Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat Review

Barry M‘s new product is the Plumpy topcoat which sits in addition to their Gelly range. When I spotted this on the Boots website there were no reviews of it at all – so decided to take the plunge. Now reviews of this seem to be popping up everywhere – so sorry if you’ve seen this 100 times already – I tried to be the first on the bandwagon!

The barry m plumpy topcoat aims to give the thick glossy look we expect from gel manicures,. I’m a loyal lover of Seche Vite and have been for several years, I was hoping to find in this would be a cheaper but equal topcoat which would replace it. Sadly it’s not quite the same, although is the best topcoat I’ve tried for £2.99.

This does give a super glossy gel like shine so completely delivers on the gel like front for me. However it doesn’t create the thick plumped up look like it claims to with one coat, I expect with a second that yes it would – but I think that would be the case in the majority of topcoats.

Essie Suite Retreat - Took in different lights but no topcoat on the left, topcoat on the right
Essie Suite Retreat – Took in different lights but no topcoat on the left, topcoat on the right – very noticeable shine difference

The brush on this is nice and wide which makes for a quick application as one sweep across the nail pretty much covers it all. I’m the kind of person who uses a topcoat for giving shine back or evening out texture – especially in glitters , rather than using a topcoat to give me a super long lasting manicure. Seche Vite does deliver on the long lasting manicure as well as all of what’s mentioned, where as I didn’t find that this one did help wear time. so whilst this isn’t a problem for me – it might be for you.

I’ve seen mixed reviews on the drying time – personally I found it to be relatively quick as long as you do wipe the brush off well on the side of the bottle as it is a thick consistency, a too thick of a layer does take ages.

I’ll happily use this all up, but think Seche Vite will always be the one which I go repurchase – purely because I like to have the option of a long lasting manicure for busy weeks just in case.

What’s your favourite topcoat?


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