Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Fragrance Review

Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Fragrance Review

I picked his Beauty Pie fragrance up over a year ago now and it kind of slipped to the back of my to-do list for reviewing. So much so I assumed I hadn’t taken pictures of it… so photographed it again, only to find the original pictures which I preferred as I still had photos of the box. At the time of picking this up the Beauty Pie fragrances were pretty new and hadn’t been out too long – with only 3 choices they’ve only expanded their line with one addition since then which surprises me. I decided to choose the Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Fragrance – as I’m a sucker for a fig candle, and hadn’t really tried a fig based perfume before.

I’m sure by now most people are familiar with the concept of Beauty Pie, I have some more indepth posts explaining it but essentially you pay a monthly fee which entitles you to shop at a fraction of the cost of the RRP, the idea is you are buying products without markup and the profits for them come from that monthly fee. It can get a little pricey once you add everything together, but they have expanded the type of membership options available, meaning if you only want to spend £5 per month (which is what I do), as I shop there less regularly. I do think since they’ve expanded from just makeup and into fragrances, skincare (star of the line for me!), haircare, fragrances that the offering is much more appealing than when they first launched. If you haven’t subscribed and are interested there is my referral information at the end of this post.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Beauty Pie you can find a more detailed run down here.

The whole line has a pretty “Jo Malone” feel about it for me, the way that the products are named with the main notes of the fragrance rather than having a name such as “The Only One“, and whilst I think it’s far less catchy from a marketing perspective – calling it what it helps for a brand which is exclusively available online. The packaging is very sleek, uniform and classic bottles too. One thing I do like that they have available is sample vials, the full-size perfumes are only available as 100ml sizes and 15ml travel sizes (which are very expensive compared to the 100mls), which is a lot to commit to using for something you can not walk down to your local department store to try – so being able to pick up an initial kit with an order to see what ones might work for you is a great idea.

Beauty Pie’s fragrances were created by expert perfumier Frank Voelkl, the name behind fragrances from brands such as Glossier, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Le Labo.

So we’ll start where we always start with perfumes which is talking about fragrances – packaging. The outer packaging is simple but nice matte cardboard with an embossed lettering effect. Whilst it was over a year ago I remember thinking – ooh what a lovely little treat when it arrived. The delight continued to inside and whilst the bottles don’t look particularly fancy, they are weighty and feel very good quality. Something I didn’t notice for almost the entire year that I owned it was that the cap is magnetic and it snaps into place – I don’t know how or why that didn’t click (haha – get it?), but I guess I assumed I was just pushing it into place.

I bought this in Autumn last year which didn’t end up being the best timing, when it arrived I knew this would be more of a summer scent for me and I wasn’t wrong. I think I barely reached for it over autumn and winter and started pulling it out more when we came into Spring. I’ve used it a lot in particular over the past month or so as I’ve been using up far less of my Secret Scent Box samples after making a good dent in those vials through the first few months of lockdown. As you can imagine with notes such as lime and tea, it’s a very fresh perfume, fig can be a very fresh note but sometimes depending on what it’s paired with it can turn things a little darker. With this one in particular it does only increase those very fresh, airy notes.

The box for this perfume lists additional notes of Sicilian Lemon, Green Ivy, Brazilian Orange, Bergamot, Rose Centifolia, Violet, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and Cashmere Wood. I was surprised there was so many notes listed as the name of this perfume are the three things I find most distinctive, particularly the tea and the fig – with there being a more subtle hint on lime (or potentially that’s the bergamot). I do find as the perfume ages the base notes of amber, musk and cashmere wood do creep out a little and a bit of warmth is added – but it’s very very subtle in comparison to the “big pow” that those fresh top notes have. I really enjoy the addition of the tea in this, it’s an interesting note which adds a lot of depth to the perfume.

If fresh perfume are not your thing and you loyally lean to florals, gourmands or fruity perfumes, the Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Fragrance isn’t for you. This is easily the most fresh perfume I’ve had as a full size big bottle before. The wear time on this isn’t fantastic, but I find that a lot of these fresher type of perfumes don’t seem to have the same lingering power as the notes just aren’t as powerful, I feel like I stop noticing it on myself after around 6-7 hours, I’m sure there’s still a waft of it present for other people who haven’t acclimatised to it, but if I compare that to my heavier gourmands which I can often smell on a piece of clothing for days… this one doesn’t have the same power.

The price of this particular perfume is £20.60 with the subscription – a fantastic price for an EDP in a 100ml size. The “RRP” price for this is £125 feels… high – even Jo Malone perfumes at 100ml are cheaper than this (£98) and I find those expensive for what they are, £125 for a perfume you have no opportunity to sniff for free is a lot in my opinion. But for the £20 price tag it was worth the gamble of trying, and as I mentioned in the beginning as a sucker for fig fragrances I wanted to give it a try.

Shop All Beauty Pie fragrances here or find the Beauty Pie Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Fragrance here. (Affiliate Links). If you are signing up to Beauty Pie for the first time you can get your first month free with your first purchase when using my referral link which you will find here.

I have just purchased and treated myself to their Love perfume which is their latest in the line, it has really positive reviews and the kind of notes sound like my kind of bag. I’ve made a very good dent in my fragrance collection this year and decided to treat myself to something new as a refresh. For now, I’m going to keep using this until the last of the sunny days disappear and we head into full autumn mode, I suspect then it might be put away until next year when it will be cracked open again.

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