Burberry – My favourite nail formulation… Ever?


As from the title of this post, you may be able to guess what direction this review is going to take.

I picked these up almost 2 weeks ago, from TK maxx, for a bargain price of only £7.99 each, and pretty much immediately wanted to try these out. That little haul is here. I picked up the shades Sage Green and Metallic Khaki.


Let’s start with the cosmetic and ‘irrelevant’, these polishes are packaged beautifully. The top lid looks like it’s made out of metal, but is actually very high quality plastic, which looks like a gunmetal chrome, with the classic Burberry check printed on. I want rows of these lined up.

Burberry Metallic Khaki

Both of these polishes, were opaque in one coat, followed up by a second coat which smoothed over and created a real gel like look. All of these swatches on both the shades had no topcoat at all, and I can’t get over the shine that they have. Beyond the shiny finish it has, it also has incredible staying power. Metallic khaki I had on my nails for 7 days with only 2 small chips, which I wouldn’t have taken off it it didn’t mean I needed to blog about the “next thing”. At time of writing I’ve had sage green on for 4 days and it’s not showing any sign of chipping yet.

Burberry Metallic Khaki
Burberry Metallic Khaki

The sage green shade reminds me very much of the cult favourite shade ‘Jade is the new black’ from OPI. So if you’re struggling to get your hands on that, this is a great shade match, and dare I say, better! The metallic khaki shade I would say is more of a bronze with a slight hint of deep green.

Burberry Sage Green Nail Polish

I regret not buying more shades of these as I’m so impressed with the formula… It’s a good job I need to head in the direction of that TK Maxx later in the week to see if they have any more left!

I wish I didn’t want to play with my new gel nail kit so much, as I could easily reprint my nails over and over again as these are perfect autumn shades. If you’re able to get your hands on the burberry range, give them a try!

What’s your favourite nail polish formula?



  1. September 7, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    I came across this post from your “related post” suggestion and I’m glad I found this gem! (you should repost this for more people to re-enjoy it! 😉 )
    These 2 colours are stunning! I can’t believe you scored these from TKMaxx!
    Your post reminded me that I picked up the Burberry polish in Steel Grey back in January (not at a discount, sadly) which I haven’t worn yet. Must remedy that soon.

    • September 8, 2016 / 6:59 am

      I should really re wear these At some point and see if they are still favorite formula status! The first and only time I ever found Burberry at tk maxx!

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