Drunk Elephant Waterfacial Review

Drunk Elephant Waterfacial Review

Time for a little speed review today of the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial. What a little mouthful, so we’re just going to refer to it as the Waterfacial from now on. I’ve reviewed a few things from Drunk Elephant on my blog and after the initial excitement of it being available in the UK I have to say I’ve found myself a little underwhelmed by most of what I’ve tried from Drunk Elephant, however, as a fan of a good moisturising face mask, the arrival of this in my advent calendar piqued my interest.

I’ve kept this tucked away at the front of my skincare cabinet ready to crack open as soon as I’d finished my Augustinus Bader Rich Cream as I wanted to see how this faired by itself. As with most masks of this type I use these in place of a moisturiser at night and leave them on throughout the night.

The packaging of this little sample is nice and simple and reflective of the nice pump top that the full size 50ml has. This comes in at £44 for a 50ml, if I compare that against products I’ve tried which are similar, the Origins Drink Up Mask (£24 for 75ml), and the Glamglow Thirsty Mud (£45 for 50ml) – it has the nicest packaging of the three with the pump top being very handy whilst the packaging is still lightweight.  These are both masks I love but they are not cruelty free so I have not repurchased since making the switch last year.

The star ingredients in this mask had me excited with things I know my skin normally loves, my skin finds anything with ceramides in very calming and I find it really helps keep any signs of aggression at bay for me, and there are five types loaded within this mask. The F in F balm stands for Vitamin F, containing two types of Fatty Acids, which help retain moisture, fight blemishes and help to block out irritants, UV light and pollutants.

The Drunk Elephant Waterfacial is a cream gel formula that is very lightweight and sinks in well to the skin leaving a slight glossy sheen over the first few minutes before it’s absorbed quite quickly. Some cheaper sleeping masks I’ve found have left a sticky residue that leaves you feeling like you need to peel yourself off a pillow case – however, that’s not the case with this one. The texture of Waterfacial feels refreshing on the skin and would be a great texture for me on hot summer nights.

I’ve used this in place of an evening moisturiser for a week or so and I have to say I feel a little underwhelmed by this, because the texture of this is so thin and well absorbed I feel like I need quite a lot of it. Unlike the aforementioned masks from Origins and Glamglow – which I felt like were uber moisturising formulas that left my skin feeling soft and supple by morning I feel a little let down by this.

It’s ~okay~ but it really doesn’t blow me away, having come off the back of finishing up a very rich and nourishing moisturiser, this feels like a step backwards for me and I feel like the texture issues I’d managed to reduce are starting to increase a little again since swapping over to this. I have oily skin that’s a little dehydrated in spots – and I’d say that if you are on the dry end of the spectrum this would be a real let down.

As mentioned I could see Drunk Elephant Waterfacial being something I might enjoy more during summer months, but I can’t help feel like I would run through a 50ml bottle in a matter of 4-6 weeks maximum. I’m going to enjoy the last few uses of this as the texture really is lovely, however at the price tag it’s just a little too steep to justify repurchasing for the effects it gives.

Have you tried Drunk Elephant Waterfacial?

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