Love Me Beauty March 2015 Unboxing

It’s definitely a good post day today, the March Edition of Love Me Beauty has just arrived and it’s a good one. (I chose the products so I might be biased!)

 If your new to Love Me Beauty, you’re given 6 credits each month, which you can choose to spend on items of your choice in the boutique. This month I had a few extra credits from people using my referral code – where you get an extra credit for referring – as does the person signing up (I’ll leave those at the end!) so I had 11 credits to use up, so this is a bit of a bumper edition of this box, I would have been quite spoilt for choice with only six so I’m glad that I’ve managed to pick a few extra items to try!


Cailyn Cosmetics Dissolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm (2 LMB Credits) 25ml RRP £13.50


I must be one of the only beauty bloggers to have never tried a cleansing balm, I spotted this in the boutique mid way through February and I was hoping it would still be available in March, luckily it was so I snapped it up! It has a very handy little lid in between to stop it drying out/make it more difficult for it to leak/get wet.

Organic Surge First Class Mask (1 LMB Credit) 30ml Sample worth around £5


I said in my last empties, that I wasn’t sure that I was a face mask person, and I was wondering whether that’s just because I’ve not found the right one yet. I’ve started a new ‘face mask friday series’ so you’ll see this put to the test shortly! I’ve had a mixed experience with organic surge in the past, but I’m hoping this one will be positive!

Cailyn Cosmetics Linefix Gel Eyeliner in Black (2 LMB Credits) 10g RRP £15.00


I’ve been coming to the end of my favourite gel eyeliner (maybelline’s) and thought that this would be great for trying something new. This very handily comes with a brush attached too, and I’m excited to try this out. First impression is that it has good pigmentation, but the brush seems quite thick for what I like in an eyeliner – although it might be different on my eye – I only tried on my hand!

Mirabella Pretty and Provocative Lipstick in Fever (2 LMB Credits) Roughly £14.50


I had great success with the mirabella lipstick I got in last months box, so decided to swipe up another whilst still available. Fever is a gorgeous classic red, that will always be in style.

Popband Hair Tie (1 LMB Credits) 220g RRP £8 per 5 pack


I love these kind of hairbobbles, and I’ve lost quite a few of the ones I had! I thought this was going to be a 5 pack as pictured, but didn’t read the description where it said only one, so I’m glad I had ‘spare credits’ as I would have been disappointed otherwise.

Mr Bean Mandarin Body Scrub (2 LMB Credits) 220g RRP $17.50 AUS (Roughly £9)


This is a coffee body scrub, now I don’t like coffee, I don’t hate the smell so decided that this was an interesting and different product to give a bit of a test and try out, it’s not in the most practical of packaging for keeping in your shower, and getting out whilst showering. I had to open this up straight away… did it smell of coffee or orange? Well it’s more coffee with a shot of an orange syrup!

Nails Inc in London Lane (1 LMB Credit) £10


I’m not a massive fan of Nails Inc in general, I find them over priced for what they are, this was a ‘what can I get for 1 credit?” item, and this was the most unusual in the collection of Nails Inc polishes that were on LMB. This isn’t particularly Spring trend led, and I don’t see myself rushing to use this right now, but I couldn’t find swatches of it online so I was intrigued to see it in person. It looks very dark in the picture, but it’s a mix of deep black purple and lilac/periwinkle coloured glitter, it looks to be more of a topcoat than one that you build up.

This box is worth a whopping £68.50 – baring in mind that I pay £8.95 including delivery. That’s pretty good going, yes I did get some extra credits this month, which was just less than double normal – but still if you halve that £35ish of products isn’t bad going for £8.95.

Check out my past love me beauty reviews here, and if you want to sign up if you use the code 4AI3UB at checkout, you will receive an extra credit with your first box as a referral from me who will also receive a credit in return to use in my next box.

I said in my January Love Me Beauty (my first LMB) that I was going to wait until I’d had my third box to see if I was going to continue. I’m going to for now, I think the box is really well priced for what you receive, you can’t be disappointed by the box as you know what’s coming as you can pick the items, and there’s always a good mix of brands and items such as nails, make up, hair and skin – so you’re able to tailor a box to what you are interested in. If I start seeing a dip in the selection or it feels repetitive then I’ll stop, but for me I’m discovering a lot of new brands which I’m excited to try through Love Me Beauty.

Let me know if there are any specific reviews you want to see of products here!


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