The Pixi Rose Skincare Line – Reviewed on Oily Skin + GIVEAWAY

Pixi Rose Skincare Line
[Gifted] My review of the Pixi Rose Skincare Line has been months in the making after I was kindly sent the whole line from Pixi to put to the test. I have had some of these products already as I hauled a bunch of them back in October, when Pixi first started being sold in Boots so some I was already fully familiar. However what a blessing it was to receive the full Pixi Rose Skincare Line. The items I had already in my collection form a giveaway at the end – so please feel free to enter should you wish to trial the item for yourself!

Before we start on the review of the Pixi Rose Skincare Line, I know a lot of people have a particular dislike for rose scents. I’m fussy when it comes to rose scents being real, and not synthetic and this line is actually pretty subtle for the most part. Even those who I know who have a particular dislike for rose fragrances have noted that it’s not as bad as they normally find. I’ve scored these on their Power of Rose to indicate which are the most rosey for the bunch. This is a long post so I won’t dwell too long at the beginning, but the Pixi Rose Skincare Line products have been thoroughly trialled over a number of months. I put real effort into my skincare trials, so I hope you enjoy this review…

The Mists

Rose Glow Mist – £16
Power of Rose Scent: 4/5
This is an item I’d already purchased in the past myself and it’s been sat on my bedside since October when Boots first launched Pixi and I treated myself to a few things. Whilst I’ve had it for a while I’ll admit that I’d been only reaching for it once every few weeks as I was trialling other skincare.
This is more of a spray toner type product than it is a makeup setting mix. It has high oil content which you can see as it separates and requires a good shake before use, and it does start separating again quite quickly.
I personally like this as a skin refresher if I’m makeup free, and I’ve been pottering about the house during the day, I like a mist or three to perk my skin up, make me feel glowy. In terms of effectiveness I feel like I’ve noticed more noticeable effects from the other products in the line, but as a spray toner it’s nice calming refresher – which is what I like from that kind of product.
The mister on this is very even it it’s distribution, but an extended arm is required as it is quite powerful, sprayed too close to the face and this will drench you!
Rose Makeup Fixing Mist – £16
Power of Rose Scent: 3/5
Just like the above Glow Mist, this has the same mister on it, fine but still powerful so make sure you have your arm fully reached out to make sure it’s not drenching your lovely finished makeup.I find makeup setting mists a bit hit and miss as to whether I see a difference in terms of longevity with them for. There’s only a handful that I’ve tried that I’ve felt like become routine worthy – and this is one of them.
I notice a slight difference when it comes to the longevity of my makeup, it seems to make the slightest difference of an hour or so. Where I think this comes into its own is making the skin look the best it can be, when I’ve overdone it with the powder or I’m not too happy with the base, the fine mister on this does an incredible job of melting the layers together and not allowing the skin too look too cakey or matte.

The Cleansers

Rose Cream Cleanser – £18
Power of Rose Scent: 4/5
I had this as my go-to cleanser in my shower for a good three to four months and it featured as part of my last empties post after I’d finished off every last drop from the bottle.
When I think of cream cleansers I think of ones which are completely smooth and thick lotion type textures, this one whilst it is still smooth does have a slightly lumpy, pulpy type texture – that makes it sounds unpleasant, which it definitely isn’t. But its a little bit thinner than I’ve come to expect, whilst still feeling luxurious and nourishing on the skin.
I’d say that this does an okay job of cleansing makeup off the skin – it seems to a better job on dry skin so I try to do this as I first jump in the shower and then rinse away. However I do find myself often going in twice for a second cleanse with this if I’m using it for makeup removal.
Where I personally prefer to use this is as a second cleanse – I use something more suitable for makeup removal as the first step, and then enjoy the nourishing creaminess of this. It feels moisturising on the skin, calming and soothing and once dry my skin always felt fresh faced once I had used this.
Makeup Melting Cloths – £10 for 40
Power of Rose Scent: 4/5
This is a mini pack of the cloths where they normally come in packs of 40, they don’t seem to sell these mini packs of ten, which is a shame as I think I’d be more tempted to pick up a tiny pack. I very rarely use makeup wipes any more – I tend to use them more for cleaning packaging or wiping down my dressing table more so than anything else! But I took these with me at points where I thought I may be unlikely to be doing a full cleansing routine, or when I might need a quick skin refresh.
So I took these away on my sisters hen weekend, where I was anticipating a late night back, heavy makeup and little motivation to go and cleanse my face properly. I was correct and these were the best thing I could have bought with me for sitting on a sofa bed in Brighton at 4am whilst we scoffed on Kettle Crisps and left over chinese.
These are kind of dry, they’re not the wettest wipes on the market by a long way. But they do a decent job of removing makeup, although I find I have to be quite heavy handed to make sure it wipes it away. I’ve finished the rest of the pack whilst at home and have been impressed that they seem to leave little traces of makeup behind, and it only seems to struggle with more stubborn mascara.
The rose scent makes them feel a bit more luxurious to use than your average wipe and I liked that these were a super small packsize as they were perfectly sized for what I needed them for. But I would be unlikely to get the full size pack because of how often I do use wipes.

The Treatments

Rose Flash Balm – £26
Power of Rose Scent: 2/5
This describes itself as a three in one primer, moisturiser and mask. My first trials of this was as an overnight mask, as it sank in well and was pillow friendly, whilst it offered a nice level of moisture, I didn’t think really it did a better job than the Ceramide Cream, although I do continue to use it this way if I want something that feels a little lighter on the skin as a change up.
As a moisturiser and primer it does smooth and moisturise the skin simultaneously, and makeup applies well over it. However, for oily skin like mine I found it too moisturising as a pre-makeup base. I can see that this would work a lot better for dry and very dry skin types, but for me I prefer it when I’m makeup free or using as an alternative for the Cermaide cream. I like this, I’ll use it up, but I don’t think it will be one that I repurchase once I’ve finished.
Rose Caviar Essence – £26
Power of Rose Scent: 3/5
This is a hard product to pin-point what it actually does in terms of skin benefits, yet I actually like it. It reminds me of a more watery serum that goes from a loose gel to a water as it’s massaged into the skin. It feels lovely and refreshing. I tend to use it most when I want to either make a heavier textured product, such as the Ceramide Cream apply lighter or layer with other products a bit nicer. Alone, I struggle to pinpoint what it does other than offering a refreshed feeling, but it’s a product which does very well at playing with others and I’ll at least be keeping it on my bedside for that reason. Sometimes If I’ve been around the house all day and just want to give myself a little refresh I pop a little bit of this on, because it turns so watery as it’s massaged in a little goes a long way, I feel like I’ve used this a lot and I’m still not halfway through the tube.

The Toners & Oils

Rose Glow Mist reviewed further up, mistakenly included in this photo!

Rose Oil Blend – £26
Power of Rose Scent: 3/5

This is the product which I’ve given the least amount of love too. I really enjoyed it in the depths of winter when my skin was zapped of any moisture and needed lots of help to stop it looking scaly! It’s very much a true oil and has more of a rosehip scent, than rose petals (I promise they’re different!), now it’s coming into summer I prefer to just add a drop or two of this into my moisturiser. I’ll admit I’ve not been the best at sticking to this routinely, because extra steps at the end of the day highlight my laziness, but when I’ve felt like I’ve needed something a little more intense – that’s the routine I’ve been doing.

You’ll notice this is called a Rose Oil Blend – and that’s because there’s more than just Rose Oils in here – sweet almond, jojoba, pomegranate seed and geranium oils are all included to help brighten, smooth and nourish the complexion.

I like this product and a little seems to go a long way, I’ve had my bottle since October and I’ve probably got well over a year until this is finished up.

Rose Tonic– £18 for 250ml / £10 for 100ml.
Power of Rose Scent: 3/5
I’ve spoken about this product more than once in the past, so I won’t drag this out as a long review. This is a lovely toner for when you just need something nourishing and calming. I love Pixi’s other Tonic’s too but this is one I like using when I feel like I just need a bit of a pamper. It’s another product I think is really good for just refreshing the skin, good for those with more sensitive skins who may be turned off by the glow and retinol tonics more intensive ingredients. It’s good for balancing the skin’s PH too and I’ve found when stuck to regimentally it seems to aid in oil control a little.

The Moisturiser

Rose Ceramide Cream – £24
Power of Rose Scent: 3/5

This packaging feels so different for Pixi, I’m not sure why this is the only product in the entire line to feature an illustration on the packaging (the full size wipes don’t have the same rose illustration) – but I like it and wish they’d carried it further through, not only that but the moisturiser is a metal tube which I have a bit of a love hate relationship with, as you have to be careful to squeeze with care so that product does not get stuck and trapped in crumpled tube, but does make it easy to see how much is left (note they have since changed this to a plastic tube). It’s a generous sized tube at 50ml, where a lot of high end moisturisers tend to be around the 30ml mark. This is another product that has been heavily tried out and I’ve only got a few more uses left in this before I’ll be declaring this finished.

The Rose Ceramide cream is an intensive moisturiser from Pixi and I’ve been using this for a good two monthsnow as my nightly moisturiser, and the more I used it the more it reminded me of one of my all time faves – M&S Ultimate Sleep Cream. performs really well like thick luxurious night creams but has a lighter consistency. It’s not the lightest feeling moisturiser I’ve tried but for things that work as well as this I’m used to my skin feeling a lot more weighed down and I’ve really enjoyed using this.

If I’ve been about the house and makeup free – I’ve tended to pair this with the Caviar Essence to make it really light and refreshing whilst still nourishing. If you’re in the market for a new nightly moisturiser, I highly recommend this one. It does a fantastic job.


Pixi Rose Skincare Line Giveaway

Win some of the Pixi Rose Skincare Line – I picked out the Pixi Rose Oil Blend, Rose Glow Mist and Rose Tonic (100ml). Competition open until the 17th July, open internationally. Entries allowed on each of the different platforms to be in with the chance of winning. All entries will be collated and one winner will be drawn.


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Overall I pretty much love the Pixi Rose Skincare Line, I don’t think there is a dud product but there are some products which are staples over others for my skin type. My top three picks are the Rose Tonic, Rose Cream Cleanser and the Rose Ceramide Cream. Pixi Skincare is available to purchase at; Marks and Spencer’s, Boots, ASOS, Pixi and Cult Beauty.
If you’re interesed in other lines from Pixi, I reviewed the Vitamin C line here and the Glow Tonic line here.
Pixi Rose Skincare Line gifted by Pixi in exchange for an honest review – any I had already I decided to do a giveaway with to give something back! Links above are affiliate links apart from Pixi.


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  1. June 18, 2019 / 8:09 am

    Great post! I really want to try this whole range, I always hear such good things! The Rose Cream Cleanser looks amazing, I may have to treat myself to it soon xxx

  2. June 18, 2019 / 8:26 am

    What a sweet little giveaway! I’ve entered here, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 🙂
    Pixi is another one of those brands I hear a lot about. I would be most excited to try the Rose Blend Oil would be interesting to compare with the facial oil from Trilogy I’ve been using for the past year or so now.
    Good luck to everyone who enters <3

    • June 18, 2019 / 9:55 am

      Thank you!
      Ooh yes I’ve got a little sample of that Trilogy Oil I forgot I had – I’ll have to dig them out and compare the textures!

  3. Fiona
    June 18, 2019 / 11:33 pm

    Sounds amazing! I’d love to try the Pixi Rose Oil Blend. Fabulous prize! Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  4. June 19, 2019 / 5:37 am

    Wonderful giveaway! I’d enter myself, but Pixi has sent me quite a few skin care products I’m still working on using lol. I’m pretty loaded up on skin care lol.

    • June 19, 2019 / 10:27 am

      My cabinet is pretty much full of Pixi Skincare at this point – that’s why I chose to give the duplicates away, It’ll take me ages to get through what I’ve got already!

      • June 21, 2019 / 3:40 am

        That’s a good idea to do a giveaway then! xx

  5. June 19, 2019 / 3:11 pm

    Awesome and detailed review!! the only thing I tried from this collection is the rose tonic and I love it when I have dry, sensitive skin!!

  6. Fluffy Anika123
    July 18, 2019 / 12:24 am

    I would really love to try the Rose Tonic or any Pixi skincare product because I haven’t tried anything from them! I have oily skin and these awesome products sounds interesting! Thank you for the chance! (FB: Anika Plaza and IG/Twitter: fluffyanika123)

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