October Empties 2015 – Skincare, Haircare & Essentials

Happy Sunday! If you missed yesterday’s post with part one of my October Empties, featuring Fragrances, Makeup, Nails and… Cotton Wool, make sure you click here and read that post first. Otherwise welcome to part 2 of my October empties, this time we’re talking Haircare, Skincare and those “Essential” products that don’t really fall into a category!




Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Polish

I posted a full review of this product here, a quick summary is it smelt nice, but considering people say how nicely (and strong) scented S&G products are I found this quite weak. It did do a good job of exfoliating, but there are other’s which I’ve tried which are cheaper and do the same job. As I got further down the tube I found the formula was getting thicker and more difficult to get out as the beads were more densely packed (or they were sinking).

Repurchase? Probably not

Korres Iris of the Valley Cotton Body Milk

I love the Korres body milks, but this is by far the thickest out of all the ones I’ve tried. I normally like them because they are really quite thin and easy to rub into the skin, this was a lot thicker and more like a normal lotion. I would repurchase another Body Milk, but not necessarily this scent – as I like them because they are thinner. This scent is nice though so if you’ve been eyeing this and like body lotions with a ‘normal’ consistency, this is a good one!

Repurchase? See above!

Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator

Another product which I’ve spoken about before – I really like this scrub and was happy to receive a free sample of this at the Bloggers Festival. My thoughts are the same as the first time which I used it, for how much a full size costs, I’d like other things more/don’t think it does enough over anything else. Click to see the full review here.

Repurchase? No

Bee Good Cream Cleanser

Is this getting boring when it’s another product which I’ve reviewed? I reviewed this just last week and I’ve fallen for this product. Check out my review of this here – I will repurchase this in future, but right now I have about 8 cleansers which I need to use up!

Repurchase?  Yes – as need another I will!


Origins Ginzing Moisursier, Zkin Rebalancing Lotion & La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

I’ll lump these all together as they are small samples and I don’t have a lot to say on any of them. Ginzing Moisturiser from Origins I did quite like, it was light enough to wear under makeup which is rare for my oily skin. Zkin Rebalancing lotion designed for Reducing shine on oily/combo skin made me feel surprisingly greasy, I didn’t get on with this at all! La Roche Posay I don’t think the sample was big enough to see the full benefits of reducing scars, pores and spots as it’s meant to – people do love this product though so I would repurchase to see if I could find the same effects as others. But right now I have a major overflow of face creams, so I’ll be waiting a while before doing that!

Repurchase? Maybe, No and Maybe




John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo

I’ve used countless bottles of this in the past, It’s good for lightening my hair when I start to get slight brassy tones, however I do have to use it over the period of the week for it to work. I’ve recently tried something and I think that does work better for me, but I would probably repurchase this again – mainly because it’s so small and this lasts me about 6 months at a time, and I can save a bit of space in the shower.

Repurchase? Maybe

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner

I purchased this whilst on holiday as I had run out of conditioner whilst there. It think this differs slightly to the Uk version as it smells slightly different (or I got a dodgy egyptian knock off) – but this makes my hair so soft. I slaver this all over my hair like a hair mask, and brush through it whilst in and it’s currently the best way for getting knots out of my hair.

Repurchase? Already have

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo/Conditioner

I took these on holiday with me, but also got an extra conditioner in a 3 for 2 offer which I forgot to take. These smelt really nice, I loved the honey scent – but there weren’t anything to write home about. The conditioner wasn’t particularly moisturising, especially when compared to the Extraordinary Oil Conditioner.

Repurchase? No

Andreas Wendt Age Vital Shampoo

I got this from work to review – an average shampoo with a very expensive price tag. I was given a few of these and have spoken about it in my empties before. I wanted to see the back of it this month so made an effort to use it up so I could use other shampoos that I like way more, which are way cheaper.

Repurchase? We’ve discontinued it at work now, and we were the only UK stockist – so even if I wanted to repurchase, I won’t!

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Shine Shampoo

Can’t really comment on this as when I found this in my cupboard it only had one use left in it – it left my hair clean, there’s not really anything else to say is there?

Repurchase? No


John Freida Intensive Masque 

I was very much looking forward to using this – when I discovered the dog eating it (yes the cream too) – I managed to get to him with half the packet left in. This wasn’t quite enough for my long hair to be covered so I mixed it with another conditioner.

Repurchase? I might do actually yes, as it did smell and feel quite nice!

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Oil in Cream

Clearly the month for extraordinary oil, I received 2 samples of this in different magazines, the shampoo was nice but again it’s hard to comment on just one use, given I’m loving the conditioner so much – I might repurchase this when I next need to repurchase Shampoo. The cream was interesting – but given I would either use this or an oil – and I don’t need another oil as you’ll read below I don’t think I would rush to rebuy this.

Repurchase? Yes and No


Neal and Wolf Guard (Heat Protectant)

I recently reviewed 5 Neal and Wolf products and this is the first that I’ve used up from the line. I went though this very quickly because I’ve had very knotty hair at the moment and brushing through it has been near to impossible, but this did help brush through it, so regardless if I was heat styling or knot (get it?) – I would reach for this regardless. To see the review check out the full post here.

Repurchase? I have other heat protectants (and now detanglers) on the go – but would happily use this again.

Beauty Protector Oil

I always intended to keep these fiddly little samples for travel, but after taking one on holiday (and using it all up whilst there) I fell in love with the scent of these and cracked open my second one when I got home. I don’t think this works any better than any other oil, but it does smell incredible.

Repurchase? Yes – although I don’t have a need to at the moment as I have a full size which will probably take me a year to use that’s only recently be started. Mental note to repurchase this when needed!



Pearl Drops Toothpaste

I completely forgot that I bought this and recently stashed away in cupboard. It’s the first time that I’ve used Pearl Drops, and I’ve been on the quest for whitening my teeth – so I opted to use this straight away. Whether it’s because I have veneers (which makes whitening all the more harder) – this did nothing. My teeth were no whiter after using every day and night for about 6 weeks, did taste nice though, so that’s a positive!

Repurchase? No!

Amphora Aromatics Bergamot and Aloe Deodorant

I was sent this to review and man did this smell nice. It didn’t really smell like a traditional deodorant and it felt a lot more luxurious because of the scent because of that. I posted a full review of this here, so check that out here if you’re interested in buying a deodorant which uses essential oils. I will say that it did last a really long time though

Repurchase? Whilst I liked it, it’s not easily accessible, and it tends to be a product which I’ve realised I’ve run out of on the last use. So it probably wouldn’t be something I would rebuy because of that!


I’m curious, I tend to use up around 20 products a month on average, which others always say seems a lot! How many do you use up on average a month?


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