OFRA Palm Beach – Swatch & Review

Another day, another rave about Ofra liquid lipsticks – I apologise, but you need to know about these bad boys if you’ve not heard about them already. So quick catch up if you’re new… I picked up OFRA’s Santa Monica in a beauty box, and a new obsession was born with this matt formula of liquid lipsticks, that do not budge all day. I’m a big chatter, snacker, eater and drinker – so lipsticks don’t normally last more than an hour, and this formulation has been a complete game changer.


Palm Beach is another Pink colour from the line, this time it’s much more of a pure pink – compared to Santa Monica which is deeper with more raspberry undertones. This is more of a classic Barbie shade, and this colour, as far as pinks go has always been outside my comfort zone thinking that it wouldn’t suit my skin tone. But now i’m completely in love with this shade, hense taking a couple of selfies of me wearing it!

Like the others, the formulation is fantastic, although matte, they aren’t drying and are long wearing and will last me through an entire work day without the need to re-apply. Giving, as I said in my Laguna beach (more neutral rose brown shade) – gives them holy grail status.

This was me noticing that my lipstick co-ordinated with the hairdressers wallpaper.



If you can get your hands on OFRA’s products – do. We can’t get them in the UK easily (why put them in a beauty box – it’s unfair!) I have one more shade ‘Hollywood’ which is yet to be reviewed – (another pink!) so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next week or so.


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