Essie Suite Retreat – Review & Swatch 

I’m a big fan of Essie, but for a while now I’ve found their latest offerings and collections a bit… too samey. When I went to collect my Boots order a few weeks a go I strolled leisurely through the make up aisles to get the the tills (it was semi en route), and this polish stopped me in my tracks. Literally.


Suite Retreat is from Essie’s 2015 resort collection and is an unusual powdery purple blue with slight undertones of purple. Not only could I not think of anything that I had that was remotely comparable, but I couldn’t think of anything similar full stop. The colour of this is perfect for a nail art idea based around my favourite pattern on some of my clothing that I’ve been thinking of for a while, so expect that upcoming! The colour reminds me of iris flowers, which have just started popping up in my garden, so it seems very Spring appropriate.

Yes. that’s right. I own monster’s inc pyjamas – Essie Suite Retreat in Daylight

The formulation of Suite Retreat is what I’ve come to expect from Essie, this was opaque in one thin coat but finished with a second to give a super shiny finish. It’s pictured above with no topcoat and has a nice finish – but featured with a new topcoat below which I’ve been trialling it’s even better, without it has been lasting me at least 3 days without chipping, but whilst I’ve been putting my nails through rough treatment e.g not being able to use the dishwasher for a week and gardening.

Essie Suite Retreat with Topcoat
Essie Suite Retreat with Topcoat during evening/un-natural light
After 5 days of wear!
After 5 days of wear!

I’ve had this on every other time I paint my nails and can see me keep coming back to it regularly for the foreseeable future! It looks great against pastel colours, like these rings on thursday’s H&M haul which make it great for spring!


What are your favourite Essie shades?


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