2022 Project Pan

2022 Project Pan

I really enjoyed my Project Pan in 2021, and towards the middle of December I started having a peek through my collection as to what I would want to concentrate on during 2022. There are a few items I’ve decided to carry through from 2021 where I was still enjoying using them, but for the vast majority of items, I am choosing to start with things afresh. One thing became clear last year was that skincare is not a great thing for me to put in my Project Pans, I work for a skincare company and at the moment I’m pretty dedicated to using those products as they are the ones I see the best results from. Regular readers will know I now shop cruelty free – but I do use things already in my collection, the project pans have felt like a good way to appreciate products that I have previously loved but help get my collection to being free of items tested by animals.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
Goal: Use 5.5g
Start Weight: 58.73g

I bought this towards the beginning of 2021 as I was working my way through my bronzer collection in the form of minis and thought I would need something fairly quickly to replace them, it didn’t get opened until around the end of November and it’s been my first time trying this iconic bronzer. This could well be something I keep in the project for longer, but I suspect when it starts warming up through summer this might be one which is more difficult to use as I suspect it will be too light for me – so I’ve put a low ball 5.5g target on this one just in case – which is half the full weight of the product.

Estee Lauder Witty Peach Blush
Goal: Hit Pan
Start Weight: 89.75g

This was the replacement for my all-time favourite, discontinued blush called Peach Nuace from Estee Lauder and once I finished that off, this kind of lost it’s way into my drawer. I reviewed this back in 2016 and it looks barely used since then, I made excellent progress and finished off two blushes last year and needed another one to cycle in. I remember this one being a lovely formula and I’m hoping that’s true!

Becca Khloe & Malika Highlighting Beads
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 27.02g

I used these a lot in 2o21 as I wanted to see it gone from my drawer and made really good progress. One thing I have noticed is the lighter beads break down a lot quicker than the darker ones – so I may get to a point where this is too dark for me to use as a highlighter. But I’m going to persevere and try and finish this up if I can do.

RMCA No Colour Powder
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 31.02g

The first product I’m carrying over from last year is this, it was so close to being finished off and was pretty much the only powder I used all year. I’ve really enjoyed it and it won’t take long to finish this last little bit off – but I couldn’t let it go out of the project as it’s been a real labour of love to stick exclusively to this all year. Ready to wave goodbye to it, let’s hope by the first update it will have disappeared and I can order one of the powders I really want to try!

Glossier Priming Moisturiser
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 41.37g

I really didn’t enjoy this when I used it over summer as I found it didn’t work well to help prolong my makeup, however when I pulled it out in December when I last finished a primer looking for something new to finish up, I really enjoyed it for my winter skin. I suspect it may be a product that doesn’t suit me all year (unless my preferences have simply shifted), but I hope to make good progress on it this year, ideally it would be nice to see it finished – but I’d be happy to see a good chunk of the product used up.

Jouer High Coverage Foundation in Pebble
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 111.62g

This used to be my favorite foundation but after putting the Smashbox full coverage one in my project pan last year, that overtook this by a country mile. I’ve tried this out a few times in December to see what I thought of it and have found it seems to sit very cakey on my skin now – I’d like to find a way to make this work and through the year find a way to finish it up completely. It’s very difficult to find myself drawn to it when I find that I just don’t want to stray away from the Smashbox one which is indestructible in terms of it’s coverage.

Essence Cover Stick
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 12.58g

I don’t use concealers much anymore as I find a good coverage foundation is enough for me now, but this is an old but good concealer I’d like to finish off this and have one less item in my drawer. This is a concealer that I’d tend to use in place of a foundation as it’s quite a thick cream texture with medium coverage. It should be a really easy one to finish, there’s not much left but it’s just adjusting myself back into the routine of using it again!

NARS Lip Crayons in Valkerie and Do Me Baby
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 15.26g

I wore these a few times towards the end of 2021 and really enjoyed both of these colours, Valkerie is quite a good neutral tone that will go with almost every eye look I want to make, and Do Me Baby is neutral with a slight reddish undertone. NARS isn’t a brand I buy from. I found a Lip Crayon Pretty easy to finish last year and I’m hoping these will be the same!

Fleur De Force Written in the Stars Gloss
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 12.38g

Another carryover from last year, this one is close to being done, I can sense it and feel it in my bones! I use this less now as a prefer a true neutral lip most of the time and this one leans a little pinker. I do enjoy this every time I wear it, I just don’t seem to gravitate towards it picking it up.

By Terry Eyeliners (Names Unknown)
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 7.55g

I went to use these through December and had to sacrifice a good chunk of them to the bin as they had nearly dried through, these are probably the nicest liners I own and I’d like to get use of them. One of these is a bright true metallic gold and one is a deep khaki with an olivey gold shimmer. These are budge proof and lock into place well. I don’t want to see them go to waste so I’d like to finish them up and enjoy them!

Jeffree Lip Scrub
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 43.43g

The last item that’s being carried over from last year and the only remotely skincare product in at the moment is this! I had the goal to finish this last year and whilst I used it alot, I didn’t quite make it. It’s getting close to the end, but based on last years progress I suspect it will last all of this year too. The product still seems fine and is effective, so I’ll use it for as long as I can as I do enjoy it.


Michael Kors Very Hollywood (10oml)
Start Weight: 286.43g (No Cap)
Goal: Finish

I have an unopened 50ml backup of this perfume and I’ve really whittled down my fragrance collection this year and it would be nice to be one more bottle down. This is a lovely everyday floral, and IMHO it’s the nicest fragrance MK has made but they have discontinued this now. I still love it every time I use it but it’s getting old and I would like to finish it before it has the opportunity to go bad. There’s not much left in this bottle, so it should be very doable.


Matrix Keep Me Vivid [Gifted]
Start Weight: 93.59g
Goal: Finish

I didn’t put any haircare in my PP last year, and this year I wanted to as my hair care drawer has got so out of control, I’ve taken to decluttering a lot of it to the bathroom so there’s only one of everything in there so I can work my way through things more easily. I was sent this product alongside others from the line and have fell in love with the Matrix line as a whole, but this one I still have felt very undecided about and want to use it more consistently to be able to come to a decision on how well it works. This is supposed to help enhance colour by increasing shine and offering UV protection against fading (something I do notice in high summer with bright hair is possible!). If it simply delivers on shine there are other products I prefer to use so would be good to decide how and what this does for my hair so I can either keep it as a staple or see it gone from my drawer.

Easilocks Rose Gold Oil
Start Weight: 50.80g
Goal: Finish

I’ve got way, WAY too many hair oils in my drawer, a good chunk of which I think do nothing but I seem to really get on with this one. It’s not a full-size but a good size deluxe product. I am enjoying using it and it seems to be very good on wet hair for helping brush through, however, when it’s gone I have many others in my cupboard so it would be great to just have one less oil in the collection.

I think I have a good mix of products that are a little easier to give me some motivation and a kick start into finishing things off, the hardest I think will be the foundation, bronzer, blush and gloss – alongside the leave in shine treatment from Matrix.

What are you trying to Pan this year?


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