Nails Inc Tate – Swatch & Review


Received in January’s My Little Box, I pretty much wore this straight away after receiving.

After my last disastrous polish, which also happened to be from Nails Inc, this pretty much went straight on my nails, but was this one any better?


The answer is, Yes, it is better, but not by much, it’s a very beautiful deep red cream, with a very shiny finish. The problem? It chips horrendously quickly, I painted my nails with this at 10pm at night, by the next morning at about 9.30 almost every nail was very chipped. I had to repaint my nails to just take this picture.


There’s not much else to say on this, it had the potential of being beautiful and converting me – but instead it’s just another disappointment from Nails Inc, nothing from there has impressed me for their heavy price tags.

Do you like Nails Inc? Is it just me?


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