Favourite Podcasts – 2019 Update

Favourite Podcasts – 2019 Update

I did a post on my favourite podcasts back in 2017 – at the time, I’d only recently be a convert to podcasts and several years on they have become a major part of my daily routine, it’s rare that I listen to any music other than Mumford and Sons, Sam Smith or Taylor Swift and would prefer a podcast over a radio any day of the week. As you’ll know if you read my recent life update post I’m now predominately a work-from-home employee having changed jobs, but Podcasts were my daily listening on 40 minute drives to and from work, now I suspect they’ll be my radio going forward.

Some of my favourite podcasts from my original post are still firm favourites, but some are not posting as much at the moment/have taken a break which means I’ve had to seek out replacements. I will be happy to welcome back Anna Faris’ Unqualified, that’s one I’m majorly missing! Some of these have been series that are one off runs, and since my last update I’ve gotten into true crime – so many of these are true crime ones I’ve really enjoyed but I had to narrow down my selection to what I thought were the best of the best, as I’ve listened to so many of them.

Favourite Podcasts - My Favourite Murder

My Favorite Murder – By Karen Gilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

In my last podcast roundup I talked about being a newbie to My Favorite Murder at the end, I had hundreds of episodes to catch up on and wow, I fell in love with those ladies over the past two years and pretty much from the moment I started listening it became a favourite podcast of mine. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk over their favourite murder of the week (sometimes it also covers natural disasters, architectural accidents etc), the two take it in turns to deep dive and tell the news as a story. It won’t be for everyone and I’m sure those who enjoy true crime will have already indulged in the show. It’s the perfect blend of comedy to loosen up a dark topic, whilst still remaining respectful to the victims. We have tickets to go see the show in Manchester in November and I’m so looking forward to it!

Favourite Podcasts - Off Menu

Off Menu – by Ed Gamble and James Acaster

A recent discovery for me, but one I am thoroughly loving – two comedians sit down with a guest each week to discuss their dream meal would be – covering every course, it can be anything from their nan’s home-cooked dish to a specific restaurant in the middle of nowhere, anything is possible in here as the waiter is a genie who can magic up any dish possible. The average episode runs for about an hour and is often guested by other comedians which makes a lot of laughs, but I also really like hearing from restaurant critics and chefs who they have on the show, as you’d expect them to have fancy dishes, but they often end up going for the ultimate basics! I’ve caught up on almost all of the episodes in just a few weeks and I imagine I’ll be caught up fully soon. Favourite questions are “Still, Sparkling or Tap Water?” and “Poppadoms or bread?” turns out you learn the most about people when those questions are asked!

Favourite Podcasts - The Last Days of August / The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect / The Last Days of August by Jon Ronson

I’m pretty sure the The Last Days of August was mentioned on my Favourite Murder which is how I discovered this podcast. The Last Days of August tells the true story of August Ames, a pornstar who committed suicide and the events which ran up to this event and the events that followed, including interviewing her husband who was widely considered to be part of the reason for her death. I really enjoyed Jon Ronson’s style of journalism (so much so I purchased books by him after) as he wasn’t scared to ask awkward and difficult questions.

From there I followed onto The Butterfly Effect, which followed the aftermath of the creation of website juggernaut Pornhub and the impact that had on the world, industry etc. I found this really interesting from a technology perspective – as someone who has lived and breathed websites her whole career it was interesting to see what one website has done to change the world in different ways, good and bad – especially as I had opportunity to enter into that side of the web development industry after leaving uni!

If you are trying to find these, they are grouped as one podcast and separated into series, search for The Last Days of August or Jon Ronson.

Favourite Podcasts - Who the Hell is Hamish?

Who the Hell is Hamish? – The Australian Newspaper

I absolutely blitzed through this podcast, coming from the Australia newspaper network (who are absolutely smashing true crime podcasts out), a true crime about a Aussie named Hamish, who was a complete and utter con-man. The podcast follows around his story, people he had conned, the aftermath he left behind right up to the recent trial case where he was finally bought in front of a court after 20 years of ruining lives. This podcast was interesting journalism that was more victim focused and a nice-length isolated story.

Favourite Podcasts - The Teacher's Pet

The Teacher’s Pet – The Australian Newspaper

Another from the Australian newspaper, this is a much longer, much more in depth true crime podcast telling the story of an unsolved missing persons, deemed murder case of housewife Lynette Dawson, married to an ex Rugby star turned school teacher who disappeared leaving her two children at home with her husband’s new trophy girlfriend (and pupil) as their carer. This story has been quite fascinating so far and I listened to this a lot whilst I was decorating and I’m still not at the end of it, at times it’s felt overwhelming there’s a lot of information to take in, lots of people who knew her telling their stories and I have to take a breather before I go back to it. But it’s a story that I’ve not heard before and one I’m enjoying to get to the conclusion of.


Now I don’t have co-workers pestering me all day, I’ll be able to listen to Podcast’s more through my working day, so I am definitely in the market for some new ones to listen to, so please feel free to share your favourite podcasts in the comments, I’ve recently been recommend Shagged, Married, Annoyed which is next on my list to try out when I am caught up as well as Approachable by Sam Ravndahl.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favourites?


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    • rachael
      September 23, 2019 / 2:20 pm

      Small Town is on my list one ones to listen to next once I’ve caught up on the backlog of a few!

    • October 4, 2019 / 3:43 am

      I second that, Small Town Murder is hilarious!

      • rachael
        October 14, 2019 / 9:47 am

        Definitely going to be my next to listen to!

  1. October 4, 2019 / 3:42 am

    I just got through The Teacher’s Pet… it was so hard to stop listening once I started, the story is just so horrifying and fascinating. I’ve really been enjoying Over My Dead Body season 2 called Joe Exotic. It’s just a wild story about a bunch of people I am so glad I don’t know. The podcast Criminal also has some great episodes too, a coworker and I kind of became obsessed with Evelyn Nesbitt after listening to episodes 91 and 92. White Lies and Bundyville have been my top picks this year, but they are so US social issues-centric that I’m not sure if you would enjoy them or not.

    • rachael
      October 14, 2019 / 9:49 am

      Haha, you’ve got me intrigued about a bunch of people you’re glad you didn’t know. i’m going to start downloading immediately!
      I will check out your others recs too!
      I still haven’t finished Teacher’s Pet, I listened to about 6/7 of them in a row whilst decorating and haven’t picked up the last of them yet – I’m going to be decorating again in a few weeks so maybe I’ll pick them back up then!

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