The Big Empties Clearout – Part 2

The Big Empties Clearout – Part 2

If you didn’t see part one of my clear out empties post, I recommend that that’s where you begin – part one covered a lot, skincare, fragrance, general consumables and tools. If you’ve already read that, hello, welcome back – I ended up taking an unitentional break as I’ve been so busy during the week and at weekends! Part two is going to cover my makeup, bodycare and haircare items.


Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
All time favourite shampoo, moisturising but still cleans greasy roots well. Plus it smells amazing, I treat myself to this when I travel as I try to buy bigger more economical bottles. But if I could buy litre bottles of this it would be no question that this would be my go to.
Repurchase? Yes

Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Minute Miracle
This is also my conditioner choice for travelling. Great conditioner and treatment in one.
Repurchase? Yes, already have!

Hempz Original Shampoo (Gifted) (Review)
I liked this shampoo I found it cleaned the hair well and was quite nourishing, but I didn’t find it more effective than my tigi or Aussie shampoo and it is a lot more expensive. It did last me a fair while – but I don’t think I would repurchase.
Repurchase? No

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Conditioner Intense
I picked some items from Grow Gorgeous as they were on clearance in Boots, I picked it up for around £4 instead of £20. Man this was disappointing, I’ve tried cheaper ones I liked more. This was slightly better on my hair after it was cut, but it was too dry on my drier ends.
Repurchase? Yes 

La Riche Directions Rose Red x 2
My go to for pink hair, I used up two of these during my last pink phase in August. La Riche is really easy colour to use if you ever want to go bright it lasts well and applies evenly.
Repurchase? Already have loads in my cupboard!

Tigi Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo & Tigi Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal Conditioner x 2 
I’ll skim talking about these as they’ve been in empties a lot this year. I pick these up at B&M Bargains as they are so much cheaper there with the bottles being £6.99 each. I like the Honey and Oatmeal scent most and find them pretty similar to the Aussie Miracle moist range.
Repurchase? Yes, I have a few things I’m trying to finish up first but I will pick these up again soon.

Design.Me Three Ways Hairspray (Gifted) (Review)
I started using this in Febraury and it lasted me until mid October, which I think is pretty good going considering how much I curl my hair. I’m fussy when it comes to hairsprays, a lot of them make me feel sick, this one doesn’t stick to my throat like a lot of others do. This you can adjust the hold of the spray using a twist on the nozzle from light to heavy hold.
Repurchase? Yes

Schwarzkopf Oh My Nude Detangler
This was a terrible detangler, it did absolutely nothing other than make my hair feel a little softer after, however it was rubbish for making it easier to brush through.
Repurchase? Absolutely not.

Percy and Reed No Oil Oil – 30ml (Review)
I’ve had this in my last few products I’m trying to use up posts, but this was an okay hair oil, it helped a little but I didn’t find it the most effective oil or serum that I was maent to be.

Pantene Hair Biology Cleanse and Reconstruct Mask
This was a pretty decent hair mask and found it moisturised well – and if you can find it on offer it’s pretty inexpensive, also the outer label peels off (as you may be able to see) which if you want to reuse and decant is pretty handy.
Repurchase? Yes

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair Repair Treatment (Review)
I’m currently trying to use up all of the Beauty Pie haircare I reviewed recently and this was the first one that I finished up. This was a decent treatment, I found it made my hair soft and smooth and made the appearance of damage slightly less visible.
Repurchase? Maybe, I won’t go out of my way to buy, but I might pick it up with a future Beauty Pie order.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Repairing Hair Food
Lastly on hair masks is the Garnier ones, these were a recent launch earlier in the year and I picked up two. firstly they are huge and would last you ages, if I was to pick this up again now it would last me a lot longer as my hair is half the length it was before. They also smell really good – however I don’t find that the different scents perform really any differently (despite them being different qualities). I do have another one of their masks left, however it’s currently mixed with some of the afforementioned pink dye from August.
Repurchase? yes, definitely.


Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist (Gifted)
Reviewed here, the more I used this fixing spray the more I liked it. It had a really good mister on it, I liked the rose scent and I found that it made the skin look more natural after powdering without effecting oil control. It really reminds me of the Glamglow one and this comes in cheaper so this would likely be the one I chose to repurchase.
Repurchase? Yes, but I’l trying to finish up others first.

Bareminerals Mineral Veil
I got this in an ASOS beauty box at the start of summer and it was the main item that drew me in as I’d wanted to try it for ages! I absolutely despised this powder. First off, I hated the packaging, second the powder clinged to dry patches I didn’t even know was there and when you used a setting spray on top it looked awful.
Repurchase? Erm… that would be a no.

Beauty Pie Breathable Primer
I never ended up reviewing this or mentioning it after I hauled it in May, but I used this up over summer, it was a very lightweight watery primer that felt nice on the skin and was almost more like a moisturiser. It might have been better for normal to dry skins, I don’t know that it helped my makeup stay on that much longer, I’ve struggled to find this any more on the Beauty Pie site so I think it has been discontinued.
Repurchase? No

Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation
I reviewed this ages ago, and I found it and decided to try and get it finished at the tail end of summer as it was going to be too dark for me come winter. When first applied this looked gorgeous on the skin and I had a lot of questions from friends and family what foundation I was wearing as it looked nice when it was freshly applied. However after about the 6 hour mark it did start to look greasy, even with my best powders and primers I found it just started to almost melt on the skin. If you’ve got normal or dry skin I think this would work best on you, it’s buildable medium to high coverage without looking mask like.
Repurchase? No

Covergirl TruBlend Foundation
I’m so glad that I finished this up, I decided not to review it in the end since you can’t get it in the UK very easily, I stumbled across it in a random shop near me that had a handful of Covergirl products. This was a very very creamy foundation, it looked nice on the skin, but it didn’t really sit well on oily skin. I used this as an every day foundation for running errands and nipping out for an hour or two, but it wasn’t good for long wearing on me. I think this is suited to dry skins only personally, I think even normal skin might find it a lot!
Repurchase? No

Esquido X & O Lashes (Gifted)
Sadly, I’ve lost the actual lashes for these which is the shame, these were long voluminous lashes without being heavy and too over the top. I only wore them twice I think and then managed to lose them. These were really expensive at over £16 a pair if you’re someone who wears lashes a lot you might not mind spending that much, but for the occasional wear I wouldn’t rebuy.
Repurchase? Price is too much for me

Maybelline Snapscara (Compensated from a Beauty Box)
Reviewed here, this was an okay mascara – two coats and it was a good mascara for every day with just the right amount of volume. However, it wasn’t the best mascara for longevity and had a tendency to lose volume through the day.
Repurchase? No

Doucce Fierce and Fine Graphic Liner
I got this in my advent calendar last year and I wasn’t impressed. The felt nib on this was nice, but not as fine as the name would suggest, but what really let it down was the formula, it had rubbish pigment even over a naked eye this looked more semi-sheer than opaque and over eyeshadows it just soaked in. I found I had to go over the line so many times to get it looking okay, and by the end it had turned a little too much Amy Winehouse!
Repurchase? No

Maybelline Master Ink
I picked this up on a whim as I’d forgotten to take one away with me and this looked the best of a bad bunch in the supermarket. This unlike the Doucce had great pigmentation and a really good long lasting formula, but was a very stiff nib, I’m sure if I’d merged the nib of the other with the formula of this it would have been a close to perfect liner, possibly reminding me of the Illamasqua Precision Ink.
Repurchase? Maybe, but I think I’d rather spend more and find a nib that worked better.

NYX Precision Brow Pencil
My sister gave me this as she purchased the wrong shade and I really loved it! The nib is a flattened oval and I found it a fab shape to get a really precise shape for defining my arch. The colour was a good match too, the one thing that let it down slightly was that the nib is quite prone to snapping, if you rotate even a little bit too much out it tends to snap off, by the end I’d found the perfect amount, but I feel like I probably wasted a lot of product at the start.
Repurchase? Yes, but I have others I can finish up first, but I think this would be the first thing I would rebuy.

My Little Box Black Gel Eyeliner Pencil
This was such a good liner! I haven’t been using pencil liners that much in the past few years, but since I finished those liquid liners I decided to try and use a few pencils up. When I found this close to the end already it had to be a candidate to be finished, it was a very rich black, nice and smooth and applied nicely. My Little Box if you’re a new reader you might not have heard of, but it was a french beauty box that also delivered to the UK – most of my traffic back in the day was from my My Little Box reviews, however they’ve now disappeared completely.
Repurchase? This was made exclusively for a beauty box which is also now discontinued, so there’s no chance of me getting it!

PS Eyeshadow Shields
Reviewed here – my friend Lora gave me her packet of these after I was struggling to find them locally to me, she had an unopened packet she had since she saw my original review. I don’t use these as often as I used to, but every now and again I enjoy getting a really sharp and crisp edge.
Repurchase? Yes, if I can find them!


Sainsburys Lemon Body Wash
Good cheap lemon body wash that I can pick up easily with my shopping!
Repurchase? Yes

Boots Raspberry and Pomegranate Shower Gel
I really like this one, if you like cheaper body washes but still like a more sophisticated scent this one is well worth a sniff!
Repurchase? Definitely!

Original Source Mint Body Wash
I very rarely buy Original Source and it normally ends up in our house when Ben has done the shopping. I know loads of people love them, but honestly when I see that there has been 16000 mint leaves go in my shower gel, I’m just like why!? This was okay, very tingly I prefer sainsburys or boots own mint as they’re less intense on initimate areas.
Repurchase? No, but it will end up in our house I’m sure at some point.

Imperial Leather Let’s Flamingle Shower Gel
This was nice enough, I can’t remember whether I purchased this or whether it came in a beauty box – this was okay, I definitely preferred the Boots option for a raspberry shower gel, this was a little lighter with the lychee note.
Repurchase? Maybe

Imperial Leather Cherry Blossom and Peony Hand Soap
This is probably the hand soap we purchase the most, cheap cheerful and a slightly larger bottle so lasts us for ages. Also a side note, it washes makeup brushes well too!
Repurchase? Yes

Aldi Pomegranate Hand and Body Wash
This smells just like Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone, a fragrance I’m currently trying to use up, I much prefer it as a scent for hand soap than as a perfume. This lasted us ages, from when we moved last October until around September time in our ensuite. Ben was a fan of this too. They’re not super cheap considering they are Aldi, but they definitely give that more luxe feel at a cheaper price.
Repurchase? Yes

Carex Complete Nourish Hand Soap
This was nice, quite a moisturising hand wash, I don’t pick this one up very often as I think there are much prettier options to decorate sinks, particularly as this one had promo material on for alton towers!
Repurchase? No

Zoella Peach Body Sorbet
I love body sorbets from the body shop, and I love harvest peach scent from the Body Shop – they don’t exist together – until this. This was lovely, it wasn’t as nice a peach scent as TBS’s but it was still nice. I used it up pretty quickly over summer and was sad when I finished it.
Repurchase? Zoella is being discontinued by the end of the year, so I don’t think I’ll see it but if I happened to stumble across it I might do.

The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter 50ml
I’ve had this in my collection for ages and I finally got around to using it up! I really like this scent from the Body Shop, it’s a pretty light rose scent. This is a glow body butter, personally I didn’t think it was any different to the others from the Body Shop, but I did enjoy using it!
Repurchase? I have so many body lotions so no, but I would recommend.

Love Beauty and Planet Body Lotion Shea Velvet 100ml
This came in an ASOS box over summer, I really loved this! It was such a lovely warm scent that just smelt really cosy on the skin, and I felt like it lingered nicely too. Not sure what is happening with this brand, I’ve seen it on clearance in a few shops so I don’t know whether it’s staying or it’s on it’s way out.
Repurchase? I’d be tempted! 

Mitchum Ultimate Shower Fresh Anti-perspirant
Favourite Deodorant always the one I purchase by choice as I find it the most effective and that the tube lasts me the longest.
Repurchase? Definitely, but I’m trying to use up what I have in my drawers at the moment.

Soaper Duper Magic Moisture Hand Cream (Gifted, Beauty Box) (Review)
I used this up whilst at my old job, and I was glad to get it finished off, it was a fairly large tube of hand cream and took me several months using it my desk a couple of time a day. I liked it, but wasn’t blown away by it – the scent wasn’t my favourite and given it’s not particularly easy to get a hold of I would likely pick up a different brand in future, however I do have a lot of different hand creams in my cupboard to use up for now.
Repurchase? This scent has been discontinued, but there are other scents available. But as I said above, I’m likely to shop elsewehere.

Soap and Glory Hand Food Sugar Crush 50ml
I’ve had this in my cupboard for a long time and was happy to get it finished off. I prefer the Sugar Crush scent to S&G’s normal scent, however it’s still not my favourite scent. I managed to use this up again at my old work and it didn’t take long as the guy next to me liked using it too as it reminded him of travelling! It is an effective hand cream and I would use it again but I wouldn’t repurchase as the scents just aren’t my favourite.
Repurchase? No, but would use if I got it in a set or something.

Soaper Duper Tuberrose Body Scrub (Gifted, Beauty Box) (Review)
This took me ages to finish up, I normally run through scrubs quickly but this one lasted me ages. This was a nice and effective scrub that did the job without being scratchy, it doesn’t dissolve on the body which meant you only needed a little and could easily move it around the body.
Repurchase? Maybe

Miss Patisserie Matcha Bath Bomb
Another item from the ASOS beauty box in summer, this was a vegan friendly bath bomb. I don’t have baths very often but I was suffering with a really achy back before we got out new mattress a month or so ago, so I had a bath or two. This was a really nice bath bomb which turned the bath bright green, it didn’t smell too sickly and sweet and it washed away with the bath water without me needing to scrub!
Repurchase? No, but if your a bath bomb person I would recommend the brand.

Nair Shower Power Cream Twin Sachet
It had been a while since I’d tried hair removal creams, so I wanted to see if they were any better than I remembered. These were useless, firstly, I’m so long legged I needed one Sachet per leg, secondly, it removed in patches, but not in others.
Repurchase? No, remind me they’re rubbish constantly please so I never subject myself again.

Derma V10 Exfoliating Foot Peel Socks
I was a little dubious as to whether these would work as I’ve tried them before and they have been 4 times the price as what these were, these were £1.99 in Savers and I can confirm they did work. Much cheaper than amazon options which tend to be around £6-8 on average and they worked just as well!
Repurchase? Already have and put a couple in my cupboard.

Venus Tropical Razors
I missed photographing these, but I used up another set of the Venus tropical razors, these are the most affordable ones I’ve found, unfortunately they aren’t reusuable heads, but they are half the price of buying a new pack of heads.
Repurchase? I probably will at some point, but I’ve recently been gifted a razor kit which I’ll be trialling first.

I of course added the empties from my clearout into my spreadsheet tracker for the year. Total value of these two posts was over £540 of product. 19 out of 73 products were gifted, and 61 were actually full size products! My most used up type of product was body care, but that was skewed by the large number of hand-soaps that all got finished around the same time! All together this year that has taken my total to £1554 of product! At the start of the year I made a guess that I would finish between £1500 and £2000 of products, so it looks like I’m going to be bang on – whilst I have some “big ticket” items (perfume) that I want finished by the end of the year, I don’t think it will take me over the £2k mark. If you’re interested in having a nosy at my spreadsheet you can do that here – and there’s also a template tab for you to grab a copy for yourself.


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  1. November 21, 2019 / 7:09 am

    Well done lovely! So many body washes haha x

  2. November 21, 2019 / 3:24 pm

    Glad you like the Garnier Hair Foods too! I have used them a handful of times now and probably have about 2/3s left to use! I am using the Coconut scent so far but I have the Banana one in queue. I’m actually not surprised that you said all the scents perform similarly, I feel like most good hair-conditioning products do to be honest!

  3. December 15, 2019 / 5:01 am

    Your comments about the Original Source body wash cracked me up: “it will end up in our house I’m sure at some point.” I don’t love it when a product is so minty that it tingles. It creeps me out instead of leaving me feeling refreshed. The Miss Patisserie products all look gorgeous, love their packaging! Ew, hair removal creams are a no! I spent many years using a facial one and the awful smell and patchy results still haunt me to this day. Never again!

    • rachael
      December 18, 2019 / 10:03 am

      I just don’t understand why there needs to be 8320 mint leaves in a bottle of shower gel! The Boots own brand gives that nice refreshed feeling without it feeling like it’s giving me third degree burns for 15 minutes. I was hoping that the hair removal cream might have moved on in the past 8 years, alas they have definitely not!

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