Love Me Beauty February 2015

My second Love Me Beauty box has now arrived on the doorstep! If you’re unfamiliar with Love Me Beauty, you are recommended products based on your beauty profile, you can pick whether to choose from the recommended items or go rouge and pick for yourself – you have 6 credits to use over a month, items are 1 or 2 credits each and you choose yourself how you distribute.

This month I did feel like my choices were a little forced, and I was picking over things which I wasn’t really excited about. A lot of the options were the same as last month and did feel a bit like I was picking from the left overs. I queried this with Love Me Beauty – as I only had 5 or so new items to choose from.

 Very promptly and helpfully explained – they try to add 5+ new products on a weekly basis, so given that I ordered late in January for my first box (so much so it didn’t arrive until February 3rd) and the credits renewed on the 5th. I must have ordered an hour or so too early as the same day I picked and ordered the items for my second box, they added a load of new items and brands to the store such as OPI and Mirabella, and since Jessica and Organic Surge have also been added and the store is now almost totally different to when I logged on a week or so ago (hoping some of these will still be available next month as I’m gutted I missed out on a few products!).

So ordering a full month apart I don’t think you would actually struggle to pick items out, and it’s actually a nice option that they still have the past months products available (where in stock) – if you discover a brand you want to try more from or had too many options to whittle down, there’s a chance they’ll still be available in the future.

So onto what I received in my box:

Nailberry Strawberry Jam (2 Credits)


I was pleased to see that this was still available, I picked up 2 of these with my first box, and was really impressed at the time of ordering with the one that I’d tried – the colour I wanted (a beautiful pastel blue) was no longer in stock, so I picked this after seeing it on Rachwat’s unboxing and liking the colour. I’m glad that I did as this colour looks gorgeous.

Mirabella Pretty & Provocative Lipstick in Tantrum (2 Credits)


Mirabella is a brand which I’ve heard of, but don’t think I’ve actually tried anything from (apart from a powder bronzer from a past glossybox which was just not my thing), This is a gorgeous bright fuschia pink, the packaging feels a little cheap for the full retail price ($22 – roughly £14.50), but I can live with that if the formulation is great. At first try this does seem quite nice, it’s very opaque – it does have a slight frost finish which isn’t my favourite. I’ve yet to try on the lips properly to see how it holds up, but first impressions are good.



Melvita Damask Damask Rose Water (1 Credit)


I’ve not tried a rose water before, and again Melvita is a brand which I’ve heard but never tried. I’m a bit unsure of what this is really meant to do, on the packaging it just says hydrating and regenerating, but i’m not 100% of how you’re meant to apply, whether you should leave it on or wash it off. This was a bit of an iffy choice for me as I was struggling to use up my credits by this point, but was curious having never tried a rose water before – so if you’re in the know on these please fill me in.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose – Plumping Radiance Cream (1 Credit)


This was the product where I did just pick something for the sake of picking something, I really didn’t need yet another sample size cream and do think I could have probably chosen something better.  I didn’t even read the bio on this – but designed for smoothing and plumping over your first wrinkles and fine lines – not something I’m currently suffering – and hopefully won’t until I’m 80 (we can hope some new cream comes on the market soon). I will use this up and this is a good way to try out the brand Melvita more in depth given I’ve not tried.

Check out my last month’s box here, and if you want to sign up if you use the code 4AI3UB at checkout, you will receive an extra credit with your first box as a referral from me who will also receive a credit in return to use in my next box.

I’m unsure if it still works, but there was a discount code for this box also when I signed up – check my past review for details – but with the discount this box costs £8.95 including delivery. A good bargain I thought!

What do you think of my choices? Have you tried any of these brands before?


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