Nailberry Groiseille – Swatch & Review

Nailberry Groiseille came out of my January Love Me Beauty Box. I also picked up Nailberry’s Raspberry  in my love me beauty box and loved the colour and formulation, but did Groiseille live up to the same impressive status that that Raspberry left me with?


At first opening, I was a little disappointed with this, online this looked like the perfect coral not too orange not too pink, and when it arrived it did completely side with pink with slight coral undertones rather than being a halfway house. So it wasn’t what I expected from the offset. Strangely Groiseille translates to redcurrant and neither the shade I received, or the shade online is the colour of redcurrants, so the naming of this I find utterly bizarre.

Like Raspberry this was almost opaque in one coat but did need a second to even out some slight streakiness. The first time I used this, I painted my nails just before bed, thinking I had waited enough time for it to dry, I went to bed, but the next morning I was left with slight imprints, I repainted my nails again, this time I sat for about 20 minutes between each coat, as I was doing other things in between, and still it never quite dried leaving imprints and knocks again. The swatches in this post are taken literally while the nails were still wet to get a decent picture. In addition to the never quite drying problem, it does chip quickly as well.


I don’t know if I’ve just received a bottle where the formulation wasn’t quite balanced correctly, or it was part of a bad batch, but I was really impressed with my first encounter with Nailberry, but left disappointed on both colour and formulation on the second.

I do still find Nailberry polishes a little difficult to apply due to they’re crazy long brush

I do have a third Nailberry post upcoming as I picked up a third with my February Love Me Beauty box,  I’m hoping that I’ll be more impressed than I was with Groiseille.


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