Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge – Dubai

Good morning! Mirenesse was a brand which a month ago I had never heard of, discovered through my Love Me Beauty box, I was intrigued to try this brand out.


I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing me talk about the OFRA liquid lipsticks by now, but this product reminded me a lot of my new favourite in lipstick in it’s description, so I took a risk and gave this unheard of brand a go.


The packaging on this is very nice quality plastic tube, with the shade name written in big bold silver letters around the lid (so far one up on OFRA, who has much cheaper packaging). This is a pretty pink shade, that’s not a bright – but not too bright (IMO), if you’re a bit scared of brighter shades this has a deeper cherry undertone which might make it a less daunting wear.


This is a great product, and the formulation is very similar to OFRA – matt effect but not drying. Sadly it’s not as perfect in terms of long lasting wear time as I’ve tried in OFRA – but it is still a long lasting product, I’d say I get 4-5 hours out of this before needing to touch up. This does fade a little, it’s hard to describe but the pigmentation kind of dulls a little over time, but it doesn’t go patchy, and it fades evenly, so I can cope with the effect – it also lasts through eating a meal, so plus points for that too.


The one thing I don’t love about this, is the applicator. Normally on sample sized products you tend to get a full sized applicator, and I’m not sure if that’s the case with this or not. It seems very small which makes it hard to get a nice crisp line and is also a bit of an odd shape that I can’t capture with my SLR with one flat side and one domed side (sounds normal, but usually there’s a slight angle. this doesn’t have one). Personally a “normal” applicator I find a lot easier to do one smooth swoosh across the lip with (technical term), and this requires me to do some tidying up with afterwards.

Tips, if you’re thinking of trying this brand out, their website every time I have been on has had a sale on. Don’t buy anything full price, so far I’ve seen 20, 40 and 50% codes off. They seem to have a limited time pressure sell discount on their website – don’t worry it’s always there.

Have you tried anything from Mirenesse?


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