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I was hugely excited when my My Little Box teased that for March’s box would be superhero themed and named My Little Superbox. This gives true meaning to the term beauty geek, as a beauty lover and all round Marvel fan I was happy that the two worlds had collided for a beauty box. Let’s just jump straight in, 


This is the first My Little Box which I have noticed variations in products from other people’s boxes, I’m usually annoyed as I feel usually like I’ve drawn the short straw, but not in the case of this month’s box. Let’s just jump straight in!

The Extras

Sadly, there’s usually a print included themed for each box, this month there hasn’t been one, which is a shame as it is would have been one that I’m almost certain I would have got use from. I’m glad they’ve done one bigger thing and one token bit for the lifestyle extras this month – last month the extra items in the box were okay – but there was so many of them, I’d rather have one big thing that I will get use out of and is high quality than lots of things which look impressive in numbers.

Sticker Sheet & Magazine


Little seethrough stickers with superhero themed quotes and pictures. I’ve stuck one of these to the back of my phone case which says “You’re Not Born Wonder Woman You Become It”. There’s also a magazine, I have a stack of these that I keep thinking, yeah I’ll read these, but never have – I’m sure I will… one day.

T Shirt


I usually groan at clothing in boxes and magazines like this, as usually they’re poorly designed or way too small. The in-house graphic designer at My Little Box though is amazing, and I’m a big fan of whoever he/she/they are. This top actually fits me, yay (although is a little tight around the bosoms with a bra on) – but it’s super soft and makes a perfect round the house/pyjama top, this went on straight away when it arrived and it’s super snuggly. I’m in two minds about the quote, I feel like an R Kelly fangirl wearing it, but at least I’m confined to my own house to save public embarrassment.

The Beauty Products

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – £4


If two months ago I had another hand cream in a box I would have screamed, but I’ve made an active effort to use up hand creams I have, and I’m actually down to my last one which is almost done. My only comment on this was that we did receive a hand cream in the December box, and as you only receive 3 beauty products in a box, this did feel a little repetitive in terms of a different kind of product. First impression of this is good, it’s quite light in scent and consistency.

Kerastase Cristalliste Lait Crystal Conditioner – (200ml is £15.70 – 75ml Sample Received)


I thought this was a hair treatment, I’ve even used it! It wasn’t until I was googling the price of this that I discovered that it was a conditioner! Using after shampooing to towel dried hair then leaving for 2 minutes, claiming to leave hair silky smooth it certainly delivers – I wasn’t convinced when my hair was wet but after it had been blow dried and straightened my hair was as lot better than it had been. For me, this is mega pricey for a conditioner, but I did notice that I didn’t need as much as I would normally. This probably isn’t something I will use every wash but every 2-3 times, but I’ll see how I get on with it.

My Little Beauty Lip and Cheek Stick (14 euro – roughly £10)


A multipurpose chubby stick style product for lip and cheeks, I normally find with these kind of products that they will usually suit me for either lip or cheeks but rarely do they suit my complexion or preference for both. I thought this was going to be an exception, but it wasn’t it suited me as a blush, but on my lips it was really pale. I am however happy with this, it’s a product which is easier to carry around in your handbag than a powder blush or compact for on the go touch ups.

This has been the box which I was most excited about it terms of theme, but I think this has been the box that I’m most disappointed with in terms of products – maybe that’s just because the February 2015 My Little Box was so good on the beauty product side for me, and it was bound to take a bit of a dip for me after that. That being said, I’m not actually disappointed with this, but it’s not offered me the ‘best value’ compared to others either. I deem the value of the box on the beauty products, and the lifestyle extras to be additional (mainly because they are manufactured for the box only, so them saying a t-shirt is worth £15 for example is entirely based on their opinion).

This box is £14.95 including delivery (it comes from France so it’s slightly pricier than average beauty boxes). Check out all my past My Little Box Reviews here. My Little Box and Love Me Beauty are still my favourite subscriptions that I have ever tried (others include Latest in Beauty, Birchbox, and almost 3 years of being subscribed to Glossybox) – but they both offer something different, a link to all my beauty box reviews here, make sure you check it out if you’re thinking of subbing to any boxes.

I’ve got a nice little story about the customer service from My Little Box/My Little Beauty tomorrow, that I was going to include here, but it was too long – so keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. April 4, 2015 / 11:08 pm

    I’ve learned two new things today. One, I love your candor and sense of humor; and two, WHAT? I’m going to have to subscribed to yet another box club. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a beauty box option. Shows what a newbie I am. Alas, your blog is a great read — I’m def going to have to start following you! I don’t worry though, I know it’ll be a real pleasure! XOXOX

    • April 5, 2015 / 6:19 am

      Aww thank you so much Micki! I know I decided to unsub from all beauty boxes and then this one came along and it’s brilliant! You’re on my new read list too 🙂 xx

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