Birchbox X Skinny Dip – November 2015 Unboxing

It may have only been a few short days since I posted my October Birchbox as I signed up at the end of last month – and within a day of receiving that November’s also arrived! November’s Birchbox saw them collaborate with fashionable accessory brand Skinny Dip.


One of the reason’s I kept subscribed to Birchbox for another month was because I was expecting to see a Skinny Dip item in the box – but no, there was a £10 voucher for when you spent over £24! So other than the box design (which whilst cute is super summery!) – I wouldn’t really have called this collaboration!


Delarom Creme Acquaconfort – Sample Size


Not a brand which I have heard of before, this face cream is designed to be applied after cleansing. Containing Vitamin E, apricot oils and almond formulated to nourish and soothe dehydrated skin. A quick application on the back of my hand shows that it’s a very light formula which massages in easily. This has a steep price tag for a full size bottle of £34 – so I have high expectations of good results!

Absolution La Creme de Teint – Sample Size


With the packaging all written in French I had to do some reading up on what this little tube is for. It’s a hard product to describe – with no claims of any skin benefits additionally, this just claims to help create a better complexion without being a full blown foundation. This does have quite a bit of pigmentation but looks too pale for me – whether on the face it adapts more to your skintone I do not know, but it also leaves a sticky feeling behind which I’m not fond of. This has a very odd scent for a face/makeup product as it smells like aniseed. Again, another product with a higher full size price point at £35 – and I already feel like it’s one which probably won’t be for me.

Beauty Protector Beauty Cream – Sample Size


This is a dual purpose hand and body cream, this is a super thick formula that almost feels like a body butter, I haven’t tried this on my body but on my hands it does have a slightly greasy tacky feeling initially and takes a good 5 minutes to sink into the skin. It smells delicious though with a Almond fragrance, I can’t stop smelling my hands as I’m typing this up after just applying it.

Lord & Berry Silhouette Lip Liner – Sample Size


I’m not a big lip liner wearer, but I am curious about this clear liner – dubbed as neutral it’s designed to help get an ultra precise lip that won’t bleed. Personally, I don’t find that lipsticks ever bleed, so I haven’t got one in mind that I can try this theory out with. I’m glad this is totally neutral at least it will match everything! This is a decent sample size – I’d say it’s roughly half the size of a normal sized product.

So Susan Feather Lash Mascara – Full Size – £18


Even though this is the only full size product in the box, I am disappointed to see this. I’ve had just about everything you can imagine from So Susan (including another type of Mascara), lipsticks, illuminators, cheek products, lip sticks, concealers and liquid lip sticks – out of all the products I’ve had from beauty boxes, the only one I’ve ever liked is a liquid lipstick. Their prices are very over inflated for what the products are – of course I’ll try this and give it the benefit of the doubt, but with another 10 or so mascaras currently in my drawer you can guarantee this one is bottom of the pile.

+ Beauty Treat – Rosa Nail Wraps – Full Size £6.99


The beauty treat this month (aren’t they all beauty treats?), is these Nail Wraps, I actually really like the design on these – and think they’ll make a super cute accent nail with some white polish. They do feel quite summery – in a bright white and pink/red pattern. I’ve not heard of the brand before – but as we all know I like nails, so I’m excited to give a new brand a try, there is however only 5 in a pack. Personally I think £6.99 is a bit of a steep asking price for what other brands offerings would be for half a pack, they don’t even have the same sizes in the pack so you can do the same finger on each side… an ill thought out product!

I find it very hard to become enthusiastic about any type of cream in a box, and this one feels too heavily loaded with them for me. There were brands listed such as Living Proof, theBalm, Trilogy and REN – all brands I either love or wanted to try, and feel like I’ve got the box of unknown brands, it would have been nicer to have a mix.

On the Birchbox website they listed all the potential products that would be in the November box with a guarantee that you would receive at least 5 from the list, I only received 4, with the addition of the Mascara (and the beauty treat which is a surprise). Given I passionately don’t enjoy So Susan products I probably would have unsubscribed, especially as I have a current stash of about 10 mascaras and adding another to my drawer isn’t ideal, with that also being the only full size item I am quite annoyed – I’ve emailed Birchbox and asked them about it, we’ll see what they say.

Are you subscribed to Glossybox? Were you happy with your box?

If you’re thinking of subscribing please use my referral link, which will give you £5 to spend in the shop when you sign up!


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  1. Anne
    November 9, 2015 / 1:50 pm

    I am a little confused by the nail wraps: they look lovely but how are you supposed to do all your nails with that? Might just be me, struggling through an afternoon dip on monday 😉
    xx Anne

    • November 9, 2015 / 4:58 pm

      No I agree I could understand if they had some of the same sizes and only 5? Not even enough to do one nail on three hands twice!

      • Anne
        November 9, 2015 / 5:47 pm


  2. November 9, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    The box itself is my favorite part. I want the box! (I may collect boxes.)

      • November 9, 2015 / 9:09 pm

        Most of my box collection is tiny. A little box covered in shells, a heart shaped puzzle box, and so on. But sometimes subscriptions boxes are pretty too! I usually cover the logo and use them up as gift boxes when I have too many.

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