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A different post for me, but I thought anyone who might be looking for something new to read may find it helpful for some recommendations, I tried to avoid spoilers! Whilst on holiday I managed to make my way through 4 books, which I thought wasn’t too bad as we were doing quite a bit!

Goodnight, Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson


Follows the story of Nova, who is asked by her childhood best friend Mal, and his wife Stephanie to be a surrogate for them. The story switches from being told from Nova and Stephanie’s points of view, telling of the story of the run up to the surrogacy, to 8 years after the child has been born. There’s a trademark ‘koomson twist’, in that the story doesn’t turn out as planned.

I found this really hard to get into before holiday, I kept putting it down and picking it up a week later, reading only 5-10 pages at a time. I struggled to follow whose point of view it was talking from but reading solidly, or in big chunks of an hour made it much easier.

Both me and my sister are big fans of Dorothy Koomson, but this wasn’t my favourite book of hers. I’d really recommend that you check out the ‘Ice Cream Girls’ and ‘The Woman He Loved Before‘.

We Were Liars by E Lockhart


One of the most hyped books this year, this Young Adult novel is perfectly pitched for a young audience. The story circles around a privileged family “The Sinclairs”, we visit the family year on year for their summers on their private island littered with large houses and mansions. The story is told Cadences, point of view, focusing on her summers endlessly spent with her 2 cousins, and her cousin’s friend Gat. The book has possibly the biggest twist I’ve ever read.

I didn’t like the books twist all that much, but the story was so beautifully written up until that point that I didn’t really care. This is supposedly going to be made into a movie, and I think will be one of those cult classics for teens when it does come out. This was very quick to finish, and I was gutted when it finished, I was so wrapped up in their beautiful tragedy.

When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman


This is one of those stories which has nothing really happen but life for the vast majority of the book, which I kind of liked. A large chunk of the book is about childhood, friendship and family. It’s really just the tale of a girl growing up, which is beautifully written and you feel a real sense of genuine relationship she has with every character, from her parents, friends, brother and old man next door.

The book for me took a strange U turn in the last 20% or so, turning into a story of adulthood and loss. I didn’t mind this side of the story, but because it was so shortlived, it felt rushed and like the story wasn’t properly developed. I can appreciate a story for having a good first half, and disregard the weird twist that happens, which is what I felt with this and we were liars, which because they were so beautifully written up to twist, I didn’t mind.

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider


(Renamed the ‘Beginning of Everything’ – but kindle version is still Severed Heads, Broken Hearts)

Another book with a twist. Follows the story of the popular teenage Jock, who believes that every one has a tragedy waiting for them at some point in their lives, which will cause a change in direction. Following the said tragedy, which I shan’t spoil, Ezra finds him self with a new group of geeky friends, and new girl, later girlfriend, Cassidy. The story continues telling their idyllic kooky teenage lives, a less dramatic tragedy strikes again.

I really liked Robyn Schnieder’s writing style, but just wish the story had a little more… ooompf. It was however refreshing to have have Young Adult fiction told from a male point of view, this is still quite obviously geared towards the female market in it’s love story twist, but.

This was uber quick to read, I think I read it in about 5 hours. It’s a young adult fiction. It wasn’t the best thing I read, but if you like easy reading, you’ll like this.

I was in a bit of a rut, and had been trying to read Goodnight Beautiful since Christmas. But the week away reignited my love for reading! I’m now reading the Great Gatsby, I love the film but have never read the book. I’ve also got about 5 others I’ve downloaded since I got home, I’m weighing up between Divergent and Gone Girl! I desperately wanted to read divergent, which I bought before I went, but forgot to switch my kindle on so it didn’t download. I’m thinking I might read Gone Girl to see what all the hype is about and I can submerge myself in the Divergent Trilogy afterwards.

Are you reading anything good or have any book recommendations?



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