Secret Scent Box – November 2019

Secret Scent Box – November 2019

[Gifted] I was very happy to see my Secret Scent Box November 2019 edition arrive through my postbox last week as it was perfectly timed for me to head away to Manchester for the weekend, I took a couple fo the new scents away with me to trial out whilst we were away. There was a good selection of returning favourite brands as well as one which I’ve yet to see but I’m sure will will be a favourite amongst most!

If you don’t know how Secret Scent box works, it’s a monthly subscription service which brings you three perfumes (or aftershaves if signed up to the male version) for £14.99 a month. Each perfume gives you approximately 5-10 uses each depending on how heavy handed you are. Personally I really like it because I love trialling different perfumes out, and it has given me opportunities to try brands I would never have looked at and ones that might not have caught my eye thanks to packaging. Whilst all the samples may not be ones which I would buy, I don’t think I’ve ever had one which has made me think “I just can’t use that”, and swapping between them has meant that I’ve got a varied collection.

The box is lovely, but it’s small and dinky which means that it slips through your letterbox easily, but if you wanted to gift the subscription to someone, it would still feel like a lovely treat arriving each month. The box also contains helpful information on the notes on the perfume and some brief information too, which is perfect for fragrance junkies to do a little reading prior to trying. This month featured all fairly high end perfumes at £38, £55 and £79.50 for the 100ml bottles (when not found on offer).

Marc Jacobs Rain I was surprised to see that the MJ fragrance was the cheapest of the bunch! Every Marc Jacobs perfume I’ve tried has caused me to have a rash, so I have to be very careful of how I use them and try and keep them to scarves and jumpers rather than sitting directly on the skin, had this of been a full size fragrance I would have passed it on, but for the small sized sample I’ve decided to just use it carefully. This is a very light and summery fragrance, it’s not one I would necessarily gravitate towards personally in Autumn. It’s much lighter than I’m used to from MJ, which I normally associate with strong florals and gourmands, but tname of Rain feels appropriate. The top notes are listed as Wet Cut Grass, Wild Strawberry and Clementine. Mid notes of Passionflower and White Orchid and base notes of Amber, Tree Moss, Musk and Teakwood. Personally the notes that stand out to me are the orchid, moss, clementine and grass. It’s not too “grassy” but does have an airy outdoorness to it. It wears well but it’s not as strong as the likes of Daisy and Lola (previous fragrances I had to get rid of after my allergy developed!). Lots of people love Marc Jacobs, so I’m sure the inclusion of this will be a favourite – it’s the first time I’ve seen a MJ fragrance included.

DKNY Stories Stories is a new fragrance by DKNY for the season, the first spritz of this was a little underwhelming but after letting it settle on my hand for a minute, I let out an audible ‘ooh!’. The top notes of this are pink pepper, cardamom and pink guava – the middle notes are jasmine, white tea and black iris, whilst the base notes are vanilla bean, ambergris and sandalwood. The notes are blended between the warmth of the vanilla, freshness of the tea, and the spiciness of the pink pepper and cardamom. It’s a well balanced perfume and one which I could see myself wearing a lot if it was in my collection – it’s seasonless and would work well all year round for me. It isn’t the strongest of perfumes, but seems to be a good one for every day for me.

Calvin Klein Truth I’ve had many CK perfumes over the years, Eternity Moment is one of my all time favourites – but I don’t think I’ve ever sniffed Truth before. I was surprised that this has actually turned out to be my favourite from the bunch, it’s another well balanced fragrance that I could imagine myself wearing all year round. This says it’s a fragrance which reacts to skin chemistry – personally I think that’s the case with all perfumes, but I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be something more like molocule one which adjusts significantly. Notes in this include Vetiver, Patchouli, Lemon, Clover, Beramot, Peony, Musk, Vanilla and Amber amongst others. For me the notes that jump out most are the lemon, amber, vetiver and patchouli. Again, it’s not a super strong perfume but lasts well on me through the day and I could smell it lingering throughout.

And that’s all! I’m intrigued to hear if you’ve tried any of these before and whether you liked them or not. Also if you like reading about fragrances I did a recent update on my 2019 perfume collection which you can find here. I’ve actually decluttered two fragracnes since I posted that a month ago, I discussed I thought about selling two of them, and they have sold and have gone to their new homes thanks to eBay!

Secret Scent Box kindly gift me this subscription for consideration to include and review on my blog and social media.

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