OPI My Voice Is A Little Norse – Swatch and Review


Bought in the airport in the rush of really needing to get to the plane, but couldn’t bare having chipped nails/no nail varnish for the entirety of the week. As much as I love me some OPI, the formulations when it comes to glitters, can be a bit unpredictable, from the super dense to the super sheer, and what can look one way in the bottle can be the other on the nails. Therefore I tend not to buy glitters without googling swatches first. But I took a punt on this because of how beautiful it was in the bottle.


I wasn’t disappointed. My Voice is a Little Norse is from the Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection, it’s a bit of an odd colour, it’s not quite a grey, it’s not quite a beige. It sits in a taupe-y mid region which is unusual for a glitter, I can’t think of anything similar at least. It daylight it leans more towards looking Taupey, indoors it looks more grey.


This has quite a gritty texture, it reminds me of the Liquid Sand formulations – is that a term OPI have dropped as I haven’t seen any new releases for a while?! It has the same texture, and the same matte finish that is the trademark style to the Liquid Sand Line.


Also I had this polish on for 6 days, without a topcoat as I didn’t have this with me, I changed it on the last day, but until that point I’d experienced only wear to the tips, which I topped up somewhere mid-week. Considering I’d been digging around in Sand on the beach, I was really impressed with how it held up. Despite this I tried it again when I got home with a topcoat, as generally I just always prefer glitters to be as sparkly as possible, a topcoat is usually the way to do that. I wasn’t disappointed again. It didn’t last quite as long, but it did feel quite thick with 2 layers of polish and 2 thin layers of topcoat.

My Voice is a Little Norse, After 6 Days of wear – no topcoat

I remember taking lots of beautiful photos of this under the sun in Turkey, which showcased them looking their best. However annoyingly I think I must have deleted them by mistake.



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