Three New In Body

Three New In Body

I don’t talk body products very often here on my blog as it’s rare that I feel like there’s so much to say about a body product that warrants a whole blog post. However, I received some gorgeous pieces in my advent calendar last year and I didn’t want to just let them slip by without mention through into my empties and thought instead I’d start putting them to the test individually and do a mini round up of my thoughts instead – so today we’re talking about three items, the Malin+Goetz bergamot hand and body wash, Byredo Slow Dance Hand Cream and the Sol de Janiero Rio Sunset Body Glow Oil.

Malin+Goetz Bergamot Hand and Body Wash

I’ve trialled a few mini sizes of Malin+Goetz in the past but not for many years, I was very surprised there was such a huge a huge bottle inside my advent calendar, with a price tag of £20, it’s certainly not the cheapest product and is a lot more than I’d spend on my average shower or hand soap. I first decided to try this out as a hand soap on finishing a bottle of my trusted cheap as chips Carex – the texture of this immediately as a hand soap isn’t my favourite, it’s quite a thick gel and feels almost sticky on the hands and feels like an effort to wash off mainly due to the pump being a little bit on the large size for distributing as a hand soap as it suds so well.

The smell of this is lovely – the bergamot has been a very fresh citrusy scent perfect for spring days particularly as it’s been warming up and we’ve seen more signs of spring emerging more recently. I’d had another large shower gel on the go which has lasted me the best part of 3/4 months which recently ran out and I put this into my shower to trial it out as a shower gel. It still has some of the same stickiness but it works in a little easier over a wet body than it does as a body shower gel, however, the fragrance isn’t my favourite for day in day out for a shower gel and after a week of giving it a try it’s been relegated to being sink side again.

However if you do like citrus scents this is a nice option it feels nice on the skin and quite luxurious, however, I don’t look at the packaging of this feeling like this is a £20 body wash – it feels a little cheap – it’s kind of at a middle of the road price point, not super boujee, but definitely higher than average and I feel like the packaging should be a little more premium feeling to match its the price point. Pumps on shower gels make products go so much further in my experience and I feel a bit more willing than I used to pick up a more expensive shower gel knowing I won’t run through it in 3 months like I would a basic squeezy bottle – but this isn’t the type of fragrance that personally I’d want to spend my higher than average spend on as I get more enjoyment out of fruity and berry-like scents.

Byredo Slow Dance Hand Cream

Byredo is a brand that has always interested me but at the premium price point I’m not willing to take a gamble and have never stumbled across the brand in person to take a whiff of the different scents. Getting a hand cream in my advent calendar made my eyes roll a little, oh another one to add into my pile – but it was love at first whiff and I started using this religiously – 5/6 times a day in January before I started rationing it out as I just don’t want it to end.

The fragrance in this is gorgeous, it smells like a perfume with so many layers to the fragrance with a warm gourmand base with layers of interesting florals on top which have a slight muskiness to it, and it has the power of perfume and if it wasn’t for washing hands I’d expect for this to almost lingering on the skin all day. The formula of the hand cream is nice, it’s light and sinks in easily – it’s a perfect working companion not having greasy feeling hands on a keyboard after applying – it’s not the most nourishing but I find that I have day hand creams and night hand creams and this one falls into the latter, and deservedly so as I don’t want to waste the fragrance while I’m sleeping!

Most of what I like about this is the scent – the formula I’ve tried things I’ve liked at a cheaper price point that has been comparable and I’ve got buying the fragrance of this on my hitlist as I’m so in love with it, and I’ve not come close to debating spending £200 on a perfume before but this has me tinkering on the edge of pressing purchase.

Sol de Janeiro Rio Sunset Glow Oil

Sol De Janeiro has been a brand I’ve wanted to try out for a long time, however, I’m one lazy lady when it comes to body moisturising and as much as I want to try out the famous bumbum cream I fear it would get cast to the back of the cupboard as yet another body cream collecting dust. As a result of also being on the lazy side with body moisturisation, that also means I absolutely can not be bothered with the idea of fake tanning or body glows – however I have put the Rio Sunset Glow Oil a test a few times over the past few months to see how I felt about this.

I am guessing this body oil has the same scent as the main iconic body cream and this is one delicious smelling body oil but without that almost perfume lingering that the Byredo hand cream leaves behind I can’t really detect the scent of this after a few hours. This is an oil that sinks in pretty quickly and gives a nice golden kiss to the skin – I imagine if you’re on holiday (and you’re the kind of person who can be bothered) then this would give a stunning additional glow to tanned skin in the evening, with a golden sheen I’d say it’s suited for those with warmer skintones as it is pretty golden without being a full-on sparkle.

The way this makes the skin look is just a healthy glow and whilst I could use it more at this time of year – I think it’s more suited for tanned skin – which for me comes more naturally in summer as I don’t fake tan, so, for now, this is getting tucked into my skincare cupboard, with the intention to not forget it’s existence in my body care graveyard zone. It’s no reflection on the product more a reflection of me being very low maintenance when it comes to body care, but for special occasions, I could be tempted to pull it out again.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these before – and I’m intrigued on your thoughts if you’ve delved into buying a Byredo fragrance before too!


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  1. April 1, 2021 / 10:33 pm

    The Sol de Janeiro Rio Sunset Glow Oil is definitely on my list!!! I absolutely adore the bum bum cream. It smells so great so I am sure I’ll love this product! Wonderful post 😊✨

    • rachael
      April 4, 2021 / 1:32 pm

      Yeah I bet it’s that same scent – it’s a lovely product I’m just so habitually lazy with body care! One for special occasions in summer for sure for me!

      • April 4, 2021 / 3:01 pm

        ugh yes I totally feel you. Besides body lotion, I am too lazy to use anything else 😂😂

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