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I was nominated by Rachwat for the versatile blogger award, I’m sure you’re all already following her by now as I mention her so much, but if you don’t already follow her make sure that you do – she’s lovely, and people with the name Rachael are incredibly intelligent (although several of my facts will prove the rule by me being the exception)!


  1. Show the award on your blog.
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I’ve feel like such a boring person and I’m running out of facts about myself from various awards and get to know me tags!

  1. I’ve covered this before, but I’m a Marketing/Web Designer at a TV shopping channel. I cover everything from web, emails and branding. There’s never a quiet day and is often quite stressful, and it’s always really busy! I work with a fantastic bunch of people, who make a hard job great.
  2. I LOVE the Sims, I’ve been playing it since I was 10, and I don’t think I’ll stop as long as they make it. I’m so glad they’ve just released the Sims 4 for Mac after almost a year wait – I’m going to get it downloaded in a few weeks (I’m really busy at the moment, and will end up playing it when I really shouldn’t if I do it now!)
  3. I don’t really like meat, I don’t mind white meats, but I don’t really like red meat especially when it’s in a roasted meat type format. Fish is also a definite no no.
  4. I was born with my left hip out of the socket, which wasn’t picked up by the hospital until I started trying to walk, by then it was too late to just pop back in, and I had top have an operation which left me with a metal plate in my leg until I was 7. I now have a 5 inch scar which goes across my hip which you wouldn’t know was there unless you were looking hard, but I also have a thick 1cm 8 inch scar that goes down my thigh. I used to be really self conscious about it when I was a younger teenager, but now I really quite like it – as weird as it sounds – but no one else has one!
  5. When I was 11 I was sleeping over at my best friends house thought it was a good idea to dare my her to stick her finger in a hand blender, as it didn’t do anything to a carrot. She was intelligent and didn’t do it… so I did. You might spot a gammy finger in some photographs – that’s known as the blender finger.
    My friends mum is a pharmacist and was quite good at knowing what to do, she was shouting at my friend to go and get the peas to ice it – my friend came back with breaded chicken nuggets which still makes me LOL to this day.
    I spent 3 days in hospital waiting to find out whether it was going to go black and fall off, luckily it didn’t, but it does have a chunk missing and is covered in scars. It doesn’t bother me at all, although my parents still shake my head at me every time it comes up in conversation. We were going to be making smoothies but we didn’t get that far.
  6. I never have, and still don’t like smoothies.
  7. I’ve had my wedding planned in my head for 10 years, I’m just waiting for the piece of bling from the boyfriend to make it happen!

Yay a tag that has no follower restrictions! 15 is a hell of a lot, and ain’t nobody got time for that admin! Here’s a few blogs which are more new additions to my reading list:

>1. Sam Tierman

2.Miss White’s Make Up Desk

3. Fi’s Little Blog (Fi also won my giveaway so go give her a high five!)

4. Doves and Roses


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  1. Anne
    March 12, 2015 / 4:21 pm

    Congrats on the award! Love getting to know people through these fun little facts 🙂
    Thanks for the nomination! Really appreciate it 😀
    xx Anne

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