Nubar Petunia Sparkles – Review and Swatch


I was quite surprised to find that Nubar Petunia Sparkles, was a polish which I have been yet to review on my blog. It’s been a long term favourite since adding into my collection. I first spotted this on Fleur de Force’s nails in a video/blog post and bought it instantly, I’ve just looked back when she posted about it, and that was way back in 2011, so this has been loved for a long time.

Firstly I love the colour of this polish, ignoring the fact this is a glitter from the glitter, I 100% don’t have another colour that is similar, which is definitely a rarity in my 150+ collection. Petunia is a very apt shade name, its more purple than a magenta, but still hinted with pink which makes it aptly named to match it’s floral namesake.


This is pretty much opaque in one coat to the extend that you can use a very similar colour underneath to get the same effect (which I have done and actually makes it easier to remove). It’s very thick in consistency, and applies very easily, but make sure you shake well before otherwise it applies quite patchy.

I’m not a massive fan of textured polishes, this does have a slight texture to it, but a glitter is never going to leave your nails feeling like they’re covered in a super smooth gel manicure, but because the glitter in this is so fine, it is smoother than the norm, and I can bare it.

The finish of this isn’t entirely matt, but it’s certainly not glossy, I vary between using and not using a topcoat (it’s beautiful either way!), A coat of Seche Vite is enough to even out the texture, and just brightens the colour ever so slightly. It has fairly decent wear time, but find a slick of topcoat extends wear by a day or two.


This glitter is amazing, but I wish that there was a broader range of colours in the range, as the selection is quite small, and I’d quite like every shade under the sun in this formulation as it’s simply divine.

I would recommend checking this colour out, or another colour from the collection if you are into your glitter polishes. I’m really surprised I haven’t added to my collection, as have loved it ever since purchasing. But I have a feeling that might be about to change!

This is one of my all time favourite discoveries through bloggers and youtubers. What are your favourite blogger recommended discoveries?

Just seen that this collection is on Sale at feel unique (25% off – not many shades left) but might be good to grab while you can! Link here: (Nubar Sparkles Collection)


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