My Little Energy Box: January 2015

  my-little-box-january-2015    It’s that time of the month again when my favourite piece of mail arrives! My Little Box has just arrived and this time the theme is suitably new year themed as ‘My Little Energy Box‘. I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment so when I saw that this was the theme I was excited for it to arrive to hopefully aid my motivation.


The Beauty Products


Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream


This product/brand has an interesting story, started in 1948 by Danielle, who was a young doctor, who fell in love with a wounded solider and spent time trying to make something to make him better, thus this ‘miraculous’ (their words not mine) cream was born.

Claiming to provide instant hydration, hydra photo beauty technology gather’s the suns energy and turns it into intercellular hydrating energy. (I wish I could translate that into English but I can’t).

I’ve just used this, and I must admit my skin is feeling pretty smooth and soft.

30ml Sample Received (Full Size £43.50 for 50ml)

Nails Inc ‘Tate’ Nail Polish


I’m not a particular fan of Nails Inc nail polishes I don’t think that they are worth the price tag, apart from 2 which I’ve actually purchased, the rest have been freebies in magazines or beauty boxes. I will use it, and probably review it, but I know this will be a bit of a controversial point but I would much rather receive a shade which I’m less likely to have like an orange, who doesn’t have at least 1 deep red nail polishes in my collection, do we really need another? Also does a deep red nail polish really scream ‘Energy’?

Full Size £11

My Little Beauty Brume Energisante (Energising Mist to you and me)


From what I gather this is a similar kind of product to the Caudilie Beauty Elixir. These kind of products have never really been something that I’ve been massively interested in trying,

The ‘Extras’


The Print


2015 Calendar


A very pretty little calendar, but the key word in that sentence is little, this is TINY (for size it’s a little bigger than Garnier’s Micellar Water. God forbid you have more than one thing on a day, or someone in your family has a long name, as there’s no chance you’re managing to squeeze that into the boxes! The majority of people who buy calendars will have already bought them by mid January, so I’m not sure how many people will find this useful.

“Worth” £10

Gym Bag


I struggled to get a nice picture of this, as it was folded to the max. It’s kind of small (if you take a towel to the Gym you’re not taking this bag). The quality of the extra lifestyle items is usually so good, this is cheap feeling/looking and see through. Honestly, this bag makes Primark look like Harrods in comparison.

“Worth” £20 (Literally wouldn’t pay £1)

I must admit that this has been my least favourite my little box to date (past reviews here). Not a huge fan of the ‘extras’ this month. Something I do find a bit cheeky is that they have started putting a price tag on their extra items, it’s certainly a way for them to state how much the boxes are worth, which I wouldn’t mind if they hadn’t massively over estimated their worth!

I am excited to try the Talika face cream, but everything else in the box I feel very ‘meh about’, especially the extras. I suppose you can argue that I still got my money’s worth as the face cream value is worth more than the cost of the box, but would I actually pay the price tag for it? No, probably not.

Is this still my favourite beauty box I’ve tried? Yes, this is the first one I’ve felt disappointed with since subbing (this is box number 5), so here’s hoping that this one is a blip and we’re back to normal next month.


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