Face Mask Friday #1: Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Mask

I said in my empties that I was thinking of doing a face mask series as I have a fair few dotted around my house. I’m not a face mask convert yet, I’ve tried several but for the price I normally think I’m not getting my monies worth back. Which is why I thought I would start with a bottom of the range £1 face mask from Montagne Jeunesse.


I’ve tried several of these before, but they’re never something I rush to buy. A few months ago I said that I had not experienced any real problems with my skin in over a year, but I seem to have cursed my self as I’m suffering from perpetual small bumps down the right hand side of my jaw, blackheads on my chin and big pores on my cheeks. If you’ve got good skin never gloat – it comes back to bite you in the ass.

I’ve seen the peel off seaweed mask reviewed fairly favourably on blogs, so wanted to pick that up when I popped into my local wilkos last Sunday. Unfortunately they were out of stock, I was keen to pick up one of their peel offs as I hadn’t tried those before, so found one which matched one of my skin problems. The peel off cucumber mask is ‘anti stress’, and ‘peels pores deep clean’ (bad english).

The texture is a gel like that’s tinged with a green hue, that hue isn’t really visible on the skin and is more clear – it never goes as pictured on the front. The cucumber effect is quite cooling on the skin, although the effect is quite short-lived as after about a minute you can start to feel the mask tightening and drying out.

After 10-20 minutes the mask is dry enough to peel back, which looked like something from a horror movie. I was hoping to see some kind of pore clear out, like you see on black head strips, but there wasn’t that I could tell of. My skin straight after very much looked and felt the same as it did before. The next morning I evaluated as to whether there had been an overnight change, but no it still looked the same.

This for me is one of those teenage girls night in products, where you feel as if you’re pampering yourself but see no actual effects, it’s worth a £1 in that type of remit, but otherwise I would skip this – at least this particular one.

Let me know if you have got any face mask recommendations or requests of face masks to feature in this mini series!


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  1. Karen Rees
    March 13, 2015 / 9:04 am

    Great honest review Rachael – such a shame the mask didn’t work, having said that I agree in the sense that you often do get what you pay for. I’ve tried a few of these in the past and they’ve been ‘okay’ on, nothing dramatic! Like you say I think it’s more of a teenage-sleepover novelty rather than something effective 🙂 Karen xo

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