Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Review – 170W

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Review – 170W

Just before I took my blog hiatus, I decided to do something called Speed Review Sunday’s where I talked about products that may not need a really long review, I loved the concept and intend to keep it going! So let’s kick start the blog back with our next speed review – The Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer.

Concealer is something that I fell out of routine with using through the years of 2020 and 2021, I found the majority of formulas I was trying to be heavy and often, an unnecessary step in my routine. Roll on the dark winter at the beginning of 2022 and I felt like I really needed a little brightening something to pick me up some mornings.

I decided to turn to Rare Beauty, new(ish) to the beauty scene at the time from Selena Gomez. Hearing good reviews left right and centre about the brand on youtube, I decided that I was going to try out their Liquid Touch concealer. Shopping on Space NK, I found it a little difficult to decide what colour to go for, with a decent colour selection and labelled undertones, I opted for 170W, which I think at the time there was quite limited colours in stock and felt like it should be a decent enough match, which luckily turned out to be true.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Packaging

Rare Beauty has done their packaging really well I think, it feels like it has an interesting enough packaging to capture the interest of millenials to older generations who may not recognise Selena’s star power. It’s sleek and even after around 6 months of use rolling around in my makeup draw, has a soft touch plastic packaging that feels lovely to hold, and the writing on the tube has all held up well. The price of this concealer is at that low-end of higher end price point, at £18 and it feels like it warrants it’s price tag.

Concealer has become a regular part of my routine again, but not something I use every time. I’m lucky enough (touches wood), to rarely suffer with any blemishes now and tend to only use concealers to add some extra coverage to my under eye area when needed, and sometimes if I’m using a lighter coverage foundation to touch up.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer - Applicator

I really enjoy the doe-foot applicator on the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer, it’s chunky without being super huge, but I like that I seem to be able to dot a few spots under my eyes without feeling like I need to do huge swipes across to get enough product on. The brush is pretty angled without being sharp and from the beginning it’s retained a really nice and plush feeling. I find over time that concealer applicators can loose their plushness, begin to feel sharp and cakey, but I’m almost at the end of this and have found that it’s remained really nice.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Review - Texture

This is a really nice formula, it’s hydrating without being overly slick and dewy looking, it’s medium coverage without looking cakey or that it settles into any fine lines. I have tried a few different methods of blending this out and my preferred way is with a damp beauty blender over a brush, I find that gives me the nicest and most natural application.

The formula of the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer is really long lasting and I find it’s worked and played nicely with all primers, foundations and powders that I’ve used it with. I’ve been left feeling really impressed with my experience with this and it’s left me intrigued to try more

When I’m getting low on this I do plan to reorder again and I’m interested to hear whether you have any rare beauty favourites you think I should be adding alongside my order. I’ve had samples of the foundation which I liked (but don’t need another foundation for quite some time), and the mascara which I liked, but wouldn’t repurchase.

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