Project Pan 2021 Roundup

Project Pan 2021 Roundup

I know, I know. This is almost horribly late for a Project Pan roundup – but as someone who really enjoys Project Pan content,  wanted to make sure that I did still finish off my 2021 one, as, despite the fact I didn’t blog too much in the second half of the year, I still stuck to trying to finish off certain products in my collection.

Stila Magnificent Metals Kitten Karma Minis x 2
Goal: Finish both / Start Weigh In: 32.1g /2 Month Progress 31.7g / 4 Month Progress: 31.4g / 6 Month Progress: 31.43g / 9 Month Progress 31.04g / 12 Month Progress 30.98g

I didn’t use these much through the year until December and one is very close to being declared done and the second one isn’t far behind. I rehydrate these so the weight doesn’t move much, but using through December again I found myself enjoying them and causing me to pull out other MM shades too.

Review of Magnificent Metals

Colourpop Glitterati Supershock Shadow
Goal: Finish / Introduced March Weigh In: 12g / 4 Month Progress: 18.00g / 6 Month Progress: 17.88g / 9 Month Progress 17.84g / 12 Month Progress 17.82g

I was ready to say this has gotten lost but I found it just as I was weighing everything up. A hard one to use now it’s very chalky and dry feeling and the colour is just not my preference any more. I’m pretty sure I’m going to declutter this one but will have one last play to decide!

Note – start weigh in was obviously noted wrong. 

Fleur De Force Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars
Goal: Finish / July Introduction Weigh In: 12.64g / 3 Month Progress 12.46g / 6 Month Progress 12.38g

I’ll admit, that I kind of forgot about this one being in my PP, but I have been leaning more towards true nude or clear glosses lately and this one’s pinker hue hasn’t matched most eye looks I’ve played with. The formula of this still seems lovely and it tastes and smells fine, so I’m going to keep it and cycle it into next years project as I popped it on and it is a really pretty gloss!

RMCA No Colour Powder
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 96.2g / 2 Month Progress : 88.1g / 4 Month Progress: 75.9g / 6 Month Progress: 59.41g / 9 Month Progress 45.73g / 12 Month Progress 31.02g

So close to being done, considering this was basically the only powder I used all year, it really held on well. I have another few months of this left I reckon, I did buy a powder in the Selfridges sale as I am travelling soon and the packaging of this is kind of ridiculous for my makeup bag for a plane flight at this point, but I plan to keep this as my daily powder at home until gone! Annoyingly I forgot to take a progress photo of this but you can see in my 2022 post tomorrow how much is left as I’m carrying it over!

Violet Voss Highlight Trio
Goal: Use 3g of Product / July Introduction Weigh In: 87.01g / 3 Month Progress 85.97g / 6 Month Progress 89.89g

I am not surprised to see little progress on this, I found myself drawn to 2 Becca Highlighters in my drawer instead and this fell by the wayside. I am putting one of the Becca ones into my project for 2022 and plan to bring this one back in when finished. I do like the colours and the formula in this and if it was the only highlighter in my drawer I’d use it happily all up I think! I have no idea what is going on with the weight of this product and where it’s been right or wrong!


Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 38.7g / 2 Month Progress: 37.7g / 4 Month Progress: 36.0g / 6 Month Progress: 31.37g / 12 month Progress 27.11g

I am a little embarrassed at how little I used this, It’s the kind of product where the progress is quick and you use a fair bit at a time due to its whipped texture. I want to finish it up, so I am going to try and put it into my Project Pan for 2022 and make a concerted effort this time!
Review of Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm

Freeman’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Face Mask
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 181.5g / 2 Month Progress : 176.4g / 4 Month Progress: 171.9g / 6 Month Progress: 169.30g / 9 Month Progress 154.26g / 12 Month Progress 153.97g

Had this been any other year, I would have finished this, I’ve been so out of the routine of using face masks this year that this just slipped by the wayside. Leaving it out for me to remember did nothing apart from add clutter to my bathroom sink area. I like this and won’t throw it despite making poor progress, maybe 2022 will be my year of the mask again!

Review of Freeman’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask

OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 69.8g / 2 Month Progress : 65.0g / 4 Month Progress: 61.3g / 6 Month Progress: 59.37g / 9 Month Progress 59.60g / 12 Month Progress 58.04g

Delighted to say this got lost and just like the rest of the year, I made almost no progress between the last check in and the end of the year. This is a very harsh scrub, I think if it was a product that was easier to use in the shower I probably would have attempted to use it up on the body. I should probably decide to just bin it but I can’t let go, so here’s hoping that next year I can finish this up.

Review of OZ Naturals Dermafoliant

Hand & Lip Care

Jeffree Star Lip Scrub in Mojito
Goal: Finish / Start Weigh In: 52.5g / 2 Month Progress : 51.0g / 4 Month Progress: 48.2g / 6 Month Progress: 47.55g / 9 Month Progress 46.85g / 12 Month Progress 43.43g

Through winter I did find myself using this a few times weekly but it wasn’t enough to hit the target of finishing. Most of what is left in weight is packaging, but I’d guess there’s about 20% of the pot still remaining. Another one I won’t toss as I do actually like the product and still tastes fine and is texturally fine, so we’ll see you next year Jeffree.

Review of Mojito Lip Scrub

L’Occitane Intensive Hand Balm [Gifted by M&S]
Goal: Finish / May Introduction Weigh In : 146.3g / 2 Month Progress 118.57g / 5 Month Progress 114.35g / 12 Month Progress ??

OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Remover
Goal: Finish / May Introduction Weigh In : 23.0g / 2 Month Progress 17.21g / 5 Month Progress 16.98g / 12 Month Progress ??

I appear to have lost 2 products! They definitely haven’t been thrown away, but I’m not entirely sure where they have ended up. I want to finish both of these so I am hoping they do turn back up and then I’ll maybe add them into my project pan again!

Completed but kept in project

Colourpop California Love Palette
Goal: Use 2g of Product / Start Weigh In: 122.0g /2 Month Progress: 118.8g / 4 Month Progress: 117.2g / 6 Month Progress: 116.53g / 9 Month Progress 116.32g / 12 Month Progress 116.30g

Well, I feel like I had a really good run with this palette at the beginning but once I used up my favourite shades I was far less drawn to using it. The metallics that are left in this palette – “Surfrider” lack punch on the eye it’s quite soft, but I did manage to hit pan on it in December. “Cahuenga” is a shade I love in the pan and swatched but something about it on my eye just makes me look a little ill – I think in summer I may have been able to use this one a bit more, but I was still making my way through other shades at that point. Overall when I reach for this now I find myself wishing I was using the Natasha Denona Bronze palette instead. I’m moving this out of my dressing table and into my “archived makeup” just in case I do want it again in the future. I’ve popped below how the palette looked at the beginning in January last year.

Review of California Love


Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage Foundation
Goal: Use 10g of Product / Start Weigh In: 37.7g / 2 Month Progress : 37.6g / 4 Month Progress : 37.6g / 6 Month Progress: 34.23g / 9 Month Progress 17.76g – Finished November

This ended up being a product that I fell in love with throughout the year and became my go-to foundation, I thought it would be the kind of thing when I finished it I’d be glad to see the back of it, but quite the opposite, as I was getting close to the end I made sure I had another back up there. Full Coverage but natural finish that wears beautifully on oily skin. I really need to get a review together on it!

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Fragrance
Goal : Finish / October Weigh In: 128.90g – Finished November

Used up! I only bought this at the beginning of last year but didn’t love the fragrance as much as the soap/body wash in the same scent so I just wanted to get it finished and gone. Nice enough, but haven’t even thought about it since it hit my empties pile.

Smashbox Priming Water
Goal : Finish / October Weigh In: 62.87g – Finished December

Glad to see this finished as it was a gift 2/3 years ago for Christmas, I’ve made excellent progress on my priming/setting sprays and I’m down to my last one! Truth be told I used this most on wetting eyeshadow brushes to get a more metallic finish. I didn’t love ut as a primer and found it okay as a setting spray, but not enough for me to use it regularly as I found it made my face a bit “too wet” afterward and would take too long to settle down.

MAC Blush – Seduced At Sea
Goal: Use 1g / July Introduction Weigh In: 29.45g / 3 Month Progress 27.30g – Finished January

I made way more progress on this than I expected through the year and it ended up being a complete finish in early January. There’s a little left, right round the edge of the pan but I am having to smush brushes in far too heavily for my liking so I’m now retiring it. This was a past LE one from years ago and I’m glad that I actually used it up, it’s a gorgeous warm blush that stays kind of neutral with a slight glow to the formula that looks truly stunning.

Final thoughts and round up

Completed through the year:

Makeup (10 items) : Smashbox Priming Water, Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage Foundation, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Vanilla Quartz, Topshop Lip Crayon in Feather, Tarte Highlight in Sparkler, Topshop Makeup Fixing Mist, Colourpop California Love Palette*, Becca Skin Love Setting Spray, Makaeup Geek Heart Throb Blush, MAC Seduced at Sea Blush

Skincare : None!

Fragrance (2 items) : & Other Stories Punk Bouquet Fragrance, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Perfume

*Not completed but hit target and retiring

I didn’t have much skincare in my PP, but I am a little ashamed that I finished none off. I really stuck to my favourites this year which I didn’t necessarily want to finish, or I was going through cleansers etc which aren’t hard products to “pan” when you use the same one start to end. I was pleased at the makeup items I managed to pan this year – I go through things like mascara and liner fairly easily, but it’s nice to see items that are harder to finish actually get fully used up. The two perfumes I chose to pan this year also got completed (alongside some others outside of the project) and its good to see I managed to clear through ones I just wasn’t keen on keeping around as I’m thinning out the ground and only having things I love in front of me.

And there we have it. If you did a Project Pan how did you do throughout the year? I will be introducing my 2022 line up to you tomorrow and we’re taking skincare out as a category and adding haircare in!


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