their logos on their bags and accessories. I also like that it tips onto it’s side, as it stands out as different on my perfume shelf without looking gaudy or loud. The black cap of the bottle is a heavy gem like shape with a gold Prada logo across the top. It’s exactly the style that I associate with Prada, low key, but actually admirable detail when looked at.

Prada Paradoxe Scent Profile

Prada Paradoxe feels like a crowd-pleasing scent that has the potential to hit those who like both warm, floral and gourmand fragrances. It’s rare that a perfume that sits well in that middle ground of notes doesn’t end up wearing in a way that the scent starts to feel a bit wishy washy, which is often why I choose to pick a more strictly gourmand, floral or fruity scent and then layer them together to create things more sophisticated. Prada Paradoxe nails that sweet but grown up scent that I love.

The first notes that strike my noes are the heady, warm amber base notes coupled with sweet vanilla. The base notes also feature white musk and benzoin. Fresh top notes of pear, tangerine and bergamot are noticeable in that first spray, but they soon dissipate to reveal the lingering mid-notes of the white florals which layer over the warm notes well throughout the wear time of the perfume.

This feels like the kind of year round, any time of day perfume – it doesn’t give a strong summer, winter, day or night vibes – I feel like I can throw it on any time of day and it will match what ever vibe I am going for.

Comparatively, this reminds me a more of Lancome La Nuit Tresor for something similar, that one leans more on the vanilla side but a lot of the same notes feature.

Prada Paradoxe Wear Time

This is where I find that the perfume maybe lets itself down a little. It’s not got the best lasting power but it’s certainly no where near the worst either. I find I struggle to detect it on myself without a direct sniff on the area applied after the 5 hour mark, making it have a more average scent projection too.

That for me is okay, the majority of time when I put perfume on now I rarely am doing something for that length of time where I won’t refresh my outfit and therefore perfume within that kind of window, as I’m usually either out for an evening, or through the day and back in my pyjamas by night. I do have perfumes I feel like I can rely on for all day lasting power.

But, that being said, I do expect more for the money. The Prada Paradoxe perfume is heading up to that pricier category and at price bracket, I have experienced much better in that more 8 hour wear time.

So far, I’m really enjoying every use of Prada Paradoxe, but ultimately at this time I’m not sure that it will remain a “must-have-at-all-times” in my collection perfume. I can imagine being attracted to it again if it was on a good deal, but as a fragrance junkie I like to try new things out – and it takes a lot to get into that “must-have”, as I like to keep collection that I can also use and work my way through.

If you’re looking for a fragrance recommendation for a gift, Prada Paradoxe to me feels like a good choice, it’s got a different types of notes to attract different people, and I’ve had compliments from all different age ranges wearing it too giving it a seemingly pretty broad appeal.


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