Wild Deodorant Review

Wild Deodorant Review

For a long time, I’ve been dedicated to the same deodorant (Mitchum’s Ultimate Creams) – I just checked over since I’ve been tracking my empties and I’ve used up on average 4 of them a year (which may not sound a lot but I find they last a long time compared to spray cans). I’d seen Wild Deodorant’s online and had been slightly intrigued from the sustainability aspect, but never had been at the point where I felt “ready” to turn my back on a product that works incredibly for ne. I first heard about that deodorant on a Fleur de Force video and I know for years she also talked about it being her unbeatable deodorant, and when she spoke that Wild had taken its place it’s left me intrigued enough to try and see whether this was my new ultimate.

Wild, is a refillable deodorant line. With a bunch of core colours, they offer personalisation on the casings if you wish to add your name (a nice touch, but personally – I don’t need to remember that the leopard print deodorant is mine in my house of just me!) – and they also do some charity patterned collaborations, which when I ordered mine, allowed me to get my favourite neutral – leopard print case which gave 50p to the Born Free charity (currently they have a pride case supporting the LGBT switchboard). They have a range of different fragrances available from cotton, to fruits and florals – and also have limited edition fragrances – so there’s something for every type of nose, however, they are predominately “feminine” style fragrances.

My first order contained my case and one refill fragrance which I got to pick. When I started to decide on which fragrance I wanted – I spotted that they had a lavender scent which caused me to think (as someone with a lavender allergy), I better check if any of the others feature lavender in. I found it impossible to find specific ingredients for each scent on the website and ended up tweeting and Instagram DMing them to ask, which did give me conflicting advice with the second DM coming in after I’d placed an order… a little concerning! I was surprised out of 6 scents + 3 sensitive scents just how many of them were not “safe” for me. Now looking up the ingredients finally it’s still not clear whether products do or whether Linaool is causing the conflicting advice (a blend of essential oils which often does contain lavender). So if anyone from Wild is reading this, please make your website easier to find this information – it’s not great and as a result, I have cancelled my subscription as the scent I opted for Orange Zest is no longer listed and I’m concerned about what would turn up next!

So, putting that potential armpit drama behind me – I chose the scent Orange Zest before I had slightly differing advice after ordering that maybe I could have ordered anything. I was really impressed with how everything came packaged – and it was easy to pop the refill into the casing. I ordered this way back in mid-July and I was still finishing up a Mitchum deodorant, so I trepidatiously used it on and off between my holy grail to see how it faired and whether there was potential disaster looming. I’ve since had a further refill pack of three and I’m now onto my second refill so I feel like I’ve used it long enough to do a good test.


Firstly the case is lovely – I’ve not really had to travel with mine too much yet other than the odd overnight stay, but I’ve not had this in and out of bags – I imagine over time this casing will scratch as it feels like paint without coating – but maybe I’ll be surprised and it will last well. Overall, it’s quite lightweight feeling but still of study quality which makes it feel good for travelling.


The product twists up using the bottom, but can also be twisted back down, but it’s very controllable and doesn’t leave you in a situation where you are having to smush it into the lid as too much has been applied. It’s a creamy feeling solid balm and one of the down points to this over my Mitchum is that I find it takes longer to sink in, particularly if I’m going to put black on I’d want to apply this a good 10 minutes before as I find it transfers on tops quite badly and does leave a white mark, something I’ve not had to deal with for a long time and I’m not used to.


The Orange Zest scent is pleasant and as it sound, but without being overpowering – unlike my Mitchum which I tend to opt for or a “shower” scent (whatever that means” I find the freshness of that lasts a little longer – but maybe because that is more distinctively not my perfume, where as this ends up blending with any fragrance that I’m wearing better.


I find for day to day wear – this does the job perfectly, for milling around my house, WFH life it’s great, no complaints at all, I feel fresh all day until I get into bed. I’ve recently started pole dancing/fitness classes and it is one. sweaty. workout. – The Wild Deodorant isn’t cutting the mustard as much as I’ve been used to with Mitchum in the past if I compare it to similar workouts with spinning etc. However, I don’t feel like I’m not fresh or that I stink after a workout, more do that it’s not an antiperspirant, more so than it is just a deodorant, and that’s an important difference between the two as all antiperspirants are deodorants, but not deodorants are not antiperspirants. I am not fit at the moment, I stopped running in December and I’m very much getting my fitness back on track and I am sweatier than usual – but you’ll know your own body and what type of person you are, but for the average person I’d say this would likely be great for every day.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I love the refillable aspect of the deodorants and I like with your refills you can switch from one scent to the next with each one that comes. I find each refill lasts roughly a month of using once-twice a day. However, where it doesn’t hold up as well is on the workout front for me.

I have two more refills left and I will likely use them up before I decide whether I want to switch back to Mitchum full time or just keep that one for workouts. I like the natural and aluminium free route, but I also enjoy less clutter in my drawers.

Should you wish to give Wild a try, My Refer a friend discount gives you a free case worth £7 with your first order. 

Have you made the switch to Wild Deodorants yet?


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