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Petrus Restaurant London

One thing we don’t often make the time to do is find nice places to eat out very often, living out in the sticks – there’s a lot of nice pubs around us, but there’s a lack of fancier restaurants in the immediate area. When we go on holiday or weekends away, we’re often jam packed with activities to do and whilst we’ll often find nice places to eat going to restaurants which are more of a dining experience is something we rarely seem to do. But we visited Gordon Ramsay’s Micelin Star Petrus Restaurant recently.

My sister gifted me a meal at Petrus, located in Knightsbridge which was used whilst we were away for our second wedding anniversary. Ben has a 30 before 30 list going this year, and one of his things to do was to eat a Michelin star restaurant, something which we’ve now been able to tick off the list as complete. Petrus is owned by Gordon Ramsay and whilst he was rumoured to be in London whilst we were there, Ben did not get to meet his latest man crush.

Petrus is around a five to ten minute walk from Knightsbridge tube station and we had a lovely time wandering through the quieter back streets and residential areas to get to it after having had a brief walk through Harrods (mainly to make use of the air con on what was a very hot day, especially on the tube!). We ended up walking past the Petrus restaurant twice, the signage is a little unassuming and didn’t catch our eye. Luckily we were right on time to take our seats.

Petrus Restaurant - decor Petrus Restaurant Wine Cellar

The Petrus Restaurant was pretty quiet, although we was dining out on a Monday lunch time and I’m sure the restaurant would have been busier Friday through Sunday. I was suspecting the restaurant to be larger, and span multiple floors, but there was around 20 or so tables, with almost as many staff. The restaurant is pretty circular, revolving around the impressive glass Wine Cellar in the middle of the room which goes from floor to ceiling. The decor of the restaurant was minimalist, with no clutter on the tables and done in a classic style, with a simple peony only waiting on the table on arrival.

The service was easily the best service we’ve had in any restaurant, definitely so in a more formal setting. Attentive from the moment we sat down, nothing was ever too much trouble and you could see that was the case with every waiter. Ben has a fairly specific lactose intolerance (no fresh milk or cream, but strangely fine with cheese, ice cream etc), they made sure every course he was going to eat was suitable for him.

We were there expecting a three course meal, but was surprised at the amuse bouches and canapes which came from the beginning. Our first bites were given to us were not on the menu, so I’m not exactly sure what we had – they looked identical, but they gave us differing delicious bites, mine was a warm creamy cheese, whilst Ben’s was Black Pudding and… something. Neither of us can remember what!

Next up was the seasonal amuse-bouche – Ben’s was tailored to feature a buttermilk free topping. But it was a delicious gently warm garden pea veloute, with Iberico ham crumb which added crunch through the soft whipped pea flavour. Topped with pretty edible garden flowers. I like peas as much as the next girl, but a larger portion of this as a main wold have satisfied me, it was absolutely delicious! It also came with a sourdough bread and butter.

Next up was the actual starter which we both chose the gnocchi with asparagus, wild garlic, peas and girolles (mushrooms). The gnocchi was so creamy and the peas and asparagus was so complimentary, I think I might have a try and trying to recreate this at home (although if I get this half as nice I’ll have done something magic), I enjoyed the combination of all these flavours together.

After the starter our mains quickly appeared – again we’d both opted for the same option of Cote de Porc with a stuffed cabbage (chou farci) with a smoked ham (I think!) with whole grain mustard and brassicas with a dollop of Bramley apple sauce on the side. The pork was tender, the apple sauce was the perfect level of sweet and the mustard gave the food the perfect kick.

Next was a palate cleanser, of a stunning tangy raspberry sorbet wrapped in a creamy outer layer. Again, not sure exactly what the outer was as it wasn’t listed on the menu, but it was bloody beautiful and was the a gorgeous pre dessert treat. We took separate paths when it came to our dessert choices, I opted for the Lemon parfait, whilst Ben went for the Apricot Tart.

The Lemon Parfait sat next to a yoghurt sorbet on top of a lemon and thyme honey and topped off with a delicately designed floral crisp. The sorbet and the parfait together was the perfect warm day pairing, the lemon flavour wasn’t overpowering or sharp.

Ben’s Apricot Tart was stunning – topped with a generous ball of almond ice cream on top of the chunky apricot base and the edges had been decorated with fine gold leaf. We were gifted a little extra chocolate bite with a gold leaf top to share as a thank you for choosing to spend our anniversary at Petrus, and honestly although remembering I liked it, I’ve got no recollection of what this was!

Finally just as we thought we were done, we had a chocolate truffle each with a side of warm lemon Madelines.

Overall this was so much more than the three course meal we were expecting, the dishes between were absolutely delicious. I genuinely wasn’t expecting to leave the restaurant feeling full and I think the cost of the meal (£45pp) was worth every penny. It’s already been something that we’ve recommended to a few family and friends and I think we’ll both be revisiting in future, and making time to go to fancier restaurants.

Thank you Becca and Matt for this, it was absolutely divine!

Have you been to the Petrus restaurant?


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