Soaper Duper Tuberose Line Put to the Test

Soaper Duper Tuberose Line Put to the Test

Since I first heard about Soaper Duper I was intrigued – their packaging pulled me in (particularly the shower gel which I’m yet to try) but despite hearing rumours that it was available in various supermarkets I’d been unable to see it for myself. A few months ago I was offered the chance to build my own beauty box with Latest in Beauty and when I spotted Soaper Duper Tuberose products in the line up – they were the first three items that went into my virtual box.

Soaper Duper is from the beauty mastermind, Marcia Kilgore – founder of brands Bliss, Beauty Pie and Soap and Glory. Soaper Duper takes a slightly different take to her previous brands, striving to be clean and green with products made from naturally derived ingredients. The products are also affordable with the products in the line being between £6.50 and £11.99 in range.

The three products I had put to the test was from the fruity green Tuberose line. I’ve got the scrub, body lotion and hand cream in the line. The hand cream has been on my desk at work and I’ve at this point very almost finished – the scent has very much split opinions in the office, some haven’t mind it – some have thought that it smells like Grandma’s perfume. Personally I don’t really mind it – whilst overall it’s not my favourite and I can see myself preferring some of the other scents in the line more – I would 100% buy something in the range based on this scent.

The packaging of the line is fun and bright – the quality is nice, albeit a little cheap and cheerful. I know some people really don’t seem to like the packaging in this line – but I think it’s fun and it feels quite reflective of the values that the company want to promote.

The Soaper Duper Tuberose Body Lotion

The body lotion is a good generous size, it’s a simple style tube which makes it easy to squeeze product out to it being fully empty and it’s nice and light which makes it easy for travelling with too. I’m not a conoisseur when it comes to body lotions in the slightest – in fact I’ll admit quite readily that I barely use them on myself unless I notice dry skin on my arms – however I’ve been enduring the process of moisturising to put this to the test.

The formula of this is quite thin and reminds me of a gel cream type texture as it feels quite refreshing once applied to the skin. I’d say that it rubs in easily until you get to to the 90% mark, but that last 10% needs a heavy hand to get the last of the residue off the skin or it has to be left to sink in. Because the cream is quite light feeling it’s not the most unpleasant feeling and I can cope with it underneath my pyjamas to do the last of the hard work overnight.

I like the body lotion, but I like it as much as the next body lotion. It doesn’t feel like anything particularly revolutionary and I don’t think this would be one from the line I would repurchase as I’ve found other formulas (particularly body sorbets) that I enjoy using more if I’m going to bother moisturising my body!

The Soaper Duper Tuberose Body Scrub

The body scrub I’ve now been trialling for a couple of weeks. I first dug this out after decorating and my hands were covered in paint, I needed to try and find something to help budge the most stubborn bits on my fingers and I thought this would be worth a try.

This features a mixture of different sized scrubby particles starting small with a gel-like sugar scrub base to larger more seed like chunks. The different sized particles make this scrub quite effective at buffing and polishing the skin and I have found it pretty effective to help smooth over dry areas, areas of irritation and any little bumps I’m prone to on my arms.

Whilst the scrub element is really effective, the texture isn’t quite my favourite. The gel base feels kind of sticky as you spread it around the body, to the point where it feels like you’re kind of smearing it around. I’ll use this up and I don’t dislike using it – but if you’re someone who has a particular hatred to those kind of textures, I thought it was worth noting!

The Soaper Duper Tuberose Hand Cream

Last but not least is the hand cream – I think this one has the most potent scent out of the three products from the same line, so it’s understandable that this is the one that has found some real opposers to! The texture of this is kind of whipped and foamy – I’m quite heavy when it comes to hand cream but with this one it’s easily overdone – a little more than a pea sized amount is all that you need otherwise you’ll be struggling to rub it in (I’ve been there a few times at work, handling things on my desk very delicately – or left with slippy hands whilst trying to hold a pen in a meeting!). It’s a good hand cream, not the best and not the worst, but I’ve tried hand creams that are easily triple the price of this that do not perform as well.

There’s not too much more to say about this, but again it’s a generous sized hand cream and it’s been used around the office by a few people over the past few months and it’s lasted really well and proved good value for money.

Have you tried Soaper Duper before?

Soaper Duper Tuberose Products were gifted but by Latest in Beauty, I did not need to make this review and nor have I been asked to by Soaper Duper.


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  1. June 20, 2019 / 4:08 pm

    I haven’t tried anything from theirs brand before but I really want to! Think I’ll try the body lotion first!

  2. July 18, 2019 / 3:38 am

    The packaging is so fun, I actually like that it is not as “fancy” compared to other more natural-ish brands! I would love to try the hand cream in a few different scents and am definitely curious about the shower gel and hand soaps.

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