If I Had to Declutter One Eyeshadow Palette From Every Brand

If I Had to Declutter One Eyeshadow Palette From Every Brand

I saw a video idea on Youtube, and it reminded me of the good old days of blogging and thought this could be a good blog post idea. I’m currently working my way through my eyeshadow palettes in my Palette Play series which I started this year, so I’m testing and decluttering palettes as I go (but, as I write this, none have been decided to be decluttered), but I thought it might be interesting to look at without retesting everything, what palette I think I would declutter from each brand. I decided to pick from brands I own three or more palettes from, so let’s jump in!

Colourpop Strawberry Shortcake - If I had to declutter one eyeshadow palette from every brand

Colourpop : Strawberry Shortcake Palette

At first thought of Colourpop (which is also the brand I own most from), was how am I going to choose? I collected the monochrome palettes when they first were being released like an addict needing just one more. But there’s one from this line which did not impress me and I’d happily let go. Strawberry Shortcake is entirely forgettable in my collection. The pink shades are too soft they don’t really suit my colouring and the quality just isn’t as good as I expect from Colourpop. I’d happily let this one go without testing it again, and with that in mind I may select this as a palette play one for next month to see if I can lose the palette.

Violet Voss : Hashtag Palette

I do have another palette from Violet Voss which has been in my palette play which I have decided to declutter, however, I wanted to pick another one from the brand. I was really excited when I got this palette and had a few of these size palettes from Violet Voss that I liked, but this one I found difficult to work with with a lot of the mattes being very patchy and the metallics being slightly lacklustre. It’s one I am intrigued to play with again as when I open it brings me joy, but I know from past performances it’s not been as good as I would have hoped. I think formulas have improved a lot since this first arrived and I’m not sure that it will have stood the test of time.

Natasha Denona : Mini Xenon Palette

Natasha Denona is a palette that is fast becoming my go to brand for eyeshadow, it’s a formula that is so easy to work with, and picking any of these to declutter would be very difficult for me. I think however it would have to be the Mini Xenon palette. The quality of this palette is excellent but I’m very rare to wear a silver smokey eye (maybe once a year at most!), so ultimately it would be the one I choose to let go. The silver in this palette is stunning and I’d be sad to see it go, but I do have another silver from another ND palette that is very similar that would work as a stand in on those odd days I gravitate towards silver.

Pat McGrath : Mothership II Sublime

Agh, it pains me to say it but it would have to be the Mothership II Sublime palette. This was the first palette I bought from the brand, and I’ll admit, I solely bought it for that green shade as I found it to be undupeable after a year of trying. I have the two other holiday palettes from the brand and they have more variety and are both in my top ten palettes that I would have to try and rebuy second hand if I was to lose them. I also don’t love the mattes in this palette and apart from to specifically use that green shade, I don’t ever pull it out.

Huda Beauty : Purple Haze

I have four 9 pan palettes from Purple Haze and have also decluttered a couple in the past too, I’m just not the hugest fan of this Huda formula – none of the 9 pan palettes have become things I’ve reached for regularly, but this one is my biggest disappointment. The mattes in this palette are patchy and difficult to blend, and the metallic needs layering to get the kind of intensity I want. Also on the eye, I find that a lot of these colours end up looking the same and it’s just not as pretty as I want. I love a purple eye look and liked the look of this as it was a more smokey hue but yet again, the quality of this just is less than what I get from Colourpop.

Jeffree Star : Androgyny Palette

I don’t talk or buy from Jeffree Star anymore and sold the infamous Conspiracy palette which sat unused last year. However, I do still have three palettes remaining from my collection. I think the one I’d choose to lose would be the Androgyny Palette. I’m a metallic girl at heart, and this palette only has two shades out of ten which are metallics. The deep mattes are pretty, but ultimately if I think within my collection – there are palettes that could replicate the same or similar looks such as the ABH Subculture Palette or the Colourpop Raw Beauty Kristi Palette. I haven’t used, nor thought about this palette in a long time and I’m intigued as to whether I’ll find it easier to use when I do retry it as part of my palette project, however, I always felt like unless I used the brown tones in this palette, it was difficult to create a cohesive look. And even doing a neutral look was difficult as the lighter colour matte is cooler-toned whereas the darker is very warm and chestnut toned and they almost clash. Jeffree Star Androgyny Review

I hope you enjoyed something a little different today and a visit back to the older style blogging days of tags! If you decide to do the If I Had to Declutter One Eyeshadow Palette From Every Brand tag please let me know as I’d love to have a read!


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  1. April 22, 2022 / 1:03 pm

    I love the idea of this post! I haven’t used the Strawberry palette in a while from Colourpop but I do like all of the shades. I’m not a huge fan of pink/red eye colours on me but for some reason this palette works. The Huda purple palette looks very similar to It’s My Pleasure!

    • rachael
      May 4, 2022 / 11:12 am

      There is similar shades in the It’s my pleasure and huda palette – the performance is a lot better in the Colourpop palette.
      I do need to pull the strawberry one out and have another try with it, it just doesn’t pull me in to use it though!

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