Shay and Blue White Peaches Fragrance Review

Shay and Blue White Peaches

Shay and Blue is a brand that I’ve only had the delight in trying once before, I tried out their Black Tulip fragrance which I reviewed back in 2018 (you can find that review here), it fast became a favourite perfume in my collection and I’ve had them on my list to try again since finishing it. My husband very kindly purchased me a beauty advent calendar last year and inside there was a new fragrance to try – Shay and Blue White Peaches.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shay and Blue, they are a self confessed perfume boutique created in London, handmade using natural scents in their fragrances from sustainable sources. Their fragrances don’t stop at perfumes, but extend into candles and bath & body – and best of all they are fully cruelty free and vegan.

To me they feel very reminiscent of brands such as Jo Malone – where the packaging is identical across the line, if you wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing line up of matching perfumes then this would be a gorgeous pick. The brand colours are a bright pop of blue and gold. All the fragrances are available in handbag friendly 10ml sizes, a larger 30ml as well as the luxe looking 100ml bottles.

Now we’ve started to see some sunnier days and hints of spring emerging – White Peaches has been a fragrance that I’ve been drawn to often. I love Peach scents, but finding fragrances that are notably peach seem to be few and far between, which often leads me back to body sprays, lotions and scrubs from The Body Shop’s Harvest Peach line. I’ll start by saying, that this if you love that fragrance, but find the body spray a little sickly, White Peaches is like it’s more subdued grown up sister.

White Peaches is undeniably a peach fragrance, but compared to a lot of options (which tend to be cheaper) it feels natural and less synthetic, often peach scents lean very sugary sweet, whilst this is more like a bite of a fresh peach, more delicate. The mid and base notes of this fragrance are elderflower granita and silver birch, which adds that more light and airy feel and takes the edge off leaning towards sickly.

I have enjoyed layering this fragrance as well as wearing it by itself – it pairs well with some of my delicate floral perfumes such as Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, which has a fresh peony scent. If I compare it’s wear time to Shay and Blue Black Tulip that I previously owned and loved, this doesn’t quite match up – but that was a heavier floral and deep berry fragrance (similar to Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone), and those kind of fragrances last much longer on me thanks to their stronger, deeper notes. White Peaches wears well, but fades delicately through the day – thanks to it’s simple notes it stays softly peachy all day, rather than developing to reveal other notes.

To me Shay and Blue White Peaches is a lovely fragrance that I see myself reaching for a lot throughout Spring into Summer (if I don’t use it all up before then), peach lovers this one is definitely for you.

If you are a fragrance fanatic or know one who you might need to buy for, Shay and Blue is turning into a very good brand for me and one which I’d like to explore more may be something which they maybe haven’t tried. The smaller bottles would make them a lovely stocking filler idea too. They can be found on QVC UK, Marks and Spencers, Harvey Nichols and on their own online shop too.

If you buy from their online shop you’ll get £10 off your first purchase of £30 or more using my referral link.

Have you tried Shay and Blue Black Tulip before?

Post contains affiliate and referral links. Product purchased with my own money.

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  1. February 18, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    I haven’t tried it but it sounds like my cup of tea 😍

    • rachael
      February 25, 2020 / 10:05 am

      It’s delicious!

  2. February 19, 2020 / 1:13 pm

    I love Shay & Blue, they were in the M&S Summer beauty box (which is how I first tried them). I agree with you that they are reminiscent of brands such as Jo Malone. Great review!

    • rachael
      February 25, 2020 / 10:05 am

      I can’t remember where I picked my first one up from – but it was definitely a beauty box of some form (Could well have been the M&S one!). I really like trying out their different scents, I’d like to see them in person at some point to give some of the ones I’ve not tried a sniff!

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