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Glow Recipe Glowing Skin Trio Review

Towards the beginning of 2020 I reviewed Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask and it was a product my skin seemed to love and lapped up very quickly. It was my first and only experience with the brand and I had it in my mind that I wanted to try out more from the brand in future. Just before Christmas when all the gift sets begin getting discounted online, I spotted this set from Glow Recipe on Cult Beauty for a decent price and there were a few products in here I’d had on my hit-list to try that I’d heard good things about.

This set was called the Glow Recipe Glowing Skin Trio and it was a limited edition set to Christmas, however I’m still reviewing as the three items inside are all of course permanent skincare items. I think I snagged this for around the £20 mark, and fun fact – the first delivery of it was stolen from my doorstep alongside an ASOS parcel – who ever is stealing parcels from doorsteps 2 days before Christmas, shame on you! The set contained deluxe sizes of their Banana Souffle Moisture Cream which I’d heard amazing things about and the Blueberry Bounce Cleanser – which I’d heard nothing about. Alongside that there was also a full size of the Avocado Sleeping Eye Mask which again I’d heard great things about – however this “full size” isn’t available in this size in the UK at 15ml, but it does have a retail price of $42 on their own website. Overall it felt like a good dealio.

The packaging of these like the Watermelon mask is lovely – I love the pastel colours of the line and it feels very cohesive with the quality and style of the glass packaging.

Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream

I’d heard great things about this moisturiser for oily skin, but the likelihood of me getting round to purchasing a full size moisturiser is low because my skincare cupboard is overflowing with unopened moisturisers, yet this one made it to my bedside table and jumped straight ahead in the queue. With a name like souffle, I was expecting a more airy maybe more mousse-like formula, but this is more like a yoghurt.

By itself the texture of this is nice a little goes a long way and this has been a moisturiser I’ve used once a day for a month and this 25ml pot has lasted me through the month well. The majority of the product sinks in quickly the skin and leaves my skin feeling very slightly tackiness that takes an extra 10 minutes to finally disappear, and leaves a nice healthy glow to the skin.

However, Ive come from using Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream (more on that another time), to this and by itself I did notice a deterioration in my skin as it was purely a moisturiser and doesn’t have and saw a reversal on the plus points of helping with scar healing, keeping spots away and more benefits of the overall complexion. This was simply a moisturiser and I found myself wanting to use heavier serums underneath and use this as a sealant to keep those locked into the skin.

I’m not the hugest fan of banana scented things, but I’ve had pretty good luck lately with some banana primers and moisturisers from other brands, and I was hoping that the Banana Souffle was going to be low on the banana scent, but it smells like foam bananas or a banana milkshake. Luckily it’s not too heavy and doesn’t seem to linger too long.

This pot is half the size of the full – making it worth £18 – do I feel like I got £18 of joy out of this? No not really, I’ve happily kept it on my bedside table until finished, but it’s not one I’ll be rushing to repurchase.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Eye Mask

Next up is the item I was really excited to try, one of my favourite eye creams in the past has been the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream however I’ve not been able to repurchase it since switching to being cruelty free. I’ll start by saying whilst this does come with a little scoop, the packaging of this is really awkward – I’d rather go in with a clean finger than mess about with washing a tiny spatula and the shape of this pot is deep awkward to get into. Looking at the other sizes online – this may be a problem specific with the 15ml.

Interestingly the texture of this reminds me of a souffle more than the moisture cream, with a whipped almost spongey and airy texture. Similarly to the Kiehl’s cream that initially feels quite heavy, it starts breaking down to a silky light cream that absorbs easily. I’ve not used something labelled as a “mask before” but I’ve swapped this in as a full replacement for the last eye cream I finished off from Evolve – and I wouldn’t say when rubbed in and used regularly this is any more transformative than a regular eye cream.

I find the eye cream really hydrating and I really enjoy the texture of this and I do think this has given me fairly similar effects to the Beauty Pie Retinol eye cream that I finished towards the end of November and have noticed an improvement in my eye area again. The price for this is £23 for a 25ml or £46 for 70ml – so it’s not the cheapest and whilst the Beauty Pie one is a lot cheaper I find the overall experience of using this more enjoyable, and would be tempted to repurchase again in the future but do have some others to use up first.

Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Finally the product I had heard the least about is the Blueberry Bounce Cleanser, I keep my cleansers in one of two places – either in the shower which are products I use for quick cleanses, and ones which go in my ensuite sink are ones which are my more heavy duty makeup removers. For me, whilst I know the world is a fan of a double cleanse, I really want one product to remove my makeup and leave me feeling clean and fresh faced when I need it. Cleansers that end up in my shower are usually ones which can not handle makeup removal and this is where the Blueberry Bounce Cleanser has ended up.

The texture of this is like a thick gel when it comes out with a soft blueberry fragrance, massaged into the skin once mixed with water it has a soft, light lather.

Whilst this is gentle on the skin as promised, it’s really not gentle on the eye area. Whilst it does seem to remove base makeup fairly well, using it over eye makeup stings my eyes terribly, and I can feel my eyes feeling sore for a good half an hour after use. I trialled this out twice before deciding this was definitely a cleanser demoted for shower use only. Now, reading about this online it doesn’t say that this is specifically something for makeup removal – and reading the ingredients, which aren’t on this mini size bottle it makes sense why it is stinging so badly, with AHA’s inside this can also be used as a leave on mask for 5-6 minutes.

Now since it’s been migrated to my shower, I’ve tried leaving this on a few times while I’ve had a hair mask on/shaving myself top-to-toe and I can’t really say that I end up thinking of this as a mask. But I do think it’s a little misleading to call a cleanser gentle when it has AHA/Lactic Acid’s inside which are exfoliating ingredients. This is the trial size which is available to buy for £10 and I do recommend trying before you buy. After a few weeks of use this is okay, something I’m going to use up but I don’t feel wowed by this at all.

Close up of the textures

Top: Banana Souffle Moisture Cream | Bottom : Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Mask
Blueberry Bounce Cleanser

It’s been interesting to try out more from Glow Recipe – I’m really enjoying the avocado eye treatment, but the other two items aren’t my favourite and I can’t see myself repurchasing either in future. The Watermelon Sleeping Mask was a total hit and I’m still intrigued about a few other items within the line, so let me know if you’ve tried anything from Glow Recipe and whether they turned into favourites or fails.

This set is now discontinued, however I’ve linked another fantastic set below (which contains my favourite watermelon sleeping mask) – and I do think their mini sets are a fantastic way to trial the brand out as they’re very affordable sets.

Shop Glow Recipe At Cult Beauty (Affiliate Links)

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Eye Cream
Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Set
Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser
Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream
Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Eye Cream
Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Set
Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser
Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream
Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Eye Cream
Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Set
Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser
Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream

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    Aaw it’s a shame none of these are amazing. Sometimes the aesthetic is more pleasing than the products. You’ve sold me on the AB face cream x

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