Project Pan 2021 – 9 Month Progress Check In

Project Pan 2021 – 9 Month Progress Check In
I’m a little late with my 9 month check in – I’ve been enjoying the last few days of summer and nice weather before winter hits and blogging has definitely taking a back seat


Stila Magnificent Metals Kitten Karma Minis x 2
Goal: Finish both / Start Weigh In: 32.1g /2 Month Progress 31.7g / 4 Month Progress: 31.4g / 6 Month Progress: 31.43g / 9 Month Progress 31.04g

I’d be surprised if I’ve used these at all – when I use them I have to rehydrate them with setting spray – which I think will account for the loss of weight. As much as I enjoy these still when I use them, I’m just finding myself drawn to super foily pressed shadows at the moment over glitters, I think I’ll maybe use my Stila glitters closer to Christmas more and maybe I’ll get one finished fully.

Review of Magnificent Metals

Colourpop Glitterati Supershock Shadow
Goal: Finish / Introduced March Weigh In: 12g / 4 Month Progress: 18.00g / 6 Month Progress: 17.88g / 9 Month Progress 17.84g

It loos like I’ve used this once, and as I mentioned last time – I think it will be going at the end of the year, the colour is way lighter than what I prefer now and I can’t see that changing any time soon – but the texture of this is super chalky and dry now, it’s very difficult to use so by the end of the year it will be gone!

Note – start weigh in was obviously noted wrong. 

Fleur De Force Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars
Goal: Finish / July Introduction Weigh In: 12.64g / 3 Month Progress 12.46g

I’ve used this a good chunk of times – I was hoping to see better progress on numbers on this than it’s showing. I can tell this does need using up now, it’s starting to lose the vanilla scent it came with but I don’t feel like it’s gone off completely. Not my favourite colour at the moment, I like a true neutral and this is more a pinky toned neutral but I’ve worn it as often as I’ve felt like it’s suited my makeup/outfit/been a day I wanted to wear gloss.


RMCA No Colour Powder
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 96.2g / 2 Month Progress : 88.1g / 4 Month Progress: 75.9g / 6 Month Progress: 59.41g / 9 Month Progress 45.73g

Still using this as my main powder, other than a Becca mini that I’m trying to use up too, but this is my go to for 29 out of 30 days. I am enjoying this and think that I may be able to use it up by the end of the year – but it’s been a long old slog on this one! As much as I have liked using this I think I’ll be ready for something new once this has gone.

Violet Voss Highlight Trio
Goal: Use 3g of Product / July Introduction Weigh In: 87.01g / 3 Month Progress 85.97g

I won’t lie, this hasn’t been reached for as much as I thought as I was going to, not long after putting this in my project pan I picked up 3 x backups of my favourite ever highlighter which was a LE from Becca and that has stole my heart back recently, and I’m also trying to use up a chunky package one from Becca too that’s a loose ball style which I think I may be able to finish by the end of the year. I will try and get back into using this as I was enjoying the palette, but there’s something about the way the Becca glow that just makes this not quite compare – I’m surprised I made over 1g of progress though as I feel like I’ve barely used this one!


Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 38.7g / 2 Month Progress: 37.7g / 4 Month Progress: 36.0g / 6 Month Progress: 31.37g / 9 Month Progress 00.00g

I was prepared to say – I have no idea where this product has gone in my collection, but as I was rounding up to photograph and weigh in the products – I did manage to find it!
Review of Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm

Freeman’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Face Mask
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 181.5g / 2 Month Progress : 176.4g / 4 Month Progress: 171.9g / 6 Month Progress: 169.30g / 9 Month Progress 154.26g

A product which is remaining neglected in my project pan! I don’t know why I feel like I can barely bring myself to use it as I really enjoy the product – maybe it’s the knowing I can’t get hold of it in the UK that’s putting me off somewhat. However, I’ve finished a few masks up in my collection recently and I’m going to try and force myself to finish this up as planned. As I’m writing this up – I’m sat with it on now, so I’ve at least used it once since the last weigh in!
Review of Freeman’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask

OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 69.8g / 2 Month Progress : 65.0g / 4 Month Progress: 61.3g / 6 Month Progress: 59.37g / 9 Month Progress 59.60g

How does this weigh more than last time? I thought I’d used this at least once, but looks like not. I will throw this at the end of the year – I’d like to think I can finish 8it, but look… I know I’m living in denial with that statement!
Review of OZ Naturals Dermafoliant

Hand & Lip Care

Jeffree Star Lip Scrub in Mojito
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 52.5g / 2 Month Progress : 51.0g / 4 Month Progress: 48.2g / 6 Month Progress: 47.55g / 9 Month Progress 46.85g

I’ve needed to use a lip scrub very little over summer – so I’m not surprised I’ve not managed to make much progress on this ove the last few months still. When I take this back upstairs after I’ve finished this post I’m going to attempt moving it to my bedside table and see whether it encourages me to use it more often. I’d like to see this gone by the end of the year – it’s entirely feasible to do, when I look inside there’s really not much left – but my lips are in great conditi0n thanks to the lip balms I’m using and staying with glossy and balmy lip formulas.
Review of Mojito Lip Scrub

L’Occitane Intensive Hand Balm [Gifted by M&S]
Goal: Finish / May Introduction Weigh In : 146.3g / 2 Month Progress 118.57g / 5 Month Progress 114.35g

I have been pretty lazy with my hand care recently, I keep this on my desk but i’ve been working over the house a lot more recently moving between different rooms has meant I’ve very often not been at my desk and gravitating towards this as procrastination technique has been far fewer. I expect I’ll get more use of this into winter as I’ll need to use a hand cream more often, but I think I’ll struggle to finish fully by the end of the year as the last few months of progress has been much slower than how I started!

OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Remover
Goal: Finish / May Introduction Weigh In : 23.0g / 2 Month Progress 17.21g / 5 Month Progress 16.98g

Similar to the above, I keep these on my desk together, however I’ve been having acrylic nails done for the past few months and found I don’t really need to care for my cuticles since they softly buff them off each time I go. I’d still like to see this gone by the end of the year though and it is getting close to empty… it’s close to being cut open as it’s very difficult to get out remaining product.

Completed Empty

Makeup Geek Heart Throb Blush
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 35.0g / 2 Month Progress : 34.4g / 4 Month Progress: 33.9g / 6 Month Progress 33.1g / Finished July

I only had the tiniest bit of this left at my last weigh in and finished this only a few days later. Sad to see it gone as I loved this blush and it’s now discontinued – but happy I managed to finish it after 2 years of panning it!
Review of Heart Throb

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Perfume
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 164.5g / 2 Month Progress: 158.8g / 4 Month Progress: 152.5g / 6 Month Progress: 143.22g / Finished August

Whilst this grew on me over the year of trying to finish it, I was happy to see it gone mainly as it was a gift from my ex in laws – it was a case of wanting it gone because I didn’t want to be reminded of them every time I saw it on my shelf, but also perfume I did enjoy. I can’t see myself repurchasing it because of who bought it or me originally.
Review of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Becca Skin Love Setting Spray
Goal: Finish / May Introduction Weigh In: 103.4g / 2 Month Progress 79.58g / Finished September

I was happy to fully finish this product up – I didn’t love it as setting spray, however I did like to use it with foundation sponges to apply foundation and with eyeshadow. Glad to see it gone completely and not one that’s been missed.

Completed & Keeping In Project

Colourpop California Love Palette
Goal: Use 2g of Product / Start Weigh In: 122.0g /2 Month Progress: 118.8g / 4 Month Progress: 117.2g / 6 Month Progress: 116.53g / 9 Month Progress 116.32g

It looks like I’ve maybe used this once since the last weigh in which isn’t surprising since I finished up all my favourite shades completely, I still plan on throwing this at the end of the year, but I’m hoping I’ll reach for it a few more times before they do. It’s not that what’s remaining is bad just that all the punchy colours are gone and now the transition shade is used up too, I can’t get a full look out of it so it feels like a faff. I might try leaving it out on my dressing table and see if I pick it up for the rest of the month.
Review of California Love

Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage Foundation
Goal: Use 10g of Product / Start Weigh In: 37.7g / 2 Month Progress : 37.6g / 4 Month Progress : 37.6g / 6 Month Progress: 34.23g / 9 Month Progress 17.76g

This was the perfect shade for me after catching the sun at the beginning of June and I was finally able to get lots of use out of this, I bloody love this formula, its taken my top spot from any foundation EVER (I need to get up a review) – it doesn’t transfer, it lasts all day and holds up well in heat, I’m now having to mix in a few drops of lightening pigment but I plan to keep using it to the very end.

MAC Blush – Seduced At Sea
Goal: Use 1g / July Introduction Weigh In: 29.45g / 3 Month Progress 27.30g

I’ve used this blush exclusively since finishing the Makeup Geek one and can see I’ve made good visual progress on this, far better than I expected, I was also surprised that I’d actually managed to go over my weight goal was too. I’m enjoying using this tone of blush at the moment, it goes with every look as it’s a natural tone – so I’m keeping it in. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I can declare this as fully done and into a back to MAC pile!

Cycling In

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Fragrance
Goal : Finish / October Weigh In: 128.90g

This fragrance was an addition to my collection in January, if you don’t know I’m attempting to keep myself on a strict budget this year and have £500 for non-essential products, however I made a rule for myself if I buy and finish something within the year it goes back into my pot again – so as my budget is running low for the rest of the year, it felt like I should try and focus on finishing up this perfume to cheat my own system! I loved the body wash of this in the past but the perfume has let me down slightly, it’s more of a summer and spring fragrance for me but I should be able to finish this up easily by the end of the year.

Smashbox Priming Water
Goal : Finish / October Weigh In: 62.87g

I’ve had this in my collection for a good few years since I was given it for Christmas by a friend, I’ve not really enjoyed it as a base product as a primer or a setting spray, however, I do think it does a good job when I need to apply a shadow wet, I cycled this in straight after finishing the Becca spray and have already used up half of what’s remaining so this should be an easy one to fully finish off. This seems like a cheat product but is my last open setting spray and then I have one new full one in my collection, so it seemed logical to get this one blitzed through.

Overall – I feel pretty happy with my progress through the year, I seem to be struggling on the skincare side of things more – and maybe that’s because I really enjoy my go to routine at the moment (mostly made up of AB products) – the old ones just don’t capture my interest! However, I have completely finished up 7 items in the project and hit target on another 3. Excluding the products that I’ve hit my target on, I have 13 items in the project – 2 I will definitely be able to finish and stand a good chance on another 3 – the other items remaining are the ones I’ve struggled with all year and I think that will be a sign that they are in need to decluttering at the end of the year.

The project has really helped focus my efforts on particular products which is good, as a result, I’ve only purchased one foundation all year, haven’t purchased any lip colour product or blushes etc.

If you’re doing a project pan this year, let me know in the comments how you’re doing!


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  1. October 24, 2021 / 12:55 am

    My project pan has stalled since August when New Zealand went back into lockdown. We came out a couple of weeks later but with mask wearing mandatory everywhere at the moment I haven’t been wearing makeup and my goodness I miss it so much! I think I’ve worn makeup twice in the last two months 🙁

    You’re doing so well with everything, it still amazes me how much of the Californa Love palette has been used up! I have the Becca Skin Love setting spray and I don’t mind it haha.

    • rachael
      October 24, 2021 / 12:27 pm

      We have been mask free completely for a few months but it looks like we’ll be going back to it over winter as cases are expected to be back at 100k a day, so finishing that gloss might be difficult by the end of the year.

      It does go to show with the california love palette if I concentrate on an eye palette progress can be seen. I do notice when I go through a phase with a palette – and particular colours in a a few weeks I can usually see visual progress

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