The Lip Care Edit : Seven Products Tested

The Lip Care Edit : Seven Products Tested

Around a month ago you may have remembered me hauling the Cult Beauty Lip Care box which featured five items designed to get your lips back in shape. As the weather at the time was snowy and bitterly cold in the UK, my crusty lips couldn’t resist an extra dose of care as I’ve felt like I was running through lip balms at a rate of knots, and I threw a couple of others in intending to try a different product a day for a week and call this “a week in lip care”. After a month I’m finally here after realising I needed to give them a more thorough test than a day each and give myself some time to chop and change between them all.

We’ve still got seven lip care products to talk about so let’s not beat about the bush and jump in.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Lip Pop 

Price: £19.50 | Available from Cult Beauty here
Wear time: Approx 1 hour, less with eating and drinking
Best for those who: Like a bright pink sheer tinge and don’t mind reapplying frequently

Glow Recipe has been a brand I’ve loved trying out more from and as this arrived I’d just finished a review of some other Glow Recipe skincare so I was happy to have yet another item from the brand to try out from. The full RRP isn’t cheap and the packaging whilst fun, doesn’t feel particularly luxe for it’s price point. From the Watermelon range this is scented as watermelon in a bright pink coloured twist up balm which I assumed as I was applying blindly from my office desk that it would be transparent and it wasn’t until several days into testing this I noticed the pink tinge does add some colour to the lips, as a result I’d say not the best for on the go as it needs a mirror t0 avoid pink tinge.

The balm has a slight bobbly texture to it which confused me, but on reading it describes it self as a scrub to balm formula – which I can’t say I’d have got, it’s not scrubby enough to feel like a scrub and more for it to feel just a bit lumpy and scratchy. The formula is listed as containing AHAs to help exfoliate in addition to the scrub texture. It’s difficult to say the performance of this as I do also frequently use a lip scrub, but I didn’t feel like it was adding much in this area.

On the lips this has a smooth feeling leaving a glossy balm feeling on the lips with a pink sheen. However it’s lasting power feels pretty average and it wears away quite quickly, particularly with a sip of drink and I never really felt like on the days I’d used this pretty solidly for a full day – I’d get to the end of the day and think “my lips feel really soft”.

Huda Lip Silk

Price: £18.00 | Available from Cult Beauty here
Wear time: Approx 1.5-2 hour
Best for those who: Like a lip oil and something that looks like a gloss

The packaging of this one made it one of the most appealing ones to gravitate towards in the pile, and the gorgeous Almond scent this has also got me hooked. This is milky pink in colour and whilst that doesn’t transpire too much onto the lips I find it has that perfecting colourless quality that just adds that real full look to the lips. Appearance wise this is like a gloss with a nice wet look shine to it, but as it wears I feel like it has that balmy feeling that sticks to the lips and feels nourishing at the same time.

This is the only one of these which was a deluxe size rather than a full size item, but at a little over half size it gave me a good indication of the product and one thing I’ll say is that I whizzed through it very quickly and whilst I really liked this, it felt more like a comfortable gloss than true lip care for me.

Patchology Flashpatch Lip Gels

Price: £3.00 each / £14.00 5 Pack | Available from Cult Beauty here
Wear time: Single Use
Best for those who: Love a face mask and feeling boujee

I decided to try this out one evening while doing my gel nails, a hydrogel like texture that’s pretty wet, it lasted on my lips and felt pretty moist for the first 30 minutes it was on my lips – however by 40 minutes I found that it had dried out. The finish of the hydrogel has a soft glistening shimmer to it and peeling off my lips on a late evening I was hoping by morning I’d still be feeling like there was lasting effects of this single use mask – however I was wrong and it seemed to have been an instant boost of smooth and softness that didn’t last. For me, this was nice to use but an utter waste of money, even as a special event type treatment I’d rather have put on a good lip balm while getting ready instead of using this in place.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter

Price: £15 | Available from Cult Beauty here
Wear time: 2-3 hours
Best for those who: Are on the go

This is a big wide packaged product and initially left me feeling a bit like it was too big, but it’s proved very handy for slipping in my pockets on dog walks and applying on the go at my desk. However it’s misleading there’s barely any product in here and there’s a lot of wasted plastic for this, twisting this up fully shows there’s only about half a cm of product in here! This has a beautiful burnt sugary cinnamon scent that almost makes me hungry every time I sniff it. The formula of this is nice, with a formula that leaves a nice balmy appearance on the lips with a slight healthy gloss. However being quite thin feeling I find it does wear off pretty quickly.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm

Price: £33
Wear time: 2 hours
Best for those who: Are all about the packaging

I purchased a mini lip balm set from Pat McGrath from Pat McGrath and decided to just test the clear one for the purpose of this roundup. The packaging of these feels a little bit flimsy and cheap compared to their full size lipsticks, but I love their mini size for slipping in my handbag and not taking up much space. The formula of this feels nice and glides on easily, it feels a bit of a thicker layer on the lips – almost more akin to vaseline, being both tasteless and scentless. I like the appearance of this on my lips as a balm – but once it’s worn away or I’ve reapplied several times through the day, I’m not feeling like I’ve been left with nourished lips that have been slathered in balm.

Whilst this is more a comparison of the clear balm – the tinted ones are very tinted, almost more like a MAC Creamsheen formula with a little bit of sheerness to them, but they feel more comparable to a balmy lipstick than a tinted lip balm. I like the other balms in this set more and I’m intrigued about some of the other formula types in the balms, but I wouldn’t repurchase the clear one again as a lip care item.

Nuxe Reve de Miel

Price: £11 | Link to buy Cult Beauty
Wear time: 4+ hours
Best for those who: Want overnight nourishment

Reve de Miel is one of my favourite skincare products of all time and it’s been a while since I last had it – this can be worn through the day but it’s quite a pastey formula that I prefer to crack out as an overnight lip mask – this offers massive difference and has rescued my lips from the brink of extreme crustiness many times and it’s something I love having in my arsenal. This is a special honey edition which is the first time having this one and I have to say I find the performance no different to the original, and other than enjoying the orange glass pot, I think I actually prefer the scent of the original one over all. This isn’t the best for on the go since you need to dip and use fingers, but when my lips are at the worst of the worst – this one is always guaranteed to offer relief and softness. I remember when I first bought this I thought this was expensive for a lip balm, but after fully using it – and comparing against others in this post – it’s excellent value and lasts forever too!

Augustinus Bader The Lip Balm

Price: £30 | Available to Buy Cult Beauty
Wear time: 2-3 hours
Best for those who: Want to even out texture

[Disclaimer I work at Augustinus Bader, product purchased with my own money] – As twist up lip balms go, this comes up their in in stunning packaging. I’ll be the first to admit – that this product didn’t particularly wow me at first, using between other lip balms in here it was not one of the formulas which jumped out at me, however on deciding to switch to this one solidly for a week – I do have to say, this one is about the long term game and over time helps improve the texture of lips, I love the size of my lips – but one thing I dislike is that my lip texture isn’t the smoothest with lines across them and after using this for a week I noticed a difference in the appearance of those. Applied appearance wise, this doesn’t look particularly like a heavy balm adding the most subtle of apperances out of all on this list. I applied this overnight compared to the Nuxe one I wouldn’t feel the same level of instant boost, however as an easy to apply lip balm it’s great for on my desk and regular applications I do like it. It is one of the more expensive options on the list, it’s quite a thin formula that seems to last a long time.

What are your favourite lip balms and lip care products?


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