Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser Review

Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser Review

In September last year there was a Cult Beauty box that I couldn’t refuse, inside was the Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser and since it’s sat into my cupboard while I’ve finished up a plethora of half used cleansers, until recently, when I finally decided it was the time to put it to the test.

Pleanire was a brand I hadn’t heard of until I was eyeing up the box – its a brand that is vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK, which ticks a lot of boxes for me. They only have 8 products and one of the ones with the most reviews on Cult Beauty is the Rose Jelly Cleanser. I’m due to go away in November and was looking for something that wasn’t chunky to take with me and I thought I would give this a try before going as it was so small and slimline it would be good for the week we’re away sharing a cabin with a lot of people and wanting to be considerate of how much skincare I take with me!

When my beauty box arrive last year, I was drawn to the simple but fun spotty packaging and it’s soft touch plastic feel, however this 30ml size comes with a price tag of £16 (a 100ml retails for £30) and I couldn’t help but feel like this doesn’t feel like £16 worth of product working out at £0.53 per ml (although the 100ml is better value per ml comparatively – £0.30). All year I’ve been almost exclusively using the Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm – which comes at much pricer – at £1.63 per g (not taking into account the staff discount I can not disclose), however, that product stretches much farther than this – but more on that later.

Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser - Texture

This is called the Rose Jelly – when I think of the word Jelly, I expect something more like a lush shower jelly texture where as this is just a gel textured cleanser, it’s pretty light with soft pink transparency, accompanied with a light rose scent. I’ve tried this in a few different ways so far and was intrigued to see if it was a good makeup remover as promised on the packaging.

Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser – Eye Makeup Removal

Bef0re – slept in eye makeup – no base makeup




There are a few different places I want to use cleansers, one of which is in the shower where I want a cleanser that can “do it all” sometimes I’ll be makeup-free and just want to refresh and clean my skin ahead of the day – other times I’ll be getting in and showering before bed and want to melt away any makeup left on my face. I’ve found this is useless on makeup (base and eye) if used on wet skin – it has to be used more as directed on the packaging otherwise it leaves a residue, including horrific panda eyes behind.

As a sink-side product is where the Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser is better. Applied on dry skin like a balm, this starts breaking down makeup far more easily than it does on wet skin. It does a good job of breaking down makeup but struggles with heavier base makeup when it’s still quite fresh – finding that I need to often go in twice to get everything off my skin. In the pictures above, I’d played with new makeup the night before and was testing its durability, having slept in my eye makeup and left for another 3/4 hours after waking up, it was on for a long time and you can see where the makeup was already wearing away, with the pigmentation of the outer corner of shadow and liquid liner fading – my lashes were also much less voluminous than the night before. It was really struggling to break down even non-waterproof mascara that had been on for almost 16/17 hours at this points, and I felt like I was almost scrubbing my eyes to get it broken down.

However, if you notice my eye makeup removal afterwards (in which I left a Face Halo to gently remove the broken down makeup but didn’t want to put it to “work and do the job the cleanser should have done, my eyes were still left with residue on my lashes, and with faint panda eyes, but my eyes also felt irritated as I really had to rub the product in, harder than I would with my Augustinus Bader balm to remove.

Over the main parts of the face, my skin feels soft, smooth and nourished after using, and actually where I enjoy this most is not as a makeup removing cleanser and more to refresh my skin in the morning and remove any skincare used the night before.

I find I have to use a lot of product for this – my 30ml tube lasted me around 10 days of use, the picture of the texture was enough to do my eyes, but for base makeup, I would have needed to double the amount – using around 3ml per time (£1.50 a day roughly). With my Augustinus Bader balm – a jar lasts me around 90 days, using 1g at a time (making my cost per use at full price around £0.61).

If you find cleansing balms to have an unenjoyable texture, but want something less greasy feeling than an oil – you might enjoy the texture of the Plenaire Rose Jelly Cleanser, however, I do warn that I do find it slightly irritating on days where I have a lot of makeup to remove and it doesn’t quite do a perfect job – if you wear lighter makeup than me it might do a better job. Whilst I enjoyed trialling this, it’s not my favourite cleanser and it doesn’t offer me good value to try again.

Have you tried Plenaire before?


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