Secret Scent Box – March & April 2021

Secret Scent Box – March & April 2021

[Ad – Gifted Items] My Secret Scent Box is coming a little late this month as when April hit I was hit with the beginning of my yearly early-wave of hayfever and smelling April’s arrivals had to be put on hold until my nose was clearer and could appreciate the scents better.

I’m sure most of you have read my posts on Secret Scent Box before, but it’s a letterbox-friendly monthly subscription that’s perfect for fragrance addicts. Featuring three different perfumes, often many are new and they often come at a mixture of price points. The packaging is lovely presented and would make a lovely gift for someone who loves to try out new fragrances. The box includes a card on each fragrance which is perfect for those who are interested in learning more about notes.

March 2021 Secret Scent Box

Michael Kors Mystique Shimmer

For someone who loves a few of the MK fragrances that have stumbled into her collection accidentally, I don’t spend enough to sniffing out the latest releases. Mystique Shimmer is a new launch from MK and ooh she’s a good one. I was surprised that this didn’t have vanilla in it as it has a gourmand like quality and at first sniff I was sure there was some sweet vanilla lintering. But with top notes listed as Black Pepper and Bergamot, paired with floral midnotes and warm base notes of amber, woods and musk – this feels like a classy evening perfume that I could see myself wearing a lot if I had it in my collection. I’m going to see how I enjoy using up this sample and it might end up on my perfumes to buy list!

Ted Baker x20 For Women

As a brand I don’t really love Ted Baker, particularly their beauty things which feel very cheap. This adds a little bit of faith back into the brand with an almost fizzy top note of Grapefruit, and fruit and floral mid notes of plum, magnolia, and waterlily. The base notes add some warmth to the fragrance that make it develop quite interestingly – with the musk and precious woods notes coming through. Whilst I enjoy the fragrance overall as a balanced everyday type scent, I don’t find it lingers too long and is disappeared in a few hours leaving just a faint trace behind.

Cartier Carat

Much fresher than I expected from Cartier, described as a new luminous fragrance of a flowering rainbow… with notes of pear, green, bergamot, lily, tulip, violet, hyacinth and honey suckle – this is one for those who love a floral as it’s got it all going on. At first, this is almost too much floral, triggering thoughts of hayfever arriving, but it softens with age. A lovely one for spring and I kind of want to see this bottle in person as it looks very pretty and classy!

April 2021 Secret Scent Box

Jimmy Choo Blossom

I’ve never owned any fragrances from Jimmy Choo but I’ve always enjoyed any fragrances I’ve sampled from them. This is a lovely spring-time fragrance, sitting somewhere between floral and fruity, it’s not too sweet and well balanced while still very feminine. With top notes of berries and citrus that are met with a warm base note of sandalwood and white musk and mid notes of Sweet Pea and Rose. I think this one will be in my fragrance collection for a little bit.

Fair Parfum Bisou

Fair Parfum, I was about to say I’d not heard of before – but that’s not surprising described on the card as a new high-end luxury fragrance with a high 25% fragrance concentration, I can tell this is a quality fragrance and it has long-lasting and lingering effects, however, it’s not my kind of fragrance. It’s pretty spicy on the top notes which linger unusually longer than normal, packed with Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Bergamot – there are softer floral notes of Jasmine, Violet, and Strytax in the middle but they are barely revealed. It’s warm and heady – and for a fragrance that feels a little masculine for me. Lingers and lasts well, but just not a fragrance for me.

DKNY Pure Verbena
This is a repeat fragrance within the box, however, looking back it was May 2019 since it was last included so it’s been almost 2 years. I think being a Verbena-based fragrance it’s one of the ones which it’s lingered in my collection longer as I’m a gourmand lover and reach less often from fresher fragrances like this.

Perfect for those who like fresh and clean scents! With top notes of basil and lemon verbena, middle floras of peony, jasmine, and honeysuckle, and base notes of amber, seaweed and vetiver. Again, not something I’d normally opt for – but it’s a lovely fresh fragrance for summer days and I think this would actually be one I’d get a lot of use from if I had it in my collection. The Pure range from DKNY strives to be economically and socially responsible which is good to know!

Thank you to Secret Scent Box as always for treating me to some new fragrances to try, there’s some in here which I think will be lovely as Spring finally peeks it’s head through and warmer and sunnier weather should hopefully start appearing.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these before.


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