OFRA Long Lasting Lipstick Review – Santa Monica

I received this gorgeous liquid lipstick in my April Love Me Beauty Box, and stop press. This stuff is fantastic.

When I received the OFRA Long Lasting Lipstick in my LMB box, I had got home from work late, photographing the products at about 10pm, I swatched this for a quick first impressions to include in my post and hopped in the shower. I got out the shower – and the lipstick was still firmly in place without any smudging at all.


I’m normally the person who has to reapply their lipstick every 2-3 hours (probably because I just don’t stop talking/singing or making noise), and lipsticks lasting through eating a meal is practically unheard of. I’ve applied this, ate breakfast and lunch, drank umpteen cups of tea through the day – and it’s still on by the time I leave work without the need tof having to reapply in between. This is definitely unheard of.


The Matte formula does feel like it might be drying, but I haven’t experienced my lips actually feeling dry – it’s more the lipstick itself. I’m not particularly prone to getting dry lips, but I’ve worn this non stop for a week now and I absolutely love it – and they haven’t felt dry. As soon as you twist off the lid of of this you’re hit with a very strong waft of vanilla scent – but not in that very fake vanilla, more like vanilla extract that smells like cakes and good enough to eat.


I’m hoping there might be some of these lingering in the LMB boutique next month, I will 100% picking up more if there is! I’m not sure that OFRA is available in the UK – but if they are please let me know!

The shade pictured here is Santa Monica which is a lovely bright coral pink. Perfect for spring and summer, I can see this becoming a new handbag favourite!

Have you tried anything from OFRA before?


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