Budget to Blowout – Three Cleansers Tested

Budget to Blowout – Three Cleansers Tested

I’ve done a couple of similar posts in the past where I’ve reviewed different types of products. This time I had three new cleansers hit my collection all at once and I thought I’d give them all a whirl by putting them to the test. I don’t want to say that these are in anyway really comparable to one another, there’s three different cleansers from three different brands which have three very different textures. But I thought it would be worth comparing something that cost only a couple of pounds versus another which was more of splashing out purchase.

Your Good Skin Refreshing Face Wash – £6 for 150ml

I haven’t had the best experience with Your Good Skin line in the past and it’s not an item that I would have tried, I randomly won this whilst checking out in Boots one day so as someone who isn’t likely to turn down a free treat I happily obliged to taking it off their hands. This is a gel textured face wash and it’s one that I’ve been opting for using in the shower, it’s not one that I feel like I enjoy leaving it on my skin for a few seconds because I enjoy the texture (more on those in a minute) but instead it’s a quick face wash to get me done quickly.

Regular readers will know that gel cleansers are not my favourite for the most part, they’re never ones that I opt for buying except in very rare circumstances. But this one does have a nice texture as it doesn’t foam too much, Glycerin is an ingredient that features high up on the list so it is quite a moisturising formula as gel face washes go and is not too bad as a way to clean off what’s left at the end of the day.

It’s okay as a makeup remover but not fantastic, it fairs well against makeup that has been on all day and is already starting to show signs of wear and breaking down. Where it’s poorer performing is on more freshly applied makeup, if I’ve put makeup on and gone out the house for a few hours and tried to take it off 3-4 hours later a lot is left behind. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup daily and are on the market for a cheaper cleanser that does the job then this is worth trying, Your Good Skin seems to be on offer the majority of the time in Boots, you can normally find it on 3 for 2 or 1/3 off the whole range to catch an extra deal on it!

Fragranced : No / Tested on Animals : No / Formulated without animal-derived ingredients / Made in the UK

Find it here to purchase from Boots

The Middle Ground
Beauty Pie Jeju Daily Cleansing Milk – £9.72 for 190ml (+ Cost of Beauty Pie subscription).

I recently reviewed three of Beauty Pie’s other cleansers and was impressed with them so decided to pick up another to give a road test to as part of my last order with them. Firstly the packaging of this I totally overlooked on it’s arrival – from a distance it’s a black glossy bottle and box, but when I caught it in the sunlight I noticed the golden flecks laced across the surface. Subtle and pretty, barely worth mentioning but I thought it was worth a note.

Cleansing Milks are normally thinner in texture than I imagined this product to be. It’s almost got a body lotion type feel – thinner than a hot cloth cleanser, but thicker than other cleansing milks I’ve tried which tend to be more watery. The product has a nice pump top and after initially placing it in my shower I decided to actually have this as a sink side cleanser and using this as part of a routine where I’m giving my skin more time and care, in between using the priciest option in this list.

The ingredients list includes Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Jeju Cherry Blossom and Bamboo, a trio of ingredients which are known for being antioxidants, smoothing and softening. There are other key ingredients such as Koyamaki, a Japanese Umbrella pine which provides anti-ageing effects and Liquorice Root for suppleness. This is a product made in Japan and is definitely inspired by J-Beauty trends.,

This feels really nice as it’s massaged into the skin, it feels creamy and nourishing and like it’s a real treat to indulge with. As it’s massaged in to the skin the creaminess begins turning into an oil which emulsifies when it is rinsed away and becomes more of the milk texture. It makes light work of removing the majority of makeup but seems to struggle with dark black pigments such as liners and mascaras.

It’s very similar to their Japanfusion cleanser in terms of texture and performance – I think I prefer the Japanfusion cleanser slightly more than this, but you do get more product, I prefer the packaging and the Japanfusion one is always out of stock – so this acts as a suitable substitute in my opinion.

If you are not subscribed to Beauty Pie and have been tempted, or you are subscribed and need a new product to try – I’d thoroughly recommend this one. Would I specifically say subscribe just for this product? No. Probably not, although it is very nice and I am enjoying using it! If the whole concept intrigues you, I’ve not tried a bad skincare product from them as of yet.

Fragranced : Yes / Tested on Animals : No / Formulated without animal-derived ingredients / Made in Japan

Pick it up from Beauty Pie here. If you want to subscribe to Beauty Pie for the first time you can get the first month of the membership fee knocked off by clicking on this link here (referral).

Drunk Elephant Slaai Cleansing Butter with Bamboo Booster – £29 for 113g

Okay, last but not least is the Drunk Elephant Cleansing Butter, this is a newer introduction to their range and one I was desperate to try once I saw the announce of it’s release. This is a spendy option and I decided to take the plunge when I had a 20% off discount code for Cult Beauty a few weeks ago as I was coming close to finishing off my Pixi Double cleanse which would leave me with no balms left in my cupboard, a restock was in order!

Drunk Elephant products are pretty expensive and whilst this certainly isn’t a cheap option – I do think it’s at the affordable end of blowout, especially for Drunk Elephant. I’d be lying if I said if one of the main draws to this priduct wasn’t the packaging – I LOVE the bright bold green colour used, the illustrative black and white patterning and the magnetic topped lid featuring a little spoon. that will stay stuck to it and safe!

What also had me intrigued was the “Bamboo Booster” which is an added bonus which comes alongside the cleanser, this is an additional product which can be mixed in with the cleanser when needed to exfoliate the skin.

This is a very oily feeling cleansing butter and really reminds me of the Pixi Double Cleanse X Caroline Hirons oil cleanser side. If you like that product but you’re not a fan of the cream cleanser side, then this is the closest thing I’ve found that offers the same nourishing oiliness, whilst it is a few pounds more expensive.

The product is scentless, it has an odd smell of nothingness that’s difficult to describe, it has a scent, but doesn’t have a scent. It has to be sniffed to be noticed. The Buttery texture rapidly transforms to an oil as it’s massaged into the skin and feels very silky and nourishing. It’s delicate on the eye area and removes every little drop of product without any hassle at all. This can either be splashed off with water as it rinses away easily, or as I prefer I tend to use a microfibre flannel to just wipe everything off in one quick swoop.

I actually adore the addition of the bamboo booster and it makes the few extra pounds that this product cost worth it for me. I for the most part try to stay clear of physical exfoliants now Opting for chemical exfoliants, but there’s times when a bit of scrubbing feels like it’s needed and you can shake a little into the formula to get what you need.

What I like about this is that the bamboo grains aren’t harsh feeling on your face, they’re soft and round and they don’t feel as if that they’re tearing your face apart on every use. the particles also don’t break down and pop like some exfoliants, which means you can get away with only using a little and massaging them around the face easily. I like that you can add them when you feel like you need to and don’t have to have a whole separate product dedicated on your shelf for exfoliating. That’s a big fat plus point.

Fragranced : Yes / Tested on Animals : No / Formulated without animal-derived ingredients / Made in USA

If you like cleansing balms and don’t mind spending a bit more then this is the best option that I think I’ve ever tried when I compare it against the cost too. It’s less expensive than options such as Emma Hardie, it’s packaging is luxe but not bulky and the the formula is top notch. The formula goes a long way and this pot is going to last me a good few months. Well done Drunk Elephant, this is a product worth every penny in my book.

You can pick this up from Cult Beauty here.

There we go, Three Cleansers Tested at three different price points – none of them are bad but they are all very different. If I was ranking them for performance it would be most expensive to cheapest – but I do find myself gravitating towards the Jeju for every day, whilst I’m savouring the Slaai for when I need a more luxurious treat!

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  1. July 4, 2019 / 2:01 pm

    Interesting to see three different price points in one post, even with the totally different formulas it’s a nice comparison.
    I like the sound of the beauty pie one, not too expensive either. I’m not subscribed but I’ve definitely been tempted, they seem to have quite a few nice products and not overly expensive. I’m not a fan of balms, or my skin isn’t, but I like the idea of being able to add the scrub in the drunk elephant one.

    • July 4, 2019 / 2:04 pm

      It would be quite nice if they sold the bamboo booster separately so you could add it to any cleanser, maybe there’s something similar on the market!

      • July 4, 2019 / 3:30 pm

        I might have a search, I hadn’t thought of a company doing the scrub part separately.

  2. July 4, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    Great post! My favorite is micellar water. It’s cheap and works great.

    • July 4, 2019 / 4:30 pm

      I use MIcellar water for sometimes taking off for makeup when it’s heavy – but prefer to use a full cleanser for getting into my pores!

      • July 4, 2019 / 4:32 pm

        I don’t wear foundation anymore, I just spot conceal. It sure is convenient though.

  3. July 5, 2019 / 7:26 am

    I am wild about the thought of the bamboo booster. It sounds glorious!
    Fab and in-depth post as always rach xxx

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