Perfume Collection 2021

Perfume Collection 2021

Every couple of years I love diving into my Perfume Collection and seeing how it’s changed. Fragrance is one of the things I love writing about most here on my blog and I was interested to see how much my 2021 perfume collection had changed since my last round up in 2019. My perfume collection hasn’t exactly shrank since my last update – so we’ll kick off and jump right in. Note links to buy through this post are affiliate links.

Perfume Collection 2021

Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime and Fig – Same Bottle Since 2019 | Review

A fragrance I use most in Spring and Summer time and given this has been in my collection for almost 2 years now, the progress hasn’t been fantastic. I like this but I don’t love it – I’m a sucker for a deep fig fragrance and this one just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me, as it airs more light and fresh than on the rich fig notes I love.

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Beauty Pie Love – New since 2019 | Review

Love was added to my collection last year and as you can see I’ve used it almost as much as I have the Lime and Fig one which I’ve had for a whole year longer. This one has a bit more “year round” longevity to it and is often one I grab for an everyday milling about at home and no one is smelling the perfume but me. It’s quite a well rounded perfume that has fruity and fresh notes but leans more onto the floral side for my nose. Not my favourite but one that I’m sure will see some good progress this year.

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Dolce and Gabanna The Only One – New since 2019 | Review

I had a sample of this in a Secret Scent Box and it was my Christmas Sales perfume choice at the end of 2019, the set I bought came with a rollerball which I thought – hey, that’ll be handy for clutch bags for nights out (oh, more fool me) – but it really is a lovely fragrance. A sweet gourmand which gives me vibes in the same family as Paco Rabanne Olympea (more on that in a minute) and Lancome La Nuit Tresor (more on that at the end!). It’s not quite as long wearing as Olympea but if you like your gourmand fragrances, this one is well worth a sniff.

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& Other Stories Punk Bouquet – New Since 2019 | Review
The newest perfume in my collection and one recently reviewed. I had the body wash of this range from & Other Stories a few years ago and had fond memories of it which lead me to very whimfully getting the perfume from ASOS. However it’s either not like my memory serves me, or it’s not as nice as the shower gel (or hey, even a combination of the both). I remember the original had this sweet creaminess to it, and this one doesn’t seem to have quite the same punch. Nice enough but I can’t see this becoming a long-term favourite in my collection.

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Diptique Philosykos – New since 2019
This came in my advent calendar last year and I’ve not worn this yet – I think I gave myself a quick spritz on the day of opening, however I’ve yet to properly give it a wear test yet. Knowing this was quite a spring/summer like scent inspired by Grecian Summers, it seemed to make sense to keep it for sunnier weather. I’ve already taken pics of this ready for when I do start wearing it so I’ll report back in at a later date!

Gallivant Tel Aviv – New since 2019

A recent addition to my collection that came in my collection via a beauty box. This is an good one for spring and summer with a fresh Mediterranean feel with fruity and floral notes balanced together. I’ve yet to wear this so I’ll likely review this in future.

Paco Rabanne Olympea – Repurchased | Review
I ummed and ahhed whether to repurchase this or not, it’s one of my all time favourite perfumes but it’s also attached to a lot of memories (e.g it was my wedding perfume!) and I didn’t know whether whilst I still love it, every spritz of it takes me back to a happy memory which is now fading. I decided to but I’ve left it in my drawer and have used it very little for now, I adore this perfume and will keep it aside for happier times ahead. When I re-bought this fragrance this was called Olympea Onyx, I thought this bottle was actually a variation of the original – but the more I smell it the more I think the packaging just the only difference and the actual perfume is the same.

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Tom Ford Black Orchid – Same Bottle approx 2015

Man, this perfume has been around for a long time! My all time favourite perfume and again, another one which holds a lot of fond memories. I use this most in autumn and winter, and for special occasions on evenings in summer. It’s such a deep, dark, sexy musky floral fragrance that smells so god damn good and lingers for a long time. 2 sprays on this on a coat or scarf and you will be able to smell it on it for a month. It’s potent stuff. I thought I had another year maybe left in this bottle, but I’m right at the end of this now and it has been repurchased and is on its way so I can use up the last few spritzes of this knowing I won’t be without.

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Tom Ford Velvet Orchid – Same Bottle approx 2016 | Review

This is a fragrance I’ve put in my Project Pan this year, unlike Black Orchid, it just doesn’t quite hit the same mark and feels much less unique. But the more I use it the more I do enjoy it. It’s a fragrance I’d not necessarily be trying to pan, but it was a gift from people I’d rather not think about every day when I see it, so I’m trying to use it up for my long-term mental capacity – but it’s also too nice to give away to someone else haha!

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Just Jack Orchid Noir  – Same bottle since 2019

This is a dupe of the Tom Ford Black Orchid and whilst it does smell almost exactly the same (in my years of wearing Black Orchid, I think I’d struggle to tell them apart in a blind sniff test), this doesn’t quite hit the same marks in terms of longevity. Nice if you don’t want to take the plunge on the Tom Ford, but personally I will be sticking with the Tom Ford. Tempted to pass this onto my Mum or sister – but I claim Black Orchid as my signature scent, I don’t want them stealing it (e.g I can’t wear Lacome La Vie Est Belle, because it’s my sister’s!).

Michael Kors Very Hollywood – Same Bottle + New Bottle

This used to be one of my go tos, I loved it that much in my first perfume collection I had this as a 50ml, 30ml and 100ml – now I’m left with the 100ml and a bottle I was gifted not last Christmas but the one before which is still unopened. I don’t use this enough so I have been thinking about selling this and investing it back into another fragrance, although it is harder to get hold of MK fragrance now and I do wonder if I’ll regret getting rid of it. It’s a floral fragrance, more suited for spring and summer.

Rosie for Autograph Rose Gold [Gifted] – Same Bottle | Review

I don’t think this one has been touched since my last update – When I moved into my current house I decided to have my perfumes on a cycle and swap them out seasonally. Thanks to old ‘rona and #lifeissues last summer I don’t think this got rotated around in summer and it’s a scent perfect for hot weather. If I finish my Velvet Noir, this may well get cycled into my project pan for progress as it is a lovely scent that deserves some love this year! This is now discontinued but was gifted by M&S Beauty when I worked with them on an ongoing basis.

Aqua Citra & Aqua Manda [Gifted] – Same Bottles

These are vintage-inspired perfumes from the 60s and were relaunched a few years ago and I was sent them to trial. They are very very strong and have been barely been reached for as they do give me grandma vibes. I’m thinking of decluttering these – I don’t even know if anyone I know would want to take them off my hands so I may send them to a charity shop instead.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine – Same Bottles

I ran through a bottle of this very quickly, learnt it had been discontinued and snagged a few bottles in my local Body Shop outlet and have used it far less since. I do still like this and should make more effort to use it more this spring and summer.

Secret Scent Box Vials [Gifted]

If you’ve been here before you’ll more than likely know that I work with Secret Scent Box every month and receive their boxes for free in exchange for review. I had a really good finish up session with the vials at the tail end of last year and in January as I had a lot left with just a handful of uses left in. I still have a good chunk left and love these for trialling new fragrances out.

Looking over my empties I was curious to see whether there may have been any others that I’d fully started and used up since my last update, and what others I’d like to finish up (excluding samples/Secret Scent Box vials).

Perfumes on my Wishlist

  • Byredo Slow Dance – I got a hand cream in this scent this in my Advent Calendar and I adore the smell of it. I’m super tempted to treat myself to this at some point!
  • Lancome La Nuit Tresor – This is a fragrance that’s haunting me, I had a bottle of it, loved it finished it and really really miss it. It never goes on sale, but other Lancome ones do.
  • Calvin Klein Eternity Moment – Another old favourite, a lovely one for spring and summer as it’s a very rosey floral. I finished this up last year and have yet to repurchase this yet. Sometimes it goes on sale for about £20 for 100ml and that’s when I restock – but as I’ve not been in shops lately I’ve not seen it on a deal that’s made me grab it on a whim.
  • Giorgio Armani My Way – A new release and a sample I’ve had in my Secret Scent Box that I’ve loved, I highly suspect this could be my next purchases

What are your all time favourite fragrances? What do you have on your perfume wishlist?


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  1. April 6, 2021 / 9:17 am

    I love reading perfume posts and seeing which scents people like and don’t like. I keep a list of fragrances I’d like to try and intend to purchase when I finish others too 😂

    • rachael
      April 9, 2021 / 9:21 pm

      Me too! I have some notes on my phone and I keep things in my wishlist on Boots so I can see when there is a price drop on something I might want to try! It’s quite easy finding things you might like if you can see someone with a similar collection/favourites to yours.

  2. Barbara Lee
    May 2, 2021 / 6:49 pm

    I love reading your reviews! Would love to try the D&G that you have – is it anything like Gucci Guilty? I cant wait ti get to a Boots to get spraying! I make a list beforehand of what I want to sniff!

    • rachael
      May 5, 2021 / 9:11 am

      I know I’ve smelt Gucci Guilty – but I can’t imagine what it smells like to try and compare! The one it reminds me closest to of waht I’ve had in the past is Lancome La Nuit Tresor I think!

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