Pasta Evangelists – Is it Worth The Price?

Pasta Evangelists – Is it Worth The Price?

If you’re in the UK, I’m sure – like me – you will have had at least one parcel delivered with a leaflet from Pasta Evangelists inside in the past few years. I’ve looked at the service a few times, hovered on pressing order and taking a trial – recently I was targetted with an ad online for a free Malfy Gin kit with my first order… and well, that was enough to sucker me into finally clicking order and treating myself to a few nice meals in.

One of my favourite things to cook is Italian food, particularly pasta – but finding nice Italian bistros and delis are few and far between in south Lincolnshire, so I thought I’d finally bite the bullet and try this service. Like other services such as Hello Fresh and Gusto, there’s a choice of meals each week to pick from varying in price, but obviously – as it’s purely pasta whilst I’m sure you could there are 15 options available. You pick a minimum of 2 meals per delivery, but the options are pretty flexible, for example, if you wanted this as a monthly treat – it’s easy to set it up to just come monthly.

Now the cost of this isn’t cheap – the meals start at £7 per portion – and range up to in the week I purchased up to £13.75 for a meal. Now opinion on this is going to differ, but it’s pretty pricey IMHO, a nice treat whilst it’s not easy to escape to restaurants still. If you’re in a couple and are doubling up your portion, you save a minor 15% – but it seems like a pretty hefty price tag so I was curious as to whether I felt like it was worth it. However, if you’re treating this as a date night at home – it’s quite nice to be able to pick your own dishes if you fancy trying something different.

One thing to note is that the state that Pasta Evangelists recipes should be consumed within 24 hours of eating – they can be frozen for up to one month uncooked – however, for me, this timeframe feels super short, I want my pasta to feel fresh, and putting it into a freezer takes some of that away from me. So I consumed my 2 luxury pasta meals one day after the other, within the 24 hours recommended! #NoRegrets

The recipes come bundled in a box with each recipe segmented out in easy to grab paper bags so it’s easy to pull out the fridge and work out what matches what.  Each week comes with a full little booklet of the Pasta Evangelists recipes of the week and how to cook them. I think it would be nice if for paper wastage you only received those that are relevant to you, and it’s a bit of a tease to see what you could have had. Each recipe listed contains nutritional information, a suggested wine pairing (would be great to tell you this before so you can pre-prepare given the short shelf life of the fresh products) alongside the basic cooking method required.

The big pro of this is they take minutes to cook, the fresh pasta took only a few minutes to cook through and whilst draining on my induction hob I was able to quickly heat up the sauce before combining together.

Orecchiette with Sicily’s Pistachio Pesto (Vegan)

I wanted to see how the vegan options faired too, although I will admit I decided to grate just a little parmesan on top. This was a step out of my comfort zone as I absolutely detest Pesto out of a jar, I think it tastes like someone scattered a tea bag all over some delicious, fresh pasta. I’ve passionately hated pesto since a child and I’m also not a big fan of nuts, so I took a real gamble on this one.

I really enjoyed the Orecchiette pasta with a thick flat yet cupped shape which was perfectly coated in the fresh-tasting pesto, that had no resemblance to tea bags of jars past. The Pistachio crumb was an interesting topping and added a nice crunch to a pretty soft-textured dish.  I’m not sure I’d have this dish again but I might have a go at making a pesto myself and see if I can recreate the fresh flavour.

“Carbonara of Dreams” with Fresh Bucatini & Crispy Pancetta

It was impossible for me to not go to my pasta-go-to, a Carbonara, especially as it was labelled the Carbonara of Dreams. Bucatini is a really thick spaghetti-like pasta but much thicker – it felt heavy and luxurious in the best way possible. The Pancetta cubes were thick and delicious, my only criticism is I felt like there should have been more – the pictures of this online are pretty meaty and it’s clear that the cubes were placed more towards the top of the dish to make it look a little meatier than what it was when more evenly mixed through.

However this was divine and a big portion – it wasn’t enough to split into two, however it was enough to make me feel like I’d had a very full and delicious dish.

Would I try Pasta Evangelists Again?

At the full price, Pasta Evangelists is a once in a blue moon treat at the cost that this I’d rather visit a restaurant and have someone take the pleasure of cooking away from me, but if you’re into a luxury ready meal there is really very minimal cooking to do with this.

My first order came with a £5 off voucher for my second and third orders and I have decided to make use out of these and ordered as a weekend treat for the subsequent two weeks coming, but I may choose to freeze one of my recipes each week and keep them to split them out more so I have some quick and easy meals ready. I have noticed that they have a lasagne option, which is my favourite food (although I’m most partial to my own lasagne) – however, I’m intrigued as to how much work this requires and also trying a filled pasta option like the ravioli. That £5 off takes them back down to around £5-11 a meal.

Restaurants having just reopened are booked up for months everywhere, and if you’re looking to get your restaurant feel at home, then you can almost do no wrong with this, and is a great date night idea for lovely quality food that isn’t going to leave you tied to the cooker all evening. I ordered my box at pretty late notice on a Tuesday and had it delivered on the Thursday – so you can order without much planning involved too.

If you are interested in signing up you can use my refer a friend to sign up which will give you access to the free Malfy Gin Kit on your first order. You can find that here. This is a regular refer a friend code that anyone can have access to, not blog/PR related.

Have you tried Pasta Evangelists before?


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