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So today is finally the time to admit that as a blogger, I’ve failed to try one of the most hyped brands of the past five years until now – Glossier. Over Black Friday I took a peek on their website and found one of their bundles at a great price that had three of their staple formulas inside, two of which had long been on my to-try wishlist. I picked up their Three-Step Skincare Routine which contains the iconic Milky Jelly Cleanser, The Priming Moisturizer and your choice of a balm dotcom Lip Balm from the range.

The Three-Step Skincare Routine would normally come in at £43 if bought individually but is available all year round on their website for £35 – around Black Friday the set was further discounted to £30.25 – so it felt like a good deal I couldn’t help but pass up. But the packs they have on the website are a great introduction to the brand if like me, you want to dive into getting to know the brand, or an opportunity to stock up on favourites at a discounted price.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

One of the most iconic products in the Glossier line up is definitely the Milky Jelly Cleanser – I’d had this on my “I should really try that” wishlist since Glossier first came to the UK. This has been my main cleanser for the past few months and whilst I’m enjoying it, I’m not sure I entirely am sure what the hype is about. This has an interesting cleanser although not unique to others that I’ve tried in the past, milky gel is the best way to describe this as it’s got a gel-like texture with a creamy quality to it.

I massage this onto a damp face as I find it the water helps with the texture and it breaks down so it’s a little thinner feeling. If I’ve got full, heavy makeup on this doesn’t do a fantastic job of breaking it down, if I’ve got lighter makeup on that’s already started breaking down somewhat and showing signs of wear, this does a little better, but for me, this is more of a clean face or second cleanse type of cleanser for me.

For me, I really can’t be too bothered with second cleanses, I love a balm cleanser that does it all and leaves my skin feeling very nourished at the end of it. Where this is best for me is as a morning cleanse stripping off the evening’s skincare before starting again with new layers. As a morning cleanser, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and leaves the skin feeling clear and a soft and is a great canvas for the next layer of skincare.

Would I buy it again? Eh – maybe. If I was going to purchase this alone I’d want to snag a good discount on it, whilst not wildly expensive at £15 I feel like I’ve got things which I’ve tried which have been similar.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Had this not have been in the bundle I might not have tried this, as someone who is dehydrated but oily I really need a moisturiser under my foundation but I find a lot of options can easily overload my skin – in the past year I’ve made a little bit of a pivot towards more moisturising primer formulas instead so I was excited to try out the Glossier Priming Moisturizer to see how it faired. The packaging of this is classic Glossier, pink and white in tube which easily squeezes out product at a controlled level.

Weirdly this is described as a buildable cream, although I’m not entirely sure why you would want to build it – even with dry skins where you could apply a little more if needed, I don’t think that you really need to build this product at all. This preps the skin nicely and sinks in quickly with a light cream texture leaving nice hydrating layer that doesn’t feel heavy and has a slight tackiness to it that is a great grip for pre-makeup application without being too much. Does this replace a moisturiser for me? No – I think if you have dry skin this isn’t enough for the skin, however for an oily skinned girl who doesn’t like overloading her face before makeup it’s the right kind of level of hydration but this doesn’t feel like a moisturiser.

However, unlike with other hydrating primers I’ve tried, I just don’t think this helps the makeup last all that well on the skin, I’ve tried this with a multitude of foundations from the elf camo cc cream to my all-time favourite Jouer High Coverage, and I look and feel oily within 3-4 hours with this on, particularly around my t-zone. I’m going to try and use this up completely, but I think it’s going to be a hard slog and will be reserved for days where I’m less concerned about perfection all day. I can see this being most suited for normal skins, more than oily or dry.

Glossier Balm dotcom Berry

Finally, maybe the product that has almost tempted me the most over the years are the balm dotcoms, but ultimately talking myself out of it as really, do I need another lip balm (the answer is usually no!). The one I wanted to snag was one of their newer ones Fig, however, it was OOS at the time of order, so I decided to go for the berry one instead. The balmdot coms are a mix of clear in colour with also some available with a tint too.

The packaging of these are nice and are almost very collectable with the millennial packaging in coordinating flavour colours – in a squeezy foil tube, I don’t find this best for being on to go – particularly in a tinted colour. The berry tone of this squeezes out as a pretty purple tone, it looks pretty intense but when applied through it leaves a more subtle tint on the lips, however, I just don’t like it. My lips have a pretty reddish undertone to them naturally, and it’s a little unexpected for me to say this as I thought this would layer over a wash of colour well – but for me, it looks a little grey and pretty unflattering.

If I’m being honest, I don’t really understand what the hype around these are – the texture of this is kind of thick and pasty, with the tinted ones I feel like it’s particularly noticeable and really needs massaging in otherwise the colour looks kind of patchy. The formula is nourishing – but not any more so than most other formulas, and I’d prefer to opt for something that doesn’t require a finger where possible, sinks in and applies evenly and this formula just isn’t that.

Glossier Textures

The price of Glossier is fairly decent and middle of the road – I particularly like the pricing on their kits and these seem to be a great way to trial out a few pieces at a time at an affordable price. This set is called the 3 step skincare set and would normally price in at £48 individually and the set costs £38 – I like that they allow you to customise on the kits too like picking the lip balm. Am I wowed? Honestly, not particularly – the Milky Jelly Cleanser is my favourite out of the three, but unless I was tempted by something else in the future I can’t see myself rushing to restock on it when it runs out.

If you haven’t purchased from Glossier before and you’re tempted, I have a referral giving you 10% off your first purchase here – this is a general refer a friend code rather than an affiliate.

What have you tried from Glossier, and do you think it’s worth the hype?


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  1. stefsedge
    April 17, 2021 / 8:42 am

    It’s ok, I still haven’t tried Glossier either. Somehow I still don’t feel like I’m missing out on much.

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