March 2021 Empties

March 2021 Empties

Here we are marking the end of another month with going through my rubbish pile, one thing is becoming very clear in my empties this year: dying my hair has become my lockdown hobby of choice and I’ve got a ridiculous amount of hairdyes and bleaches that have passed through my empties so far this year and we’re only a few months in. This month was no exception and I dyed my hair at the beginning of the month and on the last day of the month so it’s another bumper edition of “this I wouldn’t recommend you use at home” for March 2021’s empties.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Masks, Papaya + Coconut and Macadamia

I found a Papaya one of these tucked at the back of my cupboard that had slipped out the back of my box, and gleefully used it as I hadn’t been purchasing from Garnier as their CF status was pretty confusing online. However I will use anything I have in my collection from brands as I hate waste, so I decided to use it up as I have been a fan of these hair masks in the past. I also had a a coconut and macadamia one which was mixed with a pink hair colour which I used up at the beginning of the month too trying to correct a bad box dye (more on taht in a second). I really like these hair masks from Garnier, all the scents work the same for me despite them supposedly doing different things – but it’s more of a scent preference for me. The good news of the month is that Garnier are now officially cruelty free so not only can I purchase these again after 18 months (yay!) and also means I can repurchase my favourite micellar water in future!
Repurchase? Yes, infact I’ve already picked up the new Watermelon one next!

Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment | Review

I am very annoyed that I have finished this up it’s been a firm favourite in my haircare drawer and I’m battling repurchasing it as I have lots of things in my drawer which are similar but I just don’t enjoy as much. I’m trying to finish up at least one or two things from my drawer before replacing this again – this is a great all rounder, great at smoothing, nourishing, detangling and a heat protector too. I loved the almond scent of this too and it has been missed for the past few weeks.
Repurchase? Yes, I will hopefully finish a few things off then treat myself to this! 

L’Oreal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water | Review

I did an indepth review of this recently so won’t talk too much about this as my review is indepth with pictures, but this is more a one of every now and again treatment that adds high gloss and shine to hair in place of a conditioner. This is lovely and works wonders, it’s full of alcohol so I’d recommend it as an infrequent treatment, but the effect was lovely on the hair.
Repurchase? I’d like to try the Matrix one as it’s cruelty free, but this has got me intrigued! 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo

I used to love the hair growth shampoo even when I wasn’t trying to grow my hair as I found it made my hair super shiny, I decided I wanted to try it out again after a few years of not using it and then became nervous as it was marked as being reformulated. With supposedly twice the orignal growth ingredients inside it should be better performance but I don’t enjoy this formula as much as it makes my hair no where near as shiny.
Repurchase? I have another as it was on 3 for 2 when I purchased which I will use but I won’t go back to this again!

Schwarzkopf Intense Lightener Max Blonde OOB

I used this blonde to strip some colour out of my hair and ad a few pieces on the front to be able to have more vivid colour around my face, it did a great job initially and lifted very quickly but it got half way through and just stopped lifting. I would have needed approximately 5 boxes of this to do my whole head and it was picked up fairly cheaply on offer and was fine what i needed it for – but I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have light brown or dark blonde hair.

Schwarzkopf Ultra Violet Live Hair Dye x 2

These didn’t go anywhere near the colour on the box and came out a more red with a hint of purple, for a permanent colour it didn’t last long, it did fade more purple to lilac over the blonde areas of the hair as it washed out – but over all this was terrible.

Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye

I used this up over the Ultra Violet Dye to improve the tint and bring some more berry tones to the more red colour it had turned out. This definitely helped me not hate my hair for a few weeks every time I looked in the mirror, but compared to other pinks I use from Directions it doesn’t have the best lasting power over non-bleached white hair and wouldn’t necessarily be a go to colour unless I was doing something similar to like what I did before Christmas and want an oil slick of products.
Repurchase? Maybe for a particular look but not my go-to pink.

Jerome Russell 40 Volume Peroxide x 2

I recently used these to strip the colour of the Schwarzkopf violet colours out of my hair alongside the matching powders and this did the trick. I am pretty clued up when it comes to hair dyes and bleaching (thanks to starting an apprenticeship at 16!) but I wouldn’t recommend you go in with a 40 volume if you do not know what you are doing it is the super strong and I worked very quickly to make sure it wasn’t sitting on my hair long.
Repurchase? Yes if needed, I bought 2 x 30 vols at the same time which I’ll use first if needed but I shouldn’t need a strong bleach session for a while. 


Foamie 2 in 1 Body Bar Papaya and Oat Milk
This was a soap on a rope type product that I started and finished very quickly after the Glow Lab – as much as I’m a fan of plastic free packaging, this was so wasteful in comparison to the shower gel that lasted me months. It felt moisturising on the skin but I was disappointed as there was very little Papaya scent in it.
Repurchase? At almost the same cost as the Glow Lab body wash I ran though this in about 2 weeks in comparison to 6 months!

Glow Lab Rhubarb and Rose Body Wash
This has been pretty much my go to shower gel since the end of last year, it’s a shower gel I kept in the ensuite for about a year, the shower broke and never got fixed so it sat gathering dust, I decided to move it into the main bathroom where I shower and loved using this every day. It was picked up from TK Maxx but I believe it may be a NZ brand, I liked the scent it wasn’t too strong but was noticeable and it lasted a really long time with the pump top.
Repurchase? If I saw it in TK Maxx again I would – however it’s not a brand that’s easy to find here and I don’t care for it that much to hunt it down.


Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser | Review

I can’t believe this is the only facial skincare product I finished up this month. This was a less than average cleanser that didn’t do a great job of removing makeup. It left my skin feeling slightly soft as a second cleanse but I really didn’t notice the absence of it in my routine once it was finished up.
Repurchase? No

Patchology Hydrating Lip Mask | Review

This was a one off lip mask that offered an instant boost of hydration and smoothness to the lips – this would have been good to save for a special event but I wanted to get it into my lip care review and see how it faired. This was okay, but the effects were short lived and very expensive for a one use product IMHO.
Repurchase? No, would use if it came in a beauty box again but not going out of my way for it.

Huda Silk Lip Balm | Review

Another from my lip care review, I ran through this so quickly I loved the glossy look this lip oil like product gave to my lips, but this is a deluxe size almost about 3/4 of the full size and I ran through it in about a week? Which would put me off repurchasing as it’s almost £20 for a full size. Nice formula, it felt like a non sticky gloss but was a little nourishing too – nice enjoyed using it and if it was cheaper I would rebuy but I ran through it way too quickly for the price.
Repurchase? No but only because I ran through it very quickly! 


Topshop Makeup Fixing Mist | Gifted by | Review

Yay, first product completely finished from my Project Pan this year! I did have a bit of a boost as it accidentally leaked right after deciding to include it in my Project Pan so it was an easier finish than most. I used this most for applying on sponges to hydrate before foundation as I’ve found that a really nice trick recently and rehydrating Stila Magnificent Metals (which sidenote, I am back loving again!). This was nice but not the best setting spray for longevity for me, more of a setting spray for a more glowy finish.
Repurchase? Topshop have discontinued the makeup, again!

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

When the brand Seventeen met it’s demise a lot of people were very sad about the disappearance of this concealer, I managed to snag a few having never tried it from my local Boots when they were on clearance to see what the hype was about, and this was okay I didn’t really understand what people were losing their minds over and upset that this wasn’t going to be available for. This was the last concealer in my collection and I barely used any concealer over the past 18 months as I’ve found this so “nothing” as I maybe used it one in ten times of doing my makeup. I’ve now purchased a new one since this is finished from elf and it’s a bit like – oh yeah, this is what concealer is meant to do!
Repurchase? No discontinued but wouldn’t anyway.

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes Mascara | Review

It really saddened me the day I wanted to put this on and had to admit I had scraped the barrel to the point where it was fully empty. This was an incredible mascra, it definitely is in my top three I’ve ever tried and quite potentially my favourite ever. I am currently using the Dark Star one from Pat McGrath and will have a review coming up on it, but this is definitely my favourite out of the two.
Repurchase? Definitely – I have a few mascaras to use and work through but I will be back for this and also looking out for it on sale – I bought it over black friday and it was a bargain for £10 and I will stock up if it does go on sale again… but that being said – if not I will pay full price £27 for it! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these before and what your thoughts were!


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