OFRA Long Lasting Lipstick Review – Laguna Beach

Last month I did a pretty much rave review of OFRA liquid lipstick in Santa Monica, and I would normally hesitate to say such a thing. But the formulation of this in such a short space of time reached holy grail status. I had to pick up whatever I could get my hands on again from May’s Love Me Beauty box as I wanted to check if the whole line was as good as my first experience.


OFRA Laguna Beach is a beautiful rose brown, for me as someone with fairly pigmented lips, this is a ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade – which makes it perfect for everyday. The colour of this looked very different to what I ordered – but I’m really glad it is the way it is, because it reminds me very much of one of my all time favourite lipsticks from MAC called Brave, which is nearly at the end of it’s life, I wasn’t sure how much they would compare side by side, but they are almost identical – Brave being a teeny bit more brown.

Left: OFRA Laguna Beach, Right MAC Brave
Left: OFRA Laguna Beach, Right: MAC Brave

Similarly to Santa Monica, this has the same trademark ‘real’ vanilla scent, applies easily, opaque in one coat, matte in finish, no bleeding and doesn’t really transfer. Whilst it doesn’t last quite all day as Santa Monica did, this still lasts through eating, drinking and chatting – and will see me most of the way through the work day. Still an unheard of trait for me, apart from this line.


Hands down, this line is the best formulation of lipsticks I have ever tried. That’s a bold statement, but I really do believe it’s true! I hope LMB continues to bring more products from OFRA, as if everything in their line is as good as this, I want to try everything – and I don’t think they’re stocked in the UK – PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong.

Have you tried anything from OFRA?


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8 thoughts on “OFRA Long Lasting Lipstick Review – Laguna Beach

      1. Oh that is interesting. Let’s hope they role out a bigger collection with wider availibility soon 😀


  1. I’ve heard that Ofra makes a lot of lipsticks for other brands, so now they’re doing their own brand, at a slightly less expensive price compared to the high end brands. I think they’re only an online brand right now, similar to that Gerard Cosmetics that everyone has been talking about too.

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