IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask Review

IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask

I’m starting a “speed review” Sunday series to talk about products where I’d normally feel are a little shorter than normal. So welcome to the first Speed Review Sunday! After trying out the Charcoal Dry Shampoo from IGK in early 2020, I was really excited that my advent calendar last year included the IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask as I’d been wanting to try out more from the brand since that dry shampoo was the best I’d ever tried.

In mid December I bleached my hair prior to dying it a galaxy rainbow of colours and having not had a haircut for over a year the bottom few inches of my hair took quite a knock in terms of damage (which they were already pretty frazzled!). This was the first time I’ve tried a dry hair mask and love the concept of being able to put it on overnight and wake up with refreshed locks as my hair can get dry on its ends in between washes.

The packaging of this is lovely with a holographic pink label it’s very eye-catching in my haircare drawer and makes me want to pick it up! I am unsure why IGK called this mask Antisocial as based on the bottle alone it’s welcome at any party I’m having. The mister on this is super fine and applies the product really evenly through the hair. The product is totally colourless and whilst you could apply it hair that has been styled, for me I find it more suited as an overnight treatment.

IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask - review

IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask packaging

I try and keep this to my mid-lengths and ends only – my hair is pretty shiny and I think unless you have more frizz-prone hair this adds an almost oil-coated level of shine that doesn’t feel horrible, but does make my hair look slightly greasy when first applied. I put this on overnight and by morning that appearance has dulled and what is left is hair that does feel conditioned, soft, shiny and smooth, and I’m able to go about my day without needing to rewash my hair at all. This has a slight scent but isn’t highly perfumed, which I think would have been a nice touch, to aid in that refreshed feeling.

I tend to use this the evening before I usually wash my hair – using dry shampoo at the roots to soak up the oil at my roots and this on the ends to tame where they get drier between washes.

Now one of the main claims of this dry mask is that it’s bond building and the frazzled and dry ends that felt was going to need a severe chop post lockdown do seem to have recovered fairly well, however, I have been using other conditioning products, including a bond-building mask and I’m hesitant to decide whether it’s solely down to this product.

IGK doesn’t come in at a cheap price point and the IGK Antisocial Dry Hair Mask is no exception with the full size of this is £30 for 177ml and unlike the dry shampoo which I did think was a step above other dry shampoos, this hasn’t given me the same “next-level” feeling. It’s nice, I’ll enjoy using it up – but I’m not sure that this would be a repurchase for me unless I was to snag it on offer, although this can is lasting a lot longer than I expected!

Have you tried IGK before? Let me know if there are any hit products I should be trying out.

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