Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 106 – Swatch & Review


This nail varnish was picked my my inner magpie in the shop, look how shiny and clashing it is!

Imagine the gaudiest Christmas tree, with the tackiest clashing glitter and that’s everything that Golden Rose 106 embodies. Made up with purple, yellow and green – this to me is a tree with awful tinsel covering it. Ugh you might think. But I’m in love.

Like all of the other Golden Rose polishes I’ve tried thus for the longevity and staying power is incredible. I had this on my nails for 5 days without any chips, which I think is always impressive for a glitter polish. For the first few days I didn’t wear a topcoat as it was already glossy by itself. When I added a topcoat, it made the manicure feel fresh and look even shinier.


But best of all, these pictures were just two coats, and was almost opaque in one. I’ve never known glitters like the Golden Rose for pigmentation. The glitter is very fine, but not micro-glitter sized, which does give the ultra bling in your face effect.


I think I will probably lay off wearing this again until closer to the festive period as I did feel like a walking Christmas tree whilst it was on. But during December I think this might be my go to polish of choice! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Please can we get a Golden Rose store in the UK, Anywhere – I’m not fussed!



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