elf Camo CC Cream – Oily Skin Review

elf Camo CC Cream – Oily Skin Review

Elf is a brand that I’ve had little experience with so far – the first few tries of the brand when I snagged a few pieces in New York left me a bit disappointed, with dodgy quality makeup brushes that fell apart in months and primers that left me feeling greasy as soon as they were applied – it’s taken me a little while to feel intrigued to dip my toe back in, but I feel like they have really took a turning point over the past few years, it’s rare I see a bad review and I’ve picked up a few bits since December to give the brand a deserved second chance – and today we’re talking about recently launched elf Camo CC Cream.

It feels undeniable if you’re familiar with CC creams what Elf were alluding to with this packaging – with the holo outer packaging and touches of it on the tube are referring to the ever popular It Cosmetics CC Cream which I had tried in the past and really, really hated. However what intrigued me to try this was that I had seen really pretty positive reviews from those with oily skin and being in the market for a new foundation I decided to give it a try.

If like me you’re attempting to do your foundation matching online at the moment – I used the guide on elf website to match me to the shade, looking at the pictures I felt like this shade was way too dark for me and actually their recommended shade was also out of stock, so I decided to take a gamble on a different shade that was around 3 shades out from what they recommended. I ended up picking up the shade light 140 and it’s a pretty good match, although still marginally a little dark, but very workable for me. But just as a word of warning – the shade selector doesn’t seem quite right to me.

The packaging of the elf Camo CC Cream, is simple and lightweight with a pump top that distributes out the cream well, one of the things I like is that it seems to be vacuumed and should suck out almost every last drop of product from the packaging as it gets used up.

One of the things I liked the look of from this in reviews was that it had good medium coverage, but also seemed to be buildable where you might need more with quite a natural-looking finishing. The foundation promises to be colour correcting and I find it actually really struggles to cover areas of redness and neutralise any of that tone in angry breakouts or flushed cheeks and for some reason this is the only foundation I’ve had that has trouble giving coverage on my nose. Around fine lines which I only have a few of around my eye area i find it settles and looks pretty bad – more so than I’ve noticed with most foundations, I wondered whether maybe that was a general problem as I’ve been pretty slack with

Compared to other foundations I’ve been using more religiously, this is a pretty creamy foundation and I’d put it on the low end of medium coverage and I find that I need to almost layer myself up twice to give me coverage that isn’t patchy and covers imperfections without a mask like finish. As a result though, I feel like I’m running through the foundation very quickly. I’ve used this maybe around three times a week over six weeks, tried applying with a brush and a sponge (sponge wins), and I think I’m around two thirds of the way through the foundation. At £14.00 it’s a lot cheaper than my normal options but I feel like I’m running through it so rapidly!

Elf Camo CC Cream Applied

The foundation looks beautiful when it’s first applied, I’ve tried it alone and over a multitude of different primers that I’ve tried with different foundations too, with my oily skin I tend to like something quite moisturising under a matte base, but this is more satiny/glowy finish and I find something more mattifying works better for a base with this foundation. However even finding the best primer combo with this and a good powder, I find after a few hours sitting on my skin it starts looking pretty oily, particularly on my forehead. By the end of 10 hours, the foundation is almost completely broken down and disappeared from my face.

As a result, I’ve put this on for work, knowing that I’m not likely to have zoom calls towards the end of the day, or on weekends where I’ve been nipping out of the house for a few a hours only – but as beautiful as it first looks on the skin, The elf Camo CC Cream won’t be going back in my basket for a second time. I think this would be better suited to more normal to dry skins – and I’d advise those with oily skin to proceed with a little caution. I like the finish more on this than I did with IT Cosmetics CC cream, however – the same issues facing my oily skin seem to apply to both.

Affiliate Links : The Elf Camo CC cream is available to purchase from Boots here, and the elf website here.

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